Mighty Boosh present Monty Python tribute | Chortle
Mighty Boosh stars Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are to host a radio series about Monty Python's comedy albums. The pair interviewed Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam for the two-part Radio 2 show Monty Python's Wonderful World Of Sound. In the interviews, the Python team talk about making the world's first ‘three-sided' LP; upsetting John Denver; and raising the bar for what comedy albums could achieve. [Read More]
Abused for taking on the joke thieves on Sikipedia | Chortle
Comedians who've had their jokes stolen by internet plagiarists are being threatened when they try to protect their material. Websites such as Sickipedia invite contributors to add gags to their database with little or no checks on whether they are original, leading to some stand-ups being accused of stealing jokes from the web - when actually they wrote them. Comics who have spotted their material from their sets on Sikipedia - which has previously published a book of non-attributed jokes - and... [Read More]
Republican politician Chris Christie campaign ad rips off Monty Python | Chortle
Members of Monty Python have threatened to sue a Republican politician after he illegally used a clip from the show in his campaign ad. Chris Christie, who is standing for governor of New Jersey, used a Flying Circus sketch in which Michael Palin repeatedly asks viewers if they have ever suffered from déjà vu, while superimposing captions about his opponent's record. However, despite being a former attorney, Christie never sought permission to use the clip in the commercial, which has aired se... [Read More]
Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane sells out to Microsoft | Chortle
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is to star in a half-hour comedy show on American network television, promoting Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system. He will be teaming up with Alex Bornstein - who plays his wife Louis in the animated series - for the show, to be broadcast on Fox next month. The show, mixing animation and live action sketches, won't feature any commercial breaks - but will feature ‘unique Windows 7-branded programming' among the comedy. [Read More]
Eddie Izzard documentary "Believe" trailer now online | Chortle
A documentary movie about Eddie Izzard's rise to fame, made by an ex-girlfriend, is to have its first public screening in London this weekend. Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story has been directed and written by Sarah Townsend, who dated Izzard for three years from 1999. The film uses home videos and archive footage to chart Izzard's early influences and career progression, touching on subjects such as losing his mother to cancer at a young age, trying his luck as a street entertainer at the Edinbur... [Read More]
Scottish Comedian Of The Year 2009 review | Chortle
The Scottish Comedian Of The Year is unique in comedy competitions in that it imposes no ‘new act' stipulation on its entrants. Anyone can enter, regardless of experience, just so long as they're prepared to perform at a heat, a semi-final and a rather prestigious final for a shot at a £1,000 first prize. As such, it provides a genuine snapshot of the Scottish scene, with the final showcasing the sort of jobbing comedians likely to be found in pub gigs across the country, rather than just the ... [Read More]
Malaysia bans 'Bruno' | Chortle
Malaysia has banned Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno movie. Although the country's government-controlled National Film Censorship Board gave no reason for rejecting the film, it is likely to be for its sexually explicit scenes and vulgar language. Bruno has also been prohibited in the Ukraine, Lebanon and Bahamas. [Read More]
What British tv comedy commissioners want | Chortle
At the Broadcast TV Comedy Forum, British commissioners explained what their channels would be looking for in the future - and what would survive in these recessionary times. [Read More]
BBC says 'We need to invest in comedy' | Chortle
The BBC needs to make more comedy because hard-up commercial broadcasters can't afford the risk, one of the corporation's most senior executives has said. BBC Vision director Jana Bennett has vowed to invest in comedy, saying it is a ‘market-failure' genre, which is not being properly served elsewhere. [Read More]
MTV orders new puppet sitcom 'Warren The Ape' ('Greg The Bunny' spinoff) | Chortle
MTV has ordered a new comedy series about a celebrity puppet who falls so far from grace he is forced to appear on a reality TV show. Warren The Ape, which launches in the States next year, is a spin-off from the short-lived 2002 series Greg The Bunny. The 12-part series follows the cantankerous puppet as he tries to revive his career after that show was cancelled. [Read More]