Three questions with comedian Sam Morril, winner of the Laughing Skull Comedy Fest competition
If you haven’t read out our recap of Atlanta’s Laughing Skull Comedy Festival that went down last week, go here. During our time there, we chatted with a few comics, one of which was winner of the marquee event of the fest– the four... [Read More]
Pre-order Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 5
You guys, listen up. Adult Swim comedy gods Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are preparing to unleash a new DVD collection of their sociopathic show. Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 5 will hit retailers May 17. But fuck that, right? Or... [Read More]
Watch the First 90 Seconds of Sports Show with Norm Macdonald
You've seen promos and behind-the-scenes videos for Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, but since they tape it so close to the airing, there haven't been any clips of the actual show. Not that I needed to see any. I'd watch a show that wa... [Read More]
Mort Feingold: Accountant For The Stars, Meet Alan Kaufman: Rock Star Accountant
Following this weekend's SNL, cartoonist Dan Meth is wondering if "Mort Feingold: Accountant For The Stars" ripped off "Alan Kaufman: Rock Star Accountant," a character he created in 2007. "I’m just saying it's reeeaaallllly similar," Meth mused earlier today. Click through compare them side-by-side... [Read More]
Why you should go to Bridgetown Comedy Festival
Back in December, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland was voted by Punchline Magazine’s readers as the Best Comedy Festival even though it’s only in its third year. Heavily featuring stand-up comedy, which the organizers agreed whe... [Read More]
An Exhaustive Guide to Who's Remaking Your Favorite Comedies
The past few years have seen an uptick in the number of big-screen remakes of Hollywood classics and non-classics, with the bulk of these films revisiting beloved properties from the 1980s. Remakes and reboots of Karate Kid, Clash of the Titans, and Nightmare on Elm Street, amongst others, were rele... [Read More]
Amy Schumer- "Cutting" CD
COMEDY CENTRAL RECORDS RELEASES AMY SCHUMER'S "CUTTING" CD DIGITALLY ON APRIL 26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW YORK, April 11, 2011 – Be on the cutting edge with Amy Schumer! COMEDY CENTRAL Records releases Amy Schumer's new CD "Cutting" ... [Read More]
Eddie Murphy and Kristen Wiig Backstage at The Comedy Awards
Now that The Comedy Awards has aired on TV, it reminded me I had a couple of clips lying around from inside the backstage press room with Eddie Murphy (Comedy Icon Award) and Kristen Wiig (Best Comedy Actress in TV). Wondering when Pluto Nash 2 will ... [Read More]
Theater Review: 'The ___________ With the Hat': A Love Not at a Loss for Words | NY Times
"For much of the play the power belongs to Ralph, who wields phrases like “the cycle of self-sabotage” in the style of a pistol-twirling gunslinger. As a professional stand-up seducer (which even insult comics have to be), Mr. Rock fits the part effortlessly. (You can easily imagine Ralph as a spellbinder when he testifies at support group meetings.) And Ralph’s straightforward confidence makes his logic-twisting all the more disarming. " [Read More]
Norm MacDonald on bombing, returning to tv and what it takes to be truly original
"It’s interesting. Because the funny thing about it is, you don’t ever intend to bomb. You’re trying your best to make people laugh; then if you fail, they hate you. But your intent’s the same. It’s not like you’re trying to do evil to them. Like, if a fucking singer is bad, you just listen to his stupid song; you don’t start yelling at him. Or you wait for the next song. But as a fucking stand-up, you could kill for 20 minutes, but four minutes, you bomb, you’re dead." [Read More]