Sam Simmons: Spaghetti for Breakfast review – hits sublime heights of tomfoolery
Soho theatre, LondonIn a richly strange set, this year’s Edinburgh award-winner snorts cereal, obsesses over the audience’s legwear and acts out everyday annoyancesIt’s a rare feat to win both the Edinburgh Comedy award and Melbourne’s Barry Award for the same show. Sam Simmo... [Read More]
This week’s new live comedy
Doug Stanhope | Tom Parry: Yellow T-Shirt | Frisky & Mannish: Just Too Much“I’m Doug Stanhope, and that’s why I drink.” Regular watchers of Weekly Wipe will already be familiar with Charlie Brooker’s booze-soaked US correspondent, but for those new to Stanhope, his ... [Read More]
Misery loves comedy? Don't make me laugh
A new documentary suggests comedians are tortured geniuses, a breed apart. But it’s time to forget the tears-of-a-clown cliche – they’re just regular people working hard at their craftWith his new talking-heads doc about standup, director Kevin Pollak is trying to prove that Misery... [Read More]
How do you direct a standup gig? Meet the experts behind the comics
On stage there’s just a comedian and a mic. But behind the scenes, directors such as John Gordillo and Phil Nichol can make or break the show. What exactly do they do?It’s one of the great secrets of standup: that behind almost every successful comic is a director you’ve never hear... [Read More]
Mae Martin review – a standup's plea for deeper understanding
The Invisible Dot, LondonThe Canadian comedian questions our rigid stereotypes of gender and sexuality, with the aid of some goofy anecdotes A review of Mae Martin’s first comedy gig, aged 17, was headlined “Introducing gay Mae” – which surprised Martin, who hadn’t talk... [Read More]
Are you as smart as the Elves who research QI's questions? – quiz
No Such Thing As a Fish, hosted by QI’s Elves, is to become the first UK podcast released on vinyl. It’s out in November to coincide with the Elves’ live show at the Lyric theatre in the West End. The podcast separates quite interesting facts from quite impossible ones – can ... [Read More]
This week’s new live comedy
Justin Moorhouse: Destiny Calling | Mae Martin: Us | Chris Ramsey: All Growed UpFor all the excitement that avant garde performers who push back the boundaries of stand-up generate for comedy obsessives, the fact remains that what most audiences want to see is something uncomplicatedly funny that ch... [Read More]
Peter Kay, everything you need to know in one handy infographic
Winner of the North West Comedian Of The Year, Peter Kay is now famous for garlic bread, Phoenix Nights and being from Bolton Continue reading... [Read More]
Is Jeremy Corbyn too nice for satire?
A man being persuaded to compromise on his lofty ideals could make for great comedy – but given the best satire kicks against the strong, it could be hard to wring gags from the underdog CorbynWhen Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party last Saturday, did Britain’s satirist... [Read More]
It’s not easy getting laughs out of the migrant crisis
I wish Isis, Tony Blair and President Assad would think of the hidden costs of their actions. I’m trying to make a living hereOn Monday, David Cameron revealed that a Welsh Isis recruit had been killed in Syria by an unmanned drone, or defence secretary Michael Fallon, as the unmanned drone is... [Read More]