Laugh-Rodisiacs review - Just For Laughs 2009 | The Serious Comedy Site
Laugh-Rodisiacs is a perennial sell-out at the Just For Laughs Montreal comedy festival. It is a very safe bet ticket wise and usually worth the price. This year's Laugh-Rosidiacs was, again, a solid bet and worth the price. Caroline Rhea was host and the line-up was generally solid. As a stand-up comedy fan and veteran of this show, it was nice to see the jokes go beyond the usual husband/wife/girlfriend clichés. [Read More]
review - Just For Laughs - Bubbling With Laughter - July 20th 2009 | The Serious Comedy Site
Jimmy Carr says he does not often host a stand-up comedy show. He should, unless it prevents him from giving his own one-man show. Carr was excellent last night as MC for the Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival classic and audience favorite Bubbling With Laughter. I never miss Bubbling With Laughter. This is a very good bang for your entertainment dollar: 8 comics and a host.. [Read More]
Win your favorite Stand-Up! Records CD | The Serious Comedy Site
This is the easiest contest ever thanks to the nice guy at Stand Up! Records. Go to the Stand-Up! Records website, pick the CD you want to win.... [Read More]
'Spring Breakdown' - Blu-ray review | The Serious Comedy Site
Comedies featuring Saturday Night Live alumn are at best decent enough. This is also the case for Spring Breakdown starring SNL's Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch as well as indie queen Parker Posey as three nerdish single gals who get a second chance at spring break. This Blu-ray comedy is light, somewhat raunchy fun and eminently forgettable. Take away the sexual innuendo and drinking from this R-rated comedy and you'd get a Disney movie for tween girls. [Read More]
Ralphie May - AustinTatious DVD review | The Serious Comedy Site
"Is it just me or does stand-up comic Ralphie May sometimes sound like South Park's Cartman? That said, AustinTatious is the fourth Ralphie May stand-up comedy DVD. This comedian has yet to drop the comedy ball; he is as solid and funny as ever and just as somewhat edgy as always. The AustinTatious DVD features some 20 minutes of material not on the CD." [Read More]
The Best of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Uncensored dvd review | The Serious Comedy Site
Whose Line Is It Anyway? ruled TV for 8 years. The Best of Whose Line Is It Anyway Uncensored DVD set proves this improv comedy show is still fresh and still lots of fun to watch, especially uncensored. There are 10 episodes here from seasons 3 to 5 and a bonus hour long best of seasons 1 and 2. This set also features lots of guest stars to add to the fun. Uncensored here means some skits contain sexual innuendos. [Read More]
Christian Finnegan - Au Contraire! album review | The Serious Comedy Site
Au Contraire, the second Christian Finnegan stand-up comedy CD is better than his first, Two For Flinching. The material here, from his first Comedy Central Special, is tighter and funnier, making Finnegan a more interesting comedian. This comedy CD is also a frustrating as I often feel Finnegan is not pushing himself enough. Au Contraire is your basic good CD but it could so easily have been excellent. [Read More]
Marc Maron - Final Engagement review | The Serious Comedy Site
"Marc Maron makes Richard Lewis sound like a Hallmark greeting card. If you listen to stand-up comedy CD s to feel better, Marc Maron Final Engagement is going to make you hang yourself. This is excellent, very funny and smart stand-up, but Maron's nihilist existential take on things on most of this 2 CD set requires a particular mindset to really be appreciated." [Read More]
American Dad Volume 4 review| The Serious Comedy Site
"The first episode on the American Dad Volume 4 DVD set, a James Bond On Her Majesty's Secret Service spoof, is enough to get you hooked. The 3 DVD 14 episode set features the last eight Season 3 and the first six season 4 shows. I have pretty much given up on the Fox Network Sunday cartoon situation comedy line-up so I missed this one. After watching the American Dad Volume 4 DVD set, an exception will be made even if the show is a bit uneven." [Read More]
Dane Cook - Isolated Incident CD review | The Serious Comedy Site
Dane Cook is a comic many others like to call superficial and facile. You have to admit the shtick works, he makes a lot of money, and he is funny. This last point is quite obvious on Isolated Incident. What may surprise about this comedy CD is how dark, serious, and smart the material is. You have to give Cook high marks for actually tackling the one joke about Obama nobody dares go for: assassination attempts. His take on language, Vernacular, is something "serious" comics would be proud of. [Read More]