Darren Walsh beats 12-year-old girl to win best joke of Edinburgh fringe
Groan-worthy gag triumphs over efforts from Stewart Francis, Adam Hess and others, including the prize’s youngest ever nomineeThe 10 funniest jokes of the Edinburgh fringe“I just deleted all the German names off my phone. It’s Hans free.” With that one-liner, and subsequent w... [Read More]
Hippos, custard and tapas: the 10 funniest jokes of the Edinburgh fringe
The comedy channel Dave asked the public to vote on the best gags to emerge from this year’s fringe festival, and here are the results Related: Top 10 jokes of the Edinburgh fringe festival so far 1. Darren Walsh: I just deleted all the German names off my phone. It’s Hans free. Continue... [Read More]
The Pin at Edinburgh festival review – clever-clever sketch-bending
Pleasance Dome, EdinburghThe droll meta-comedy duo explain what a funny sketch is – and have plenty of appealing examples of their ownMeta-comedy double act the Pin impressed on last year’s fringe with a show posing as a workshop on how to construct sketch comedy. It was let down only by... [Read More]
Edinburgh festival: why isn't fringe comedy more Scottish?
The world’s biggest comedy festival is an awkward place for Scottish comics to perform. I wish they’d give us more material tailored to their local audienceIs the fringe a Scottish festival? It doesn’t always feel like it. Comedy-wise, Scots are conspicuous by their scarcity at com... [Read More]
Joe Lycett at Edinburgh festival review – he makes funny seem easy
Pleasance Courtyard, EdinburghLycett’s scrapbook set of stories and pranks is consistently amusing and greatly enhanced by his playful, laidback mannerOnly on the fringe do you see the same performer in three different shows in the space of 48 hours. I saw Joe Lycett chickening out of a dust-u... [Read More]
Stewart Lee: A Room With a Stew at Edinburgh fringe review – a tongue-in-cheek comic on top of his game
Lee’s ability to ‘test a set piece to destruction’ is at the fore of an evolving show delivered with immense technical skill“No one is equipped to review me,” Stewart Lee declares near the beginning of this work-in-progress show, referring to the multiple layers of iron... [Read More]
Bridget Christie: it’s a scientifically proven fact that wealth makes you obnoxious
‘A man who ordered a takeaway during my show seemed genuinely baffled as to why I even brought it up. He was hungry and needed to eat. What the hell was my problem?’As a standup comedian, I have a heightened sense of other people’s behaviour. In a room of 500 people, I can sniff ou... [Read More]
Edinburgh comedy roundup: the best of the rest – week two
In Cahoots’ Muslim cabbie meets lager lout, right-wing man-of-the-people Nick Cody and hilarious Westlife groupie Sofie Hagen … it’s the fringe acts that almost got away“Do you review everything you see?,” I’m often asked at the fringe. That’s a practical i... [Read More]
Butt Kapinski at Edinburgh festival review – playful private-eye curio
Liquid Room, EdinburghAn interactive golden-age detective movie is created on stage with Deanna Fleysher’s alter-ego Kapinski leaning heavily on the audience for laughsA gumshoe in a mac and fedora, lit by the glare of a solitary streetlamp. It’s a familiar image, although Humphrey Bogar... [Read More]
This week’s best Edinburgh comedy
Sheeps Skewer The News | Nish Kumar | Richard GaddYou don’t get much satire on TV these days, and what there is tends to be the same observations we’ve heard a million times before, audiences laughing dutifully along to the umpteenth reminder that Eric Pickles is a bit fat or that Prince... [Read More]