A lawyer trying to trade briefs for standup finds it's tough getting an audience â€" even for free
Times are tough â€" in fact, so tough I’ve had family and friends tell me that, as much as they’d like to come see me perform, the cover charge and two-drink minimum at many clubs is a little rough on their recession-damaged wallets. Times are tough for me, too. Trying to switch to being a comic from a career in law has resulted in a sharp boost in my happiness and a sharp decline in my income, especially since I now rely on temporary legal work and most of my comedy gigs have ... [Read More]
Comedians jump on chance for auto jokes
After weeks of being treated like a national punch line and punching bag, is the domestic auto industry finally getting some love? Advertisement On Thursday's "The Daily Show," host Jon Stewart urged Congress to go ahead and give the Detroit Three the loans they're seeking. "Fine, Detroit's business model is bad. We know they lose $2,000 for every car they sell," said the Comedy Central host during a humorous bit. "Wall Street lost $7 trillion without selling anything! At least when Detroit l... [Read More]
O.J. Simpson Stars in New Shocking and Surreal Hidden Camera Comedy DVD
"Juiced" claims to be a 90-minute candid camera extravaganza that will have everyone in the country repeating the catch-phrase "You've Been Juiced!" Every segment contains jaw-dropping hidden-camera stunts and outrageous practical jokes performed by O.J. himself on unsuspecting real-life people all across America. [Read More]
Jonathan Ross and the British Comedy Awards: wot no Woss?
The one ceremony where the rules of deceit are suspended is the British Comedy Awards. Probably because the whole event is riddled with comedians, whose life is devoted to sarcasm, satire and denigration, the comedy awards are not so much a celebration of British comedy as a bile-stuffed hate fest. It’s hard to think of an event where manners are so quickly left at the door; even the Murderer of the Year Awards need to cling to some shred of politeness just to avoid a bloodbath, but in co... [Read More]
British TV comedy recreates Princess Di's death
LONDON, Dec. 5 (UPI) -- "Star Stories," the British TV program that dramatizes the lives of celebrities for comic effect, has filmed an episode recreating Princess Diana's death. The newspaper said the episode shows someone playing Paul doing shots of alcohol before taking the wheel and an actor playing Prince Philip, Diana's former father-in-law, riding a scooter alongside Diana's vehicle and causing the wreck. "'Star Stories' is not making a joke out of the death of Diana and Dodi in the car... [Read More]
Deadpan Bob Newhart talks comedy, new movie
The trio of “Librarian” action/adventure films on TNT the past four years are hardly the obvious place to see a comic legend such as Bob Newhart. Yet Newhart and his impish grin have managed to infuse an even greater sense of levity to this light-hearted takeoff on “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” He plays the mentor to Noah Wyle’s main character Flynn, who helps keep safe some of the world’s biggest treasures in a special library. We talked to Newhart about the fi... [Read More]
"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" To Debut Online
Jimmy Fallon will make his online premiere as Late Night host Monday for NBC, according to sources familiar with the matter. The web videos are being described as a “video blog,” and will go live with new installments every weeknight at 12:30 a.m., to coincide with Fallon’s upcoming duties as host of the Late Night franchise. The hope is that fans will get used to seeing Fallon every night at 12:30, and can get a sense of what his take on late night will be. It will also give... [Read More]
CD Sneak Preview: DJ Hazard's Man of Hazardium
One of the best things about working the comedy beat is that people send you great stuff to listen to before anyone else gets to hear it. Today I was happy to find Boston legend DJ Hazard’s new album Man of Hazardium, which comes out sometime next month, in my box. In just over an hour, Hazard covers material from the last twenty years, including tracks from his impossible to find 1993 album Lock Up the Planet When You Leave and last year’s El Hazardo Rides Again, which Hazard so... [Read More]
Aaron Karo's "Just Go Talk To Her" mp3 on Comedy Central
Those mystified by the success of Ruminations Aaron Karo have another thing to dislike about him. His album "Just Go Talk To Her" will be release as a mp3 download by Comedy Central next week. [Read More]
Doug Stanhope protege Arthur Hinty still standing up
Arthur Hinty is not what you'd consider a well-known comedian. However, he's got some well known friends, namely Doug Stanhope. A few years ago Stand Up! Records released an album called The Unbookables: Morbid Obscenity taken from a live show hosted and headlined by Stanhope and recorded at Appleton, Wisconsin's Skyline Comedy Cafe. Sales of the album went to help pay for Hinty's gastric bypass surgery. As part of the deal, Stanhope explained that Hinty himself (then, not a trained stand-up) n... [Read More]