Doug Stanhope - Oslo - Burning the Bridge to Nowhere DVD version | The Serious Comedy Site review
The DVD version of Doug Stanhope Oslo – Burning the Bridge to Nowhere makes more sense and so is more interesting than the same show CD version. Stanhope s introduction on the DVD helps: the audience has a non-native understanding and Stanhope found out about the gig at the last minute, allowing for little if any preparation time. This is not quite the reason why the DVD is better: being able to see the audience and the comic helps explain some of the odd reactions to the stand-up material and b... [Read More]
The Serious Comedy Site reviews Mike Birbiglia - Sleepwalk With Me Live
WOW! There is nothing else appropriate for Mike Birbiglia Sleepwalk With me Live. This is a stand-up comedy MP3 and CD based on Birbiglia s one-man show. If you like long form stand-up this is an absolute must. It is also compulsory if you like intelligent, fairly clean, comedy with something to say. [Read More]
Louis Katz - If These Balls Could Talk (review) | The Serious Comedy Site
If These Balls Could Talk is a solid stand-up comedy MP3 release by Louis Katz. This release seems to take the Records out of Comedy Central Records as it seems to be unavailable on CD. Louis Katz is a relazed style, self-deprecating, adult language and topic stand-up comic. If These Balls Could Talk features quite a few original bits and no weak moments. [Read More]
George Carlin - The George Carlin Letters (review) | The Serious Comedy Site
Sally Wade has created a picture biography of her almost 10-year relationship with the comic. Unfortunately, the text is sometimes channeled through her dog Spot. In addition, the narrative voice also constantly switches from a first to third person to X- person narrator. As a coffee table book or a neat enough Valentine s Day gift, The George Carlin Letters: the permanent courtship of Sally Wade is not bad. Do not expect to learn anything about the comic himself. [Read More]
Patrice O'Neal - Elephant in the Room | The Serious Comedy Site review
The opening material is the most caustic Black vs. White material I have every heard but O'Neal's intelligence and artistry cover it in a velvet glove many might not notice the fist. This is a very strong moment so perhaps that is why the rest of the much lighter show pales in comparison -but probably not. [Read More]
Sean Kent - "Waiting For The Rapture" review | The Serious Comedy Site
Sean Kent may be Waiting For The Rapture but listeners do not wait for the laughs on his stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD. Kent gives an excellent performance from beginning to end. This is a CD that will always be funny. If you do believe in the Rapture you may find a couple of words objective (but then again you do not have a sense of humor so do not listen to comedy other than the Sunday sermon). [Read More]
Funny Or Die Presents - The Complete First Season (dvd review) | The Serious Comedy Site
Funny or Die is an HBO sketch comedy show. Like any sketch comedy show each episode is a series of hit and misses. Fortunately there are many more hits than misses and usually at least one show-your-friends funny bit per show. [Read More]
The Serious Comedy Site's Top 10 Comedy CD and DVD List 2010
includes reviews of albums from: Arj Barker, Matt McCarthy, Dan Gabriel, Simon King, Anthony Jeselnik, Myq Kaplan, Shane Maus, Keith Alberstadt, Tom Simmons, Donnel Rawlings. [Read More]
Keith Alberstadt - It s Pronounced Jenkins (review) | The Serious Comedy Site
"Keith Alberstadt - 'It's Pronounced Jenkins' is as solid a stand-up comedy CD as they get. He has a very varied set and his biographical and observational material is original but easily connects with the audience. It s pronounced Jenkins is a mostly clean set with adult topics. This is a comedy CD you will enjoy time and again." [Read More]
Bill Burr - Let It Go - dvd review / give-away | The Serious Comedy Site
Bill Burr Let It Go is an absolutely great stand-up comedy DVD. There is not a single lull in this 65-minute performance. Burr is a high energy comic whose rants are as funny as they are accurate and original. We are giving away 2 copies of this comedy DVD and you owe it to yourself to enter our most difficult award process which is to send us your name. [Read More]