MTV orders new puppet sitcom 'Warren The Ape' ('Greg The Bunny' spinoff) | Chortle
MTV has ordered a new comedy series about a celebrity puppet who falls so far from grace he is forced to appear on a reality TV show. Warren The Ape, which launches in the States next year, is a spin-off from the short-lived 2002 series Greg The Bunny. The 12-part series follows the cantankerous puppet as he tries to revive his career after that show was cancelled. [Read More]
Security Think Tank: 'Comedians are our best defence against terror' | Chortle
Comedians are doing more in the fight against terrorism than the Government, according to one senior defence analyst. Professor Michael Clarke, a former advisor to the UN who now runs international security think-tank Royal United Services Institute, says that mocking extremists is the best solution to home-grown terrorism as it strips them of any supposed glamour. [Read More]
Catholics protest Penn & Teller as 'Defamatory, obscene and vicious' | Chortle
American Catholics have condemned comedians Penn & Teller for launching the most ‘defamatory, obscene and vicious' attack on the church ever screened on TV. The Catholic League pressure group is organising a campaign against broadcaster CBS over the episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! which aired last week on its cable channel Showtime. The programme attacked the Vatican's intolerance, greed, paranoia, hypocrisy and callous disregard for human suffering', while others branded the church an ‘... [Read More]
Doug Stanhope booed at Leeds Festival (video) | Chortle
As the chorus of disapproval rose, he ploughed through his material, saying he had to fulfill his contractual obligation to stay on stage. Once his time was done he said he would remain there just to ‘be annoying'. [Read More]
Comics on film - the relationship between stand-up and cinema | Chortle
As Funny People is released, Jay Richardson examines the relationship between stand-up and cinema [Read More]
The biggest publicity stunt at the Edinburgh Fringe - Lewis Schaffer | Chortle
Lewis Schaffer has won the Cunning Stunt award for the best publicity stunt at the Edinburgh Fringe. The American comic scooped the title, awarded in memory of Malcolm Hardee for issuing a press release saying he was sponsoring the Edinburgh Comedy Awards - formerly ther Perriers - for £99. The List magazine believed him, and reported that the awards would now be called The Lewies in his honour. [Read More]
Tim Key wins Edinburgh Comedy Award for "The Slutcracker" | Chortle
Tim Key has won this year's main Edinburgh Comedy Award. Jonny Sweet was named best newcomer, and Peter Buckley Hill won the panel prize for best encapsulating the spirit of the Fringe, for his work organising the Free Fringe movement. Key won the award for his show, The Slutcracker, a mix of poetry, unconventional stand-up and film. [Read More]
Edinburgh Comedy Awards nominees announced | Chortle
The nominations for this year's Edinburgh Comedy Awards have been announced - and it's another all-male shortlist. [Read More]
John Cleese announces dates for 'Final Wave at the World or The Alimony Tour' | Chortle
John Cleese is planning a world tour to help pay off the £12million his third divorce will cost him. Yesterday it was announced that he has finalised the terms of his divorce from third wife Alyce Eichelberger, handing over assets worth $13 million, followed by alimony of $1 million a year for the next seven years. The settlement is said to represent more than half of Cleese's total wealth. So far 15 American dates have been announced for his Final Wave at the World or The Alimony Tour, Year One... [Read More]
'Aborted' Family Guy episode goes public | Chortle
The cast of Family Guy are to perform a live version of the notorious abortion episode deemed too contentious for TV. Executives at the Fox network have chosen not to air the episode, in which matriarch Lois agrees to be a surrogate mother - but then has to decide what t do with the foetus when the friend she is carrying the baby for unexpectedly dies. But now actors including creator Seth MacFarlane are to stage a public reading of the script at Hollywood's Ricardo Montalban Theatre next Wednes... [Read More]