French and Saunders reunite for Christmas radio shows
It has been less than two years since they officially ended their professional relationship – but Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are reuniting for a series of new radio shows. The duo will present three Christmas and New Year specials for Radio 2, featuring a mix of chat and music. The two-hour shows will be broadcast on Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and the New Year bank holiday on January 3. [Read More]
Police shut down British comedy venue XS Malarkey for excessive fighting
Police have shut down one of Britain’s best-loved comedy venues after a fight broke out in the street outside. Manchester police say the incident was one of 25 they’ve had to attend at the home of XS Malarkey this year. The bar which houses the weekly club, Remedy, was temporarily closed for 28 days following a hearing last Thursday. A second licensing hearing on November 4, could revoke the Fallowfield venue’s licence or insist on changes to its conditions. [Read More]
New BBC curbs on comedy: 'Derogatory remarks' banned | Chortle
Comedy is to come under even tighter scrutiny at the BBC as new guidelines banning ‘derogatory remarks’ come into force. New restrictions compiled in the wake of the media furore over Sachsgate and Frankie Boyle’s jokes about swimmer Rebecca Adlington are to be introduced next week. The clause most likely to cause headaches for comedians is number 5.4.32, which stages: ‘Unduly derogatory remarks aimed at real people (as opposed to fictional characters or historic figures) must not be celebrated ... [Read More]
My Booky Wook 2, by Russell Brand - book review by Steve Bennett | Chortle
Overall, it’s a bit of a tabloid read itself – just with a few longer words. It’s breathless, sexed-up and none-too probing, but guiltily entertaining for the rollercoaster ride into fame that it so showily describes. [Read More]
British comedy actor Sir Norman Wisdom dies at 95 | Chortle
Sir Norman Wisdom has died at the age of 95, following a series of strokes over the past six months. Wisdom will be remembered for creating one of the most enduring characters in screen comedy, the dishevelled, put-upon underdog in ill-fitting suit and tuned-up cap, struggling against the world ­and his own clumsiness. He was in the mould of the archetypal clown, parading his pratfalls and slapstick in more than a dozen films of the Fifties and Sixties - playing a character usually called Norman... [Read More]
Booths in malls let would-be comics broadcast to the world | Chortle
Practising stand-up routines in front of the bedroom mirror has gone high-tech, with a series of recording booths across America targeting would-be comics wanting to show off their talents. For $20, aspiring comedians can record up to five minutes of their gags in the MyStudio cubicles, without the need to face an audience. Now the company behind the booths has launched a competition to encourage more comedy hopefuls to make recordings – with the winner landing a trip to London to perform at the... [Read More]