Comedy Monster
Donzilla does to good taste what Godzilla did to Tokyo but more thoroughly. Don Tjernagel's idea of comedy is “a Voltaire reference in a butt fuck joke” or the American Gothic couple at a swinger's party. This is not stand-up for the weak of heart. As a matter of fact, ... [Read More]
A Good Catholic Boy
1997's A Good Catholic Boy is my favorite of the five releases or re-releases Richard Jeni's estate has arranged for on the New Wave Dynamics label. The other titles are  Platypus Man (HBO 1992), A Big Steaming Pile of Me (HBO 2005) as well as 1997's Greatest Bits and a ... [Read More]
Scaredy Cat
Scaredy Cat is a decent stand up performance by Tony Sam.  It is the equivalent of listening to a good middle act at a club. The material is good but there is nothing you will really remember at the end of the evening.Sam has a high-pitched voice. He is smart ... [Read More]
Same Sex Symbol
Cameron Esposito’s “Same Sex Symbol” is the third comedy release from independent recording label Kill Rock Stars -- with the first two releases from Kurt Braunohler and the great Hari Kondabolu.  It goes without saying that the number one criterion for any successful comic is... [Read More]
Gallagher Live
Serious comedy fans will be happy to hear Gallagher's first album, Gallagher Live is now available as a CD. For those familiar with this comic, it is the show with the woman who laughs like a seal and with whom the comedian has a lot of fun. The show also ... [Read More]
I m Married, Let Me Tell You About It
You could not get more truthful a title than I'm Married, Let Me Tell You About It for Ryan Dalton's comedy album.  That is exactly what he does most of the time. It makes for an entertaining performance with a few gems here and there.  Of course, you have to ... [Read More]
Tangled Up In Plaid
I have been a rabid fan of stand-up comedy for several decades and, because I both watch and listen to such a tremendous volume of stand-up comedy, I often find myself thinking that I must be familiar with every single working stand-up comic.  Of course, that’s a ridiculous thought, as ..... [Read More]
Believement is an excellent comedy album, almost.  Matt Fugate is a forty something married father of three whose material focuses on that. This is standard stand-up fare but Fugate's very likeable persona make it interesting and funny. The almost comes from the occasional use of the F-word. Sw... [Read More]
Matt McClowry gives a solid performance on Working Out.  He is not a comic who will surprise you with his premises or observations but the stuff is generally very funny.  If you are looking for a comfortable listening experience with some adult references but clean language, this is a good... [Read More]
The Stranger
Dan Mintz is set to release his first comedy album -- "The Stranger" -- on Comedy Central Records.The spectrum of stand-up comedy styles swings from "short form" to "long form."  Short form stand-up is typically one-liners, or short bits; long form is extended or longer ...... [Read More]