'Daily Show' Producers, Writers Say They're Serious about Media Criticism | Poynter Online
"I feel like there are lot of critics of the government but there are very few critics of the media who have an audience and are credible and keep a watch on things," said "Daily Show" writer Elliott Kalan. "That's a role that we provide that we take very seriously." [Read More]
HBO renews "Real Time With Bill Maher" for 8th season | Variety
HBO has given an eighth season renewal to venerable political talkshow "Real Time With Bill Maher." [Read More]
The lost art of telling a joke | guardian.co.uk
Previous generations could access any number of groanworthy gags to lighten the atmosphere: where has that skill gone? [Read More]
Talking with '30 Rock' executive producer / writer Robert Carlock | The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe talked with Robert Carlock, executive producer and writer of "30 Rock," about his Emmy winning -- but low-rated -- NBC sitcom on the phone from New York. Carlock has also worked on "Friends" and "Saturday Night Live." [Read More]
Robin Williams Opens Wide His (Repaired) Heart | NY Times
Mr. Williams has introduced a strain of more personal humor, about his propensity for divorce, his heart surgery and especially his alcohol rehabilitation. There are bits about his trying to choose which kind of animal valve he should have implanted in his heart; about his post-surgery experiences with Viagra; and about his self-pitying mind-set at the height of his alcoholism.. [Read More]
Marc Maron on moving back to Los Angeles - WTF?! | the comic's comic
You can learn more about Maron with this short video that I shot earlier this week when I met up with Maron at his home in the Highland Park neighborhood -- and he talked about returning to L.A., his cats, the success of WTF with Marc Maron, and even dished about a pilot presentation he's working on for Comedy Central. [Read More]
Peggy Black's casanova character 'Ricardo Bomba' wins Simpsons contest | CBC News
Peggy Black, 52, of Orange, Conn., won a contest to create a character for Fox's long-running animated series, with her entry triumphing among the more than 25,000 received, the network said Thursday. "Rrrri-carrr-do Bomba," Black said, extravagantly rolling the "R's" in Spanish-language fashion. "He's someone that all the women love and all the men want to be." [Read More]
J. B. Smoove on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm' and Michael Richards | NY Times
Mr. Smoove, the comedian and actor ("Pootie Tang"), spoke about his work on the current season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and his longstanding admiration for Mr. Richards. These are excerpts from that conversation. [Read More]
Todd Barry has already reached his career goals | Toronto Sun interview
"I never got into standup as a springboard to an acting career or anything. I started in Florida and was never like 'As soon as I get seven minutes, I'll get an agent and get a show.' A lot of people are into that mindset, but good luck to them." [Read More]
British TV comics 'pander to gay stereotypes' | Chortle
Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has criticised broadcasters for pandering to ‘camp, cliched stereotypes' of gay men by giving prime-time slots to comics such as Alan Carr and Graham Norton. [Read More]