Bill Cosby keeps comedy, creed separate
"When I plant my feet, and you've paid your money, you don't get a serious speech," he says. "You get a man looking through whatever the kaleidoscope is, those little cracks in things, that make us all laugh and give us that wonderful taste of something to talk about as you leave. But it's like any business that you do; if you pay me to sew your button, that's what you want and that's what you're going to get. ... Who wants to see a singer that has 15 hit records sing half a song and then talk a... [Read More]
Looking Back at Kids in the Hall
The Kids in the Hall is one of the most influential sketch shows of all time. In terms of importance, I'd argue it's right up there with Monty Python's Flying Circus and Saturday Night Live. The show pushed the envelope in a number of ways, with its bizarre, surreal sense of humor that hadn't been seen on sketch shows since Python. Additionally, it touched on sensitive topics like homosexuality that were at the time largely absent from TV shows. [Read More]
Rob Delaney is Naked and Bloody: Post-show video interview
Rob Delaney dips into a lot of dark places, deftly incising each step of his recovery from alcoholism. From waking up in a hospital bed asking, “Did I kill anyone?” to blowing shards of windshield out of his nose, to his 28-day stint in rehab and then his three-and-a-half months in a sober living house — wherein he saw a handful of good friends relapse and die — Naked and Bloody is a brutally honest and hilarious look inside Delaney’s physical and emotional journey. [Read More]
Get Your Comedy Act in Gear For 2011 | STAGE TIME Magazine
As one year winds down and the new one starts to unfold, most stand-ups are worried about “What’s next?” Perhaps, last year didn’t go as smoothly as you hoped and you want to fix it. Perhaps, it was your best year ever and you want to keep the momentum moving forward. Whatever your situation, inaction is not an option. What follows are ten very simple things you can do to get yourself ready for the upcoming year. [Read More]
John Cleese UK tour is a show 'for fans' | BBC News video interview
John Cleese is to embark on his first UK tour since he was a member of the Monty Python team in the 1970s. Dubbed the "alimony" tour, it will start in Cambridge in early May before visiting 10 other cities. BBC North-West Tonight presenter, Gordon Burns, spoke to the comedian about what fans could expect from the show. [Read More]
Marc Maron on digging deep with WTF, Carlos Mencia & dead birds | Philadelphia City Paper interview
"I’m not just about entertainment for entertainment’s sake. I’m not saying I’m against that, I’d like to be more of that, but I do seem to place myself at the center of things. I seem to want to think about things and figure things out." [Read More]
Jackie Mason back with feature-length film "One Angry Man"
Jackie Mason, the self-proclaimed "king of stand-up," is back with a feature-length film, titled provocatively, "One Angry Man." The film, which stars Mason as himself, is a politically incorrect social commentary and a comedic take on one of his favorite films, Sidney Lumet's 1957 film, "Twelve Angry Men" starring Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb and E. G. Marshall. Jackie Mason, the self-proclaimed "king of stand-up," is back with a feature-length film, titled provocatively, "One Angry Man." The film,... [Read More]
Conan Will Never Speak to Jay Leno Again
"Asked Wednesday if he would ever think about speaking with Mr. Leno again, Mr. O’Brien said, flatly, no." [Read More]
Denis Leary Presents a Night of Douchebaggery (video preview)
My douchebag-dar is usually pretty good. I see some DJ equipment, Ed Hardy clothes and an overinflated sense of self-worth, and I know I'm probably looking at a douchebag. Denis Leary, however, has perfected the art in his new special Douchebags and Donuts. Along with Whitney Cummings, and his Rescue Me costars Lenny Clarke and Adam Ferrara, he points out the douchebags amongst 35-year-olds, 50-year-olds, the Vatican, pharmaceutical companies and more. [Read More]
Fate of new MySpace Comedy hub uncertain following company
Remember when MySpace introduced that fancy new MySpace Comedy hub all the way back in December? Er. Well. Ugh. Yesterday the company laid off half of its entire workforce, about 500 employees.. [Read More]