Fringe Sunday cancelled | Chortle
Edinburgh's free Fringe Sunday event has been axed after organisers failed to find a headline sponsor. The event, which offers a preview of scores of festival shows in a series of marquees, attracts crowds of up to 250,000 people every year. But this year it has been pulled for the first time since it began in 1981, after failing to attract a backer to help cover the £70,000 costs. [Read More]
Australian Comics held over Vatican stunt for ABC's "The Chaser" | Chortle
Two Australian comedians have been questioned by Italian police after flying a blimp over the Vatican - defying the city state's no-fly zone. Julian Morrow and Craig Reucassel flew an unmanned five-metre-long blimp over St Peter's Square for their satirical show The Chaser. They were reportedly questioned for eight hours, while broadcaster ABC said they had cameras, tapes and a laptop computer seized. Both have now returned to Australia. [Read More]
'Funny and sexy don't go together' / WTF: Weekly Trivia File | Chortle
WTF: Weekly Trivia File from Chortle, The UK Comedy Guide, featuring short notes about Russell Brand, Lionel Blair, Kirsten O'Brien, Lucy Porter, Stephen Fry, Joel Elnaugh, Noel Fielding, David Walliams, Rob Brydon, Patton Oswalt, Simon Pegg, Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Carr, Al Murray, and James Corden. [Read More]
Shtick Shift: Jewish Humor In The 21st Century | Chortle
Nowadays, following the trail blazed by the likes of Woody Allen and Jackie Mason, Jewish comedians are ‘out and proud', mining their background and the stereotypes for comic fuel - from Sarah Silverman's exaggerated Jewish princess or Larry David's perpetual schmuck. In today's postmodern climate, it's perfectly reasonable for an observant Jew such as Sacha Baron Cohen to pose as a fierce anti-semite, as long as it's in search of a laugh. Simcha Weinstein, a New York rabbi born in Manchester,... [Read More]
Jim Davidson back on TV in "So You Think I'm An A***hole" | Chortle
Jim Davidson is to make a return to TV in a one-off reality show called: So You Think I'm An A***hole. In the Virgin 1 programme, Davidson will meet a number of famous gay, black and female mentors who will challenge his material and try to change his views. The show will be filmed in Dubai - where Davidson fled to avoid paying tax - and across the UK and will culminate with a stand-up performance to determine whether Davidson's style of comedy is acceptable any more. [Read More]
Russell Brand to remake Drop Dead Fred | Chortle
The 1991 Rik Mayall comedy film Drop Dead Fred is to be remade - with Russell Brand in the starring role. Dennis McNicholas, a longtime writer on Saturday Night Live, is reworking the script for Universal Studios. The decision to remake the movie might raise eyebrows, as the original was a critical and box-office flop. However, it has gained some cult status, and trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter says it ‘is considered a film that fell short of its full potential'. [Read More]
Pajama Men scoop Barry Award | Chortle
American absurdist double-act the Pajama Men have won the Barry Award, the leading prize in Australian comedy. Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez beat acts including Otis Lee Crenshaw, Tim Minchin, Sarah Millican and Henning Wehn and Otto Kuhlne to the Melbourne Comedy Festival's major award. The duo were perviously shortlisted for the Perrier at the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe under their old name of Sabotage. [Read More]
Seth McFarlane: "We're not the best fricking show on TV" | Chortle
"American Dad emerged from our anger towards the Bush administration during the previous election. Family Guy was dead at the time, so I got together with the other writers and we were all so pissed off that it looked like he was going to win again, so we thought, ‘Let's channel all this rage into something creative', and American Dad came out of that. Stan very much epitomises that extreme post 9/11 conservative Republicanism, who just sees enemies wherever he looks." [Read More]
Laugh yourself healthy | Chortle
Researchers split 20 high-risk diabetic patients —all with high blood pressure and high cholesterol — into two groups. Both groups were given standard diabetes medication, but over a year one watched comedy shows which they chose, while the other did not. At the end of 12 months, levels of good HDL cholesterol had risen 26 per cent in the group that watched comedy but only 3 per cent in the control group. Another measure of inflammation and cardiovascular disease, decreased 66 per cent in t... [Read More]
Bafta honour for French & Saunders | Chortle
Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are to be awarded with the highest Bafta honour, a Bafta Fellowship award. At next Sunday's ceremony, they will become only the second comedy double act - after Morecambe and Wise - to scoop the prestigous accolade. [Read More]