Nick Offerman says he's not a comedian but 'as long as I mention my balls every few minutes ...'
The actor best known as Ron Swanson from television show Parks and Recreation is on a standup tour of Australia with a message for millennialsNick Offerman – the actor best known as the plaid-shirted, straight-faced, libertarian public servant Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation – is a f... [Read More]
The Jon Ronson Mysteries review – stories from the eye of the Twitter storm
Leicester Square theatre, LondonThe chronicler of society’s oddest habits leads an endearing book reading-plus-debate about social media shaming – with a bonus appearance from Bridget ChristieThis week at Leicester Square theatre, that chronicler of the modern weird Jon Ronson brings his... [Read More]
Daniel Sloss: Dark Revoir review – wannabe outré comedy
Soho theatre, LondonSloss tries to hide an uncertain stage persona in self-consciously provocative standup, but too often shoots himself in the footDaniel Sloss claims not to know what the title of his show, Dark Revoir, means: revoir is “French for goodbye, isn’t it?” he asks us. ... [Read More]
It's about time comedians asked if science stands up
With The Brain Show, Robert Newman provides a welcome counter-argument to the many comedians hymning the virtues of rational inquiryComedy and science have been intimate bedfellows these past few years. Robin Ince has had much to do with that, with The Infinite Monkey Cage on Radio 4 and his annual ... [Read More]
Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure Reloaded review – surrealism-lite and self-delight
Palace theatre, LondonThis magpie tour of human history yields vintage Izzard moments of delightful silliness, yet lacks in jeopardy over two-and-a-half hours “I didn’t want to bring this show to central London,” says Eddie Izzard, “until I’d toured the world for three ... [Read More]
Amy Schumer responds to theft accusations: 'I would never steal a joke'
The standup comedian and star of Trainwreck says she is ‘literally going to take a polygraph test’ after being accused of copying material by Patrice O’Neal and othersThe comedian Amy Schumer has tweeted, “I have never and would never steal a joke”, after a video was pu... [Read More]
Isy Suttie webchat – as it happened
The author, comedian and Peep Show star joined us to answer your questions in a live webchat – from comedy to food via why she’d love to star in Batman, catch up with her answers here 2.05pm GMTHuge thanks to Isy and to everyone who submitted questions. Until next time! Thanks for all yo... [Read More]
Mime superstar Trygve Wakenshaw: 'I just want to be Mr Bean'
The gangly New Zealander trained as a clown and spent 10 years in theatre before his masterclasses in mime set tongues wagging at Edinburgh. Where next for the new king of silent comedy?Comedy as the new rock’n’roll we’re used to. But mime? Not so long ago, that unloved art form se... [Read More]
Isy Suttie: 'I still feel bad about throwing a pound coin at Howard Donald'
The comedian on her teenage crushes, saying goodbye to Peep Show’s Dobby, and how reading in bed is the new partying Your memoir The Actual One is about your 20s. Are you very different now to the way you were at that time of your life?I used to live my life in extremes: I wouldn’t just ... [Read More]
Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer: return of the very peculiar pair | Observer profile
Now that Bob Mortimer has recovered from his recent heart surgery, he can join partner Vic Reeves for their 25th anniversary tour. Expect a homely British take on the absurdIt is the tour that nearly didn’t happen. When Vic and Bob first announced a new live show, Poignant Moments, to be stage... [Read More]