14-year-old Wyatt Giangrande shows he's ‘Got Talent' | hometownlife.com
Teen comedian Wyatt Giangrande isn't nervous about auditioning for the celebrity judges of America's Got Talent but he is a bit concerned about his trip to Los Angeles. "I was very excited except for the plane ride. I've never flown. I'm very nervous about that," said Wyatt, 14, whose regional audition in Chicago was good enough to move onto the next audition level. [Read More]
Benefit for Sequim comedian Jay Sierra and his family | Sequim Gazette
Jay Sierra, a well-known Sequim comedian, was admitted to the hospital on April 16. Sierra, 36, is in the intensive care unit and medically sedated, recovering from a recent bout with pancreatitis. Because of the disease, his kidneys, gallbladder and liver aren't functioning correctly, and he's on dialysis. A fund has been established at First Federal bank to help the family with medical and living expenses. Send cards to Jay Sierra in room 202, c/o Harborview Medical Center, 325 Ninth Ave., Sea... [Read More]
NBC Reveals Fall Schedule - "My Name is Earl" cancelled | AST
NBC has pulled the plug on "My Name is Earl". The show's sidekick, Ethan Suplee, confirmed the news via Twitter. "Just got the call that My Name Is Earl has been canceled," he wrote. "They sure did take their time with that decision -- or rather informing us of it." An Earl insider says execs at 20th Century Fox (the show's producer) are in discussions with Fox and ABC about picking up the four-year-old comedy. [Read More]
May Madness Standup Competition Begins at Arlington's The Comedy Spot
The Comedy Spot in Arlington, VA hosts 64 of the best standup comics from the DMV area as they compete for a grand prize of $6,000.00. There are 4 brackets with 16 comics in each bracket and a total of 5 rounds shows from May 20th to June 25th. [Read More]
The Best of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Uncensored dvd review | The Serious Comedy Site
Whose Line Is It Anyway? ruled TV for 8 years. The Best of Whose Line Is It Anyway Uncensored DVD set proves this improv comedy show is still fresh and still lots of fun to watch, especially uncensored. There are 10 episodes here from seasons 3 to 5 and a bonus hour long best of seasons 1 and 2. This set also features lots of guest stars to add to the fun. Uncensored here means some skits contain sexual innuendos. [Read More]
Carlos Mencia's Twitter - 25 Posts Too Unfunny to be Stolen | Cracked
When Carlos Mencia got a Twitter account, I knew it was a great opportunity to see how one of our finest comedic minds works. He's the Bad Boy of Comedy! Except only he himself called himself that and it was only to set up a joke about how that's a silly thing to call someone. I believe the punchline was, "Bad Boy of Comedy!? Hey, watch out mang, that guy tells jokes!" I know what you're thinking: Mencia? Twitter!? This is going to be great!!! Let's see what he says! [Read More]
Birthday Boys/Convoy Interview: Part IV | The Coming
The Coming sat down with the improv group Convoy and sketch group The Birthday Boys and had them talk about influences, origins, and sketch vs. improv. We broke that massive interview down into weekly chunks. The following is chunk four of that series. [Read More]
The Will Ferrell song you didn't hear on the American Idol finale | the comic's comic
The finale of American Idol generally tries to surprise TV audiences with a lot of superstar appearances and performances, but according to Funny or Die's Adam McKay, we almost got to see and hear Will Ferrell deliver his own "tribute" to the nation's #1 show. [Read More]
NBC went to Oprah before Leno for prime time | Crain's New York Business
Before deciding to put Jay Leno in prime time, NBC offered its 8 p.m. timeslot to Oprah Winfrey. NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker said that the notion of Ms. Winfrey having a nightly show in prime time wasn't a new idea. NBC talked to Ms. Winfrey about two years ago, Mr. Zucker said. She passed but said she might have considered it earlier in her career, he said. NBC also discussed an 8 p.m. show with David Letterman when the Late Show host's contract was coming up at CBS. Mr. Zucker added that at ... [Read More]
Everything Tracy Jordan Said in 30 Rock Season 3, Transcribed
Anytime Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan has a scene on 30 Rock, my brain shuts off and it's difficult to function. It's the combination of delivery and content, and there's hardly ever a scene throughout which, I'm not giggling foolishly. In celebration, I thought I'd post everything he said in 30 Rock Season 3. [Read More]