Kazakhs plan Borat sequel to put the record straight
Kazakhstan is reportedly planning its own unofficial sequel to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat movie. However, the follow-up is unlikely to find such rich comic material as the original as it has been specifically to combat negative stereotypes of the prosperous oil-rich nation. Filmmaker Erkin Rakishev says his film My Brother, Borat, will feature an American Bora fan who travels to the country expecting a backwards wasteland, but finds a modern, progressive country. He told local journalists: ‘We wa... [Read More]
Stewart Lee: How I Escaped My Certain Fate (book review) | Chortle
On the face of it, Stewart Lee’s first non-fiction book seems little more than a print version of a DVD commentary. If you’re going to study comedy, you might as well do at the feet of such a respected practitioner of the art as Lee, the emeritus professor of comic engineering whose every line is underpinned by thoughtful precision. [Read More]
Bette Middle asks... Where are the funny women in films?
Bette Midler has claimed funny women find it difficult to break into movies, as there aren’t the roles for them. The veteran actress said there were plenty of good female comedians working on TV, but added: ‘There are not that many funny women in movies any more - they're mostly carrying coffee for the iron man. [Read More]
Fry and Laurie, together again | Chortle
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are to be reunited for a TV documentary to mark their comic partnership. UKTV’s Gold channel has commissioned a 90-minute documentary to celebrate 30 years since they met for the first time at Cambridge University. [Read More]
Stars pay tribute to Frank Sidebottom creator Chris Sievey | Chortle
UK stars have lined up to pay their tributes to Frank Sidebottom creator Chris Sievey, who died yesterday at the age of 54. [Read More]
Ricky Gervais will star in the next series of Curb Your Enthusiasm | Chortle
Ricky Gervais will star in the next series of Curb Your Enthusiasm, he confirmed today. Earlier this year, creator Larry David revealed that he had asked The Office creator to be in the show’s eight series – and now his casting has been confirmed. [Read More]
Comedy on speed - Chortle's Fast Fringe line-up revealed
Brendon Burns, Phil Nichol, Frisky & Mannish and Alex Zane are all set to appear in Chortle’s annual Fast Fringe showcase. The line-up of the London show is revealed today, as well as news that a second event will be held in Edinburgh on the eve of the Fringe. Both shows will feature 28 specially selected comedians performing three-minute extracts of their Fringe shows, with a mix of stand-up, music and variety acts. [Read More]