Louis CK and Dane Cook finally meet mano-a-mano…on “Louie”
After all of these years of people and comedians speculating about whether Dane Cook stole jokes from Louis CK, or whether the two comedians were secretly or publicly feuding about said allegation, we finally get to see Louis CK and Dane Cook sit dow... [Read More]
Work stoppage looming? Impasse in WGA negotiations over The Onion’s ONN series on IFC
Last night, former and current contributors to The Onion -- America's leading humor print and online publication -- received an appeal by email to support the writing staff of the IFC's Onion News Network series, who wrote for the first season without an agreement under the Writers Guild of America. An email from the WGA informed them last night, the ONN writing staff were not about to continue their second season as "the only scripted live action television show now in production where the writ... [Read More]
Jarrod Harris makes his late-night TV debut on Lopez Tonight
George Lopez introduced Atlanta native Jarrod Harris to Lopez Tonight last night by saying it was his "late-night debut," and in it, Harris jokes about longtime popular joke target Southwest Airlines, less frequently seen in the wild Alaska gangstas, a foolproof method of combating creditors, and more. [Read More]
Newer than New Faces? JFL Montreal debuts “Unrepresented” with 10 free agent comedians
One thing that always brings comedy industry scouts, agents and managers to Montreal's Just For Laughs festival each July is the opportunity to scoop up rising comedic performers before they sign with some other talent management or agency and get th... [Read More]
John Pinette: “Still Hungry” as a comedian after 25 years
John Pinette is still hungry. Not just for food, which he will recount, regale and reheat his temper over in his upcoming Comedy Central special, which is called Still Hungry and premieres on Friday night and arrives in DVD and CD forms on Aug. 2, 20... [Read More]
Olivia Wingate brings her artists to The Artists Organization
Here's some industry news to chew on just as the comedy industry settles into Montreal: Olivia Wingate has just announced that she's no longer head of Olivia Wingate Artists, instead helping The Artists Organization expand into comedy management by b... [Read More]
SNL #36.3 RECAP: Host Jane Lynch, musical guest Bruno Mars
Some people like to analyze Saturday Night Live so much that they forget that, for casual viewers young and old, it's just an entertaining way to wrap up a Saturday night at home in front of the television. [Read More]
Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2010: Russell Kane, Roisin Conaty, Bo Burnham walk away winners
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe just announced its winners of the top prizes for 2010, aka the Edinburgh Comedy Awards, and Russell Kane took home the top prize for best show for "Smokescreens and Castles." Roisin Conaty won best newcomer hon... [Read More]
Stop dancing, Ted Danson! Enjoy this preview of season two of HBO's "Bored to Death"
Would you like to see what happens when the Bored to Death characters played by Ted Danson, Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis end up in a police lineup?Well, here you go, then! Season two of the series debuts on HBO on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010. T... [Read More]
Pete & Brian's "FCU: Fact Checkers Unit" becomes an NBC Web series
Hey, remember three years ago when Pete Karinen and Brian Sacca, aka Pete & Brian, debuted a nine-minute short casting themselves as magazine fact checkers who paid Bill Murray a visit, and then talked to me about it? In September 2007, Pete tol... [Read More]