Village Voice honors Kristen Schaal, Murderfist in its 2010 Best of NYC issue
As you may have gathered from the headline, Village Voice's 2010 "Best of NYC" issue is out this week, and managed to have room for two comedy categories this year. Is that good news? It is if you're Kristen Schaal, whom the VV na... [Read More]
Things you may or may not see on Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars" benefit show tonight
I don't know if you can ever have too many stars on a benefit show, but Comedy Central certainly tries every two years on behalf of autism research with its Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education, which airs again to... [Read More]
Tracy Morgan’s ‘Black and Blue’ premieres Nov. 13 on HBO; here’s a trailer
Between television and movie deals cruising at him left and right, Tracy Morgan has been having an incredible few years. So, it makes sense that the 30 Rock star is set to premiere a brand new stand-up comedy special; strike while the iron is hot! It... [Read More]
Comedy Central Presents Season 15 Preview: Part Deux
Make sure to clear off some space on your DVRs, TiVos and oral historians now, because you do not want to miss season 15 of Comedy Central Presents.. [Read More]
Kevin Smith is not a comedian, but he’ll give you the George Carlin treatment on Oct. 23
For Kevin Smith, his upcoming EPIX performance special, Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40, is both a happy accident and a culmination of many of his recent, high profile battles with cyber antagonists and Southwest Airlines (he was kicked off a flight for ... [Read More]
Conan's first guest on TBS is up for your vote, second through twelfth guests announced
What? More Conan O'Brien news? You'd think the guy was relaunching his late-night TV brand or something. TBS and Conaco announced the first week's guest list for Conan. Please get ready to welcome to the little big show... Monday, Nov... [Read More]
Scenes from a stairwell: Zombies, tacos and comedy in Conan O'Brien's Live Coco Cam 24-hour event
Conan O'Brien and Team Coco briefly took over the front page of YouTube with a 24-hour event that has streamed live over the Internet. In the latest promotional stunt to remind and alert viewers of Conan's return to late-night TV with Conan... [Read More]
Jon Stewart Says 'Sanity' Rally Will Not Be Political | NY Times
For anyone wondering exactly what Jon Stewart’s “Rally for Restore Sanity and/or Fear” is going to be about, the “Daily Show” star Wednesday night cleared up at least what it is not going to be. “It is in fact not a political rally,” Mr. Stewart said on “Larry King Live” Wednesday. [Read More]
Buck Henry interview | Vice Magazine
s a writer and an actor, Buck Henry has one of the most interesting profiles in the history of television. Uncommonly, he also occupies that same position in 60s and 70s American film. In those years especially, his was one of the voices that brought movie and TV comedy into wider focus, rendering it more political, sexual, and trippily referential than it had previously been, basically creating its current template. [Read More]