Should Dapper Laughs be forgiven?
The lad’s comic Daniel O’Reilly killed his on-stage persona after a sexism storm last year. But Dapper Laughs says he’s changed. So can he prove he’s a feminist – or even funny?Dapper Laughs is back, and this time he’s a feminist, apparently. Not having seen his s... [Read More]
Andrew Bailey: ‘People have violent arguments about whether I'm funny or not’
Rhik Samadder meets the Comedy Store misfit and forgotten pioneer of British alternative comedyAn open-mic night below a Stoke Newington pub. A man in a black cowl, looking unnervingly similar to Klaus Kinski, bangs a fistful of wooden snakes into the ceiling, shrieking “MEDUSA STOLE MY HAIR!&... [Read More]
Bridget Christie: Oh, to be Jeremy Clarkson! Clearly, I’ve been playing to the wrong crowd
‘Clarkson, free from the shackles of accountability to either his fans or his friends in government, has become a martyr for the right’When I started doing standup about feminism, two things happened. The first was that pick-up artists, men’s rights activists and Top Gear fans stop... [Read More]
This week’s new live comedy
Hal Cruttenden: Straight Outta Cruttenden | An Evening With Noel Fielding | Angela BarnesYou’d think we’d have had enough of the upper classes, given the way they dominate UK politics, but British audiences still find posh people funny. When it comes to stand-up comedy, it seems the posh... [Read More]
Will Adamsdale: power tips to avoid jingle hell this Christmas – video
Will Adamsdale’s Edinburgh award-winning self-help coach Chris John Jackson returns this winter with a festive twist. Jackson’s Way: The Christmas Top-Up Power Seminar! is at Battersea Arts Centre, London, 1-12 December. Visit BAC’s website to watch his 12 power tips. Here’s ... [Read More]
Comedy is starting its own nostalgia industry – for better and worse
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse are touring their 90s characters around the UK, and trying to update them for the era of #piggate. But can they ever really work when comedy relies on the here and now for its bite?It’s been interesting to see the reviews come in for Harry Enfield and Paul Whi... [Read More]
This week’s new live comedy
Mike Wozniak: One Man Dad Cat Band | Daniel Sloss: Dark | Fern Brady: People Are IdiotsHe might not be engaging in elaborate French-influenced physical clowning or offering Stewart Lee-esque deconstructions of the art of telling jokes, but there are few people doing anything cleverer with live comed... [Read More]
Dawn French review – comic opens her heart in poignant solo show
Vaudeville, LondonFrench draws on memories of her beloved father and her relationship with her body to tackle the biggest subject of all: how do you be a person?Dawn French has been alive 30 million minutes, she tells us. But only now, in the “sliver of time” when experience and lucidity... [Read More]
Kevin Bridges hits the gym: 'They're training for the apocalypse' – video
In a clip from his new live DVD, the Scottish comic sizes up the ‘new breed of man’ he meets down the gym and finds out why even fruit for breakfast is frowned upon. Kevin Bridges: A Whole Different Story is available on digital download now and is on DVD from 23 November.Warning: strong... [Read More]
Katy Wix: 'I’ve written women who swear and are allowed to be intelligent'
She plays the naive Daisy in Not Going Out and stars in sitcoms Together and Fried. But Katy Wix has also created dozens of her own comic characters, based on her friends and herselfYou’ve just published a second volume of comic monologues for women. How did the idea come about?I found that a ... [Read More]