Plug Pulled on SuperDeluxe. Not All Survives to Adult Swim.
Adult Swim officially shut down Super Deluxe. And not everything got moved over to its new home on AdultSwim. Making the cut were some naturals… Bob Odenkirk and Brad Neely and a surprise but personal favorite, Y'all So Stupid. Tim & Eric's work will also be up there, although it's not yet. But lots of creators have apparently been left in the lurch and isurprise by this. [Read More]
Tracy Morgan finds 'Roommates'
Tracy Morgan will star in and produce the comedy "Freshman Roommates" for Montecito and Paramount Pictures. TJ Miller ("Cloverfield") will also star in the film that is inspired by the proliferation of email scams purporting to be sent by a Nigerian prince looking for help in accessing his fortune. "Freshman Roommates" asks the question what if one of the emails isn't a scam. Story kicks off when a young man answers one such email during a drunken stupor. Soon thereafter, the spoiled son of a ... [Read More]
A Brief History of 'Glove,' an Uncredited 30 Rock Extra
This is the story of "Glove," a rubber glove that made four separate appearances on TV comedy fave 30 Rock. The mastermind (er, hand) inside "Glove" is R.C. Hall, a New York-based hip-hop artist, skateboard enthusiast and background gypsy who, in a meta-twist redolent of the show itself, portrayed a set painter for TGS With Tracy Jordan. To get to the bottom of "Glove," The Apiary dropped a few questions on Hall, to which kindly replied. His responses were edited for space and clarity. [Read More]
Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me Extends Off-Broadway
Mike Birbiglia's solo show Sleepwalk With Me will extend for two months, though March 2009, at off-Broadway's Bleecker Street Theatre. The comedy, which opened on November 11, had previously been scheduled to run through January 18, directed by Seth Barrish. [Read More]
MTV Orders Up Parker and Stone's How's Your News?
"How's Your News?" which began in 1998 as a series of short films directed by Arthur Bradford featuring cast members with disabilities serving as news reporters who interview people on the street. Stone and Parker later executive produced a feature film following the reporters. The MTV series will feature a team of reporters who drive across America in a customized tour bus documenting their experiences covering events like the Grammys. [Read More]
ComedyCures LaughTalk Radio show helps to heal
Nearly 10 years ago, from her hospital bed, Saranne Rothberg came up with the idea for the ComedyCures Foundation. She had stage IV cancer. But she was a big believer in the power of comedy and laughter in the coping/healing process. [Read More]
Lauren Hearts NYC: Making Funny With Eugene Mirman
Pop-Rock Candy Mountain's Lauren Mooney asks Eugene Mirman a few questions about "alternative comedy," his MySpace friending policies, music, and the possibility of having sex on a desert island with Marc Maron. [Read More]
Study: Romantic Comedies Can Ruin Your Life
Researchers at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh have published a study that found that romantic comedies promote unrealistic expectations of love and relationships. [Read More]
Robert Smigel's TV FUNHOUSE Live - And First Full Onstage STATE Reunion In 12 Years - Coming To SF Next Month??
SF Sketchfest: The San Francisco Comedy Festival runs January 15 - 31, and marks the first time in 12 years all eleven members of The State (Kevin Allison, Michael Ian Black, Robert Ben Garant, Todd Holoubek, Michael Patrick Jann, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Thomas Lennon, Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, Michael Showalter and David Wain) will be performing onstage together. [Read More]