Nick Swardson @ Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI - 4/4 - Punchline Magazine review
As a live performer, Nick Swardson continually demonstrates his skills as a quick-witted jokester, parlaying off hecklers and drunken hooligans with the ease of someone with twice as many years on the road. [Read More]
Parks And Recreation: "Pilot" - A.V. Club review
Two other things are worth noting: The show's very funny and it's not all the way there yet. It's probably too much to ask of a pilot to arrive fully formed, but nobody here quite seems to have enough notes to play. It feels like we're getting outlines to be filled in later. That said, this first episode has considerably more laughs than the pilot for the American Office, most of which I'd only spoil by trying to re-create here. [Read More]
French comedian Dieudonne to face trial for anti-Semitism
PARIS (AFP) — A French comic will go on trial next month on charges of anti-Semitism after he awarded a prize to a Holocaust denier during a comedy show, prosecutors said Wednesday. Dieudonne sparked outrage when he had an actor dressed as a Jewish deportee present the prize for "unrespectability and insolence" to Robert Faurisson, an academic who has denied the existence of the Holocaust. Far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, who recently caused an uproar for again calling Nazi gas chambers a "... [Read More]
Greg Mottola (Director of Superbad, Adventureland) - A.V. Club Interview
Just call Greg Mottola a late bloomer. It took 11 years after the release of his first film (1996's Daytrippers) to get around to his second, Superbad, whose success was largely chalked up to its association with the Judd Apatow/Seth Rogen juggernaut. But with Adventureland, which he wrote and directed, Mottola is in the spotlight—although having Twilight's Kristen Stewart aboard doesn't exactly hurt. Decidedly more melancholy than Superbad, or his episodes of Undeclared and Arrested Developme... [Read More]
Cincinnati comedian Alex Stone goes bananas - The News Record
Offstage, Stone is often the quietest guy in the room. Onstage he is not much louder. His offhand commentary about girlfriends and hockey injuries always gets a laugh. His recognizable silhouette - pork pie hat and a microphone in hand - draws people's attention. "He's really smooth," said comedian Tom Simmons after a Friday night show, "This is the first time I've seen him, and he's a natural. I think the hat makes a difference too." [Read More]
Rashida Jones - A.V. Club Interview
Rashida Jones is best known for playing the effortlessly cool Karen Filippelli on The Office and taking on the thankless role of derailing television's most anxiety-inducing unrequited love story. These days, Jones can be seen patiently enduring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's quirks in I Love You, Man and co-starring in Parks And Recreation, the highly anticipated (and closely guarded) new series from the creators of The Office. Before the show's première, Jones spoke with The A.V. Club about why ... [Read More]
HBO renews `Eastbound & Down' for second season - MSN
HBO has renewed the raunchy, dark comedy series "Eastbound & Down" for a second season. The series stars Danny McBride as Kenny Powers, who becomes a substitute teacher in his North Carolina hometown after his big mouth and declining fastball knock him out of Major League Baseball. [Read More]
Saddam Was Shown South Park Over and Over In Prison - Comedy Central Insider
The Telegraph has a new piece on South Park and its creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and in it, they reveal a pretty fascinating and hilarious piece of information. Stone said, "I have it on pretty good information from the marines on detail in Iraq that they showed Saddam the movie. Over and over again - which is a pretty funny thought." [Read More]
Borat/Bruno Director Takes a Swing at Geriatric Sex Movie - Comedy Central Insider
Larry Charles is not one to shy away from depicting flesh-on-flesh action, whether it's swarthy and obese or topped off with ass-less chaps. For his next trick, the director will helm Winter's Discontent about a widower who moves into a senior home with his sidekick in search of carnal satisfaction. [Read More]
Win a copy of Ron White: Behavioral Problems
Capitol Records Nashville will release Ron White's third solo comedy album "Behavioral Problems" on Tuesday, April 21. But why buy a copy when you can win it?! Clickity-click-click on over for the details. [Read More]