Tosh.0 Renewed for Third Season | Comedy Central Insider
If you're worried the internet will go un-made-fun-of after the second season of Tosh.0 wraps up this Summer, fear not. Comedy Central has just announced they've renewed the show for a third season. Said Daniel Tosh about the news, "Comedy Central has been like a father to me; they pretend to support my comedy and I am pretty sure they have slept with my mom." [Read More]
Report from the Road - Boston's Women in Comedy Festival | The Apiary
This year's Women in Comedy Festival was a rousing success. Or at least every bit of the WICF I took in went swimmingly. [Read More]
Book of George Carlin writings coming next year | AP
A collection of writings and artwork by George Carlin is coming next year, courtesy of the comedian's widow. "The Permanent Courtship of Sally Wade" will be released by Gallery Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. Gallery says the book will be illustrated by Wade and will include notes, letters and postcards by Carlin, who died in 2008 at age 71. Wade and Carlin had been married since 1998. [Read More]
RIP Eddie Carroll, writer, voice actor, Jack Benny impersonator | news from me
Eddie Carroll, passed away early this morning at the age of 77. Eddie was best known for his one-man show in which he impersonated (and did justice to) Jack Benny but that was only a small part of what he did. He was a writer — he and his partner Jamie Farr supplemented their acting careers writing cartoons for Hanna-Barbera, for instance. He was a cartoon voice actor, most notably speaking for Jiminy Cricket for the last few decades. He also did non-Benny acting, including appearances on the sh... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman steps out with new memoir, "The Bedwetter," and six-city book tour | the comic's comic
Sarah Silverman already has acknowledged in interviews that she dealt with bedwetting into her teen years. Silverman has written a memoir about that and more, and it's called, "The Bedwetter." It comes out April 20, and she'll be appearing in six cities at the end of the month to promote it. [Read More]
Inside With - Mike Birbiglia (interview) | The Apiary
On Thursday, standup statesman Mike Birbiglia makes his way back home to Carolines for a four-day headliner "special engagement." According to a recent Tweet, the never-not-working comic says he'll be performing all new material. But before he launches into what promises to be a weekend of raucous laughter, The Apiary shot him some random questions for which he had some very good answers. [Read More]
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live Tour dates announced, tickets onsale
"Dave and Dana live! Performing music! Reading from scripts! Amazing unseen videos that may never be shown again! But probably will! Clips from upcoming episodes of ATHF and Squidbillies! Giving out free junk! Plus the show us your Meatwad! competition! Recording voicemail messages! Helping you with your WOMEN's And Gender Studies Paper! Lecturing on the world of entertainment and internet media! Answering questions with Completely Unrelated Responses! Occasionally talking down to you!" [Read More]
Comedian’s heckler combat skills suck, but that’s no reason to put him on trial | Punchline Magazine
"We obviously don’t condone the act of making fun of people based on whom they like to have sex with—especially if it’s not done with any sense of tact, art or humor. But we also don’t condone people showing up late to a comedy show, sitting in the front row and acting like complete assholes to the comedian onstage. One of the signs of a seasoned comedian is the ability to skillfully – and that sometimes includes being harsh – deal with hecklers." [Read More]
Laugh It Up, Fuzzball - Lucas Plans ‘Star Wars’ Comedy Series | NY Times
Lucasfilm Animation said that it was preparing a new series that will offer a comedic perspective on “Star Wars,” with help from Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, who have frequently satirized that science-fiction franchise on their Adult Swim animated show “Robot Chicken.” [Read More]
Chris Rock’s “Crackers” video finally released; is it racist? (video) | Punchline Magazine
In 2004 Chris Rock and his writers from the Chris Rock Show wrote a parody version of OutKast’s “Hey Ya!,” their smash hit from the year before. The video for the parody was filmed but never released until now. [Read More]