Examiner interview with Myq Kaplan of 'Last Comic Standing'
After last night's show, Myq sat down to answer a few questions about his style of comedy, living in Boston, how he came to audition for Last Comic Standing, and where he hopes to be in five years. [Read More]
A stand-up round-up of free & cheap comedy in Brooklyn | Brokelyn
Here in Brooklyn, you’re actually going to enjoy what’s about to happen—no two-drink minimum, no bull… just laughs. Here are some of Brooklyn’s top venues for a comedic night out: most free, a few pretty damn cheap, all HILARIOUS. [Read More]
RIP Comedian 'King' Jerome C. Kattan - of The Groundlings, voice of 'Tailor Smurf', Reno 911, Chris Kattan's father
King, born Jerome C. Kattan, passed away on July 15, 2010 after a long illness. Further details surrounding his cause of death were not released as WENN went to press. He was an original member of The Groundlings comedy troupe but was best known for providing the voice of Tailor Smurf in the hit U.S. 1980s animated series The Smurfs. He also voiced TV characters including Shecky in The Biskitts and Ronald Sandler in Charlie & Company. Other TV credits included guest appearances on Dragnet, T... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing - The one with seven or whatever | The A.V. Club
This is how I suppose it all went down: Each comic prepared their set. They arrived this morning (shows are pre-taped) assuming they were going to perform but not really too sure. Then, suddenly, there they are, standing next to a bunch of others hoping they won't get kicked off. Their name is called; they're thrusted off stage and back on again with little warning. Plus, now there are judges again. It's a trip. [Read More]
Comedian Mo Mandel: Weird Hippy Jew | BEHIND THE MIC
It’s not like Mo Mandel was raised by wolves. His parents were hippies who brought up a young “Mohan” in the woods of Northern California. So what if he was bar mitzvahed to the beats of a native American drum lord. Mo’s colorful “weird-Jewish” upbringing is just one notch on the “Chelsea Lately” comedian’s well-worn belt. [Read More]
Reviewing The 30 Rock Adult Parody (VERY NSFW) | The Comedy Nerds podcast
This week The Comedy Nerds are joined by guests Lou Fernandez and Rachel Korowitz as they review the 30 Rock adult parody. [Read More]
A Tight Five: Video interview with Shane Mauss
In a new special installment of our video interview series A Tight Five, filmed at the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival a few weeks ago, we chat with quickly-rising comedian Shane Mauss. We talk about ev... [Read More]
Last Ten Comics Standing S07E07 | Shecky Magazine
We’ll limit our observations to this: Of the contestants sent home tonight, we accurately predicted the demise of two of them (won’t say which ones) and we predicted (privately) the other ... [Read More]
Last Comic Standing Live Blog, Week 7: And Then There Were 7
9:01 p.m. Craig Robinson is so happy to be back another week that he is moved to tears. He does know that as host, he is safe, right? Or maybe the tears are because he knows that 3 other eliminations ... [Read More]