Adam Newman, “Not For Horses”
Adam Newman opens his 58-minute disc "Not For Horses" by wanting customers (that's you) to know that the audience at Atlanta's Laughing Skull loved the comedian before him who performed "Piano Man" as "Piano Monkey." Newman, meanwhile, wants to sell ... [Read More]
Joe List, “So Far No Good”
I've known Joe List for years, but I'd never had the opportunity to hear him deliver a headline-length set until receiving his debut disc, "So Far No Good," a 14-track, 43-minute performance recorded at Skyline Comedy Club in Appleton, Wisc. Touring ... [Read More]
Kelly MacFarland, “Bombshell”
This gal's got sass. Always has. Even when appearing on the first season of The Biggest Loser back in 2004 (she lost 72 pounds then). After questioning a silent audience member at Mottley's Comedy Club in Boston who Kelly MacFarland presumed was ques... [Read More]
Revisiting “The Office,” 10 years later, with this special edition DVD
No matter your feelings about the American version of The Office on NBC -- love it, loathe it, or used to love it but have become disappointed in it over time (which is how I feel this current season) -- this is the perfect time to revisit the origin... [Read More]
It’s in the Details: Carrie Brownstein’s candid photos from “Portlandia”
In the latest issue of Details magazine, Carrie Brownstein shares 20 behind-the-scenes photos captured during the filming of Portlandia, which begins its second season in January. Here are a couple of my favorites, with captions written by Brownstein... [Read More]
Ready or not, Long Island City’s Hunters Point now has two full-time comedy clubs
Over the past few years, Rebecca A. Trent has built up The Creek and The Cave into a welcoming home for indie comedy one stop off the 7 train into Queens. Derrick Comedy -- whose members, Donald Glover, DC Pierson and Dominic Dierkes, have since gone... [Read More]
Millions to miss out on Funny or Die’s “Billy on the Street” due to Time Warner Cable spat with MSG
The new TV show from Funny or Die that's part game show, part hilarious spontaneous prank show on unsuspecting pedestrians -- aka Billy on the Street -- will debut tonight on Fuse. The cable network has spread advertising throughout New York City. An... [Read More]
The Tim Minchin “Woody Allen Jesus” song that ITV’s Jonathan Ross Show wouldn’t show you
Tim Minchin is one of my favorite comedians, let alone one of my favorite comedians who is equally brilliant as a musical comedian and a musician. Minchin was supposed to be on the telly Friday night in the UK on ITV's broadcast of The Jonathan Ross ... [Read More]
Louis CK tells Fallon about earning $1 million in 10 days, and how he’s giving most of it away
The Louis CK comedy train keeps chugging along and picking up more fans along the way as 2011 comes to a close. This is a different train from the Dane Train, mind you. Anyhow. I'm dumb. Louis CK is smart. His new stand-up special, Live at the Beacon... [Read More]
The late-night TV wars of 2011: Winners and losers
With late-night TV pretty much done for the year (everyone's airing repeats or is pre-empted for holiday programming for next week's final week of 2011), we can take a step back and see who's doing well and who didn't make it to year's end. How your ... [Read More]