Nish Kumar's Christmas Q&A: 'I’m a prolific self-gift-giver'
The standup comedian reveals his secret for effective Christmas shoppingHi Nish! Are you feeling Christmassy yet?Yeah I am, actually. I’m doing a short film for Sky 1 that comes out over Christmas and is Christmas-themed, so my head is very Christmassy at the moment. I’ve sort of acceler... [Read More]
Bill Bailey's Christmas message: don't run holding a trifle
The comedian reveals his Hawaiian pudding nightmare – and explains why he ignores Christmas in his showsHi Bill! Are you feeling Christmassy yet?No, I’m not really. I actually find it quite odd when I see the proliferation of trees and lights and decorations around Britain while I’... [Read More]
This week’s new live comedy
Henning Wehn: Authentic German Christmas Do | The Geekatorium | Johnny Vegas: Nottingham Xmas ShowThere are many things the Germans do better than us: football, beer, economic growth. They’re also extremely good at celebrating Christmas, to the point where their traditional festive markets hav... [Read More]
Kevin Bridges webchat – post your questions now
The Scottish comedian is joining us to answer your questions during his UK tour, from 1pm onwards on Monday 7 December. Post them in the comments below 10.48am GMTKevin Bridges has one of the most instantly recognisable voices in standup and has firmly grasped the holy grail of comedy: being totally... [Read More]
Bill Bailey webchat – as it happened
The bearded surrealist joined us to answer questions on everything from the odds of being torn apart by a badger to the best way to drink tea, via the refugee crisis and Bobby Crush 1.10pm GMTThanks for all your wonderful and quite bizarre questions! 1.05pm GMTThanks for all your wonderful and quite... [Read More]
Sofie Hagen: Danish comics would ask, ‘Do you need me to have sex with you?'
A poster girl for Generation Overshare, Danish standup Sofie Hagen talks about everything from being an obsessive Westlife fan to self-harming. She reveals why it was coming out as a feminist that really lost her friendsIf it weren’t for her devotion to five Irish gentlemen with exquisitely ge... [Read More]
Bill Bailey webchat – post your questions now
The bearded surrealist is joining us to answer your questions in a live webchat on Wednesday 2 December from 1pm GMT – post yours in the comments below 1.38pm GMTAppearing a little like a baffled roadie for a prog-rock band, Bill Bailey doesn’t look like your typical arena-filler –... [Read More]
Nath Valvo's Grindr: A Love Story? review – slap-and-tickle comedy
Soho theatre, LondonPart idiot’s guide to the sex app, part confessional standup, this show blends gaudy anecdotes and Valvo’s relatable awkwardness into a night of easy humourGrindr – and its straight equivalent, Tinder – have changed “hooking up”, as Nath Valvo ... [Read More]
On my radar: Gemma Cairney’s cultural highlights
The multi-talented presenter on her favourite cry-laughing comedian, her love of men’s tailoring and her admiration for rapper Little SimzBirmingham-born Brit School graduate Gemma Cairney began her career as a fashion stylist, turning to radio following a course at Point Blank music college. ... [Read More]
Politicians and comedy: a rather funny business
Donald Trump tried to be witty on Saturday Night Live, Barack Obama has honed his own standup style and Boris Johnson continues to play the clown. But are politicos’ attempts at humour amusing, or even appropriate?“I did these revues in which I did standup,” said Tony Blair of his ... [Read More]