Why do you still do standup? | SHECKYmagazine
Why does the MSM still express surprise when a comedian continues to do standup after success in other media... or success in standup itself? (And they also like to ask those who strictly do standup why they haven't ventured into other areas!) [Read More]
The Jeff Foxworthy Show - The Complete Second Season review | The Serious Comedy Site
The only thing the first season and second season of The Jeff Foxworthy Show have in common is the title, Jeff Foxworthy, and Haley Joel Osment as one of the kids. The show did not even air on the same network, moving from ABC to NBC and from Indianapolis to Podunk, or something like it, Georgia. Season Two of the Jeff Foxworthy Show was a decent situation comedy as the 2 DVD 23 episodes show. [Read More]
UK "Office" coming to Adult Swim! / Willaims Street Photo Tour | TV Barn
Adult Swim launched in 2001 with "Futurama" and later, "Family Guy," two shows Fox had more or less given up on. Both shows would, on the basis of their success on cable, be renewed by the network. Lazzo moved its production offices away from the rest of Cartoon Network, across the highway from Turner's fancy corporate digs to a, yup, crummy former carpet warehouse on Williams Street. He hired kids cheap and let them do what they wanted, so long as they stayed on budget. He bought anime, even an... [Read More]
Study: Comedy Central Is Most Entertaining Cable Network | Multichannel News
When it comes to the most entertaining cable network, the winner is...Comedy Central. At least that's how the most respondents in the "2009 Beta Research Brand Identity Study" felt. The 2009 Beta Brand Study was conducted online among a national sample of 4,491 cable subscribers using Survey Sampling's Survey Spot Online Panel. The study measured 58 networks with 50 million or more subscribers. [Read More]
Happy Birthday, Jerry Seinfeld! | Finding Dulcinea
Jerry Seinfeld is most famous for playing himself on the hit TV show "Seinfeld," as well as in the documentary "Comedian." "Seinfeld" the show has been off the air since 1999, but it continues to play in syndication and is one of the most popular comedies on DVD. Seinfeld the comedian has continued doing stand-up. He's also ventured into the realm of fatherhood. [Read More]
2009 Eugene Mirman Comedy Fest dates announced ++ upcoming Aziz Ansari appearances in NYC | BrooklynVegan
Dates have been announced dates for this year's Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, which will take place September 17th - 20th at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Lineup and ticket info to come. [Read More]
Ricky Gervais' Comedy Changes Title To "Cemetery Junction"
Ricky Gervais' upcoming comedy has a new title. The British movie "The Men At The Pru" has been renamed to "Cemetery Junction." The English comedian, 47, revealed in his website that they changed the working title because of concerns with financial company Prudential. [Read More]
A Backstage Tour of The Simpsons with Mike Reiss | Flavorwire
92YTribeca's "A Backstage Tour of The Simpsons with Mike Reiss" event offered an intriguing personal account of both the inner workings of one of the world's most beloved shows and of Reiss' mind, where real life experiences often translate into Simpsons animation. The man has been a contributing writer to the show for 20 years, even spearheading the comedic touch for the third and fourth seasons. About himself and his fellow writers, Reiss said, "We all wish we were Bart, but we were Lisa growi... [Read More]
Ed Martin: Jay Leno at 8 p.m.? Why Not? | Huffington Post
As NBC prepares to announce next week the remaining details of its 2009-10 schedule, I can't help but wonder, What if the beleaguered network were to strip Jay Leno's new primetime program at 8 p.m. ET, rather than 10 o'clock? The more I think about it, the more I ask myself, Why not? [Read More]
Comedian profile: Hal Cruttenden | The Guardian
You couldn't call Hal Cruttenden cool or controversial, but this suburban standup's patio patter should win him a bigger audience. [Read More]