Demetri Martin on his preferred audiences for stand-up comedy
Demetri Martin recorded two versions of his new special, Standup Comedian -- a DVD in February at NYU's Skirball Center, and a CD in April at Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis. Both were released via Comedy Central Records on Oct. 2. Before that, Marti... [Read More]
Review: Demetri Martin, “Standup Comedian” [CD]
Telling a good joke is difficult. I don’t mean the kind of joke where you get to develop a story with characters and emotions and your opinions and reflection. I’m talking the kind of joke where you say a thing that is just an observation and follow... [Read More]
Tony Baker wins 2012 San Francisco Comedy Competition
In what appeared to a hotly-contested five-way battle in the finals, Tony Baker emerged as the champion of the 37th annual San Francisco Comedy Competition. Tony Baker, born in Michigan and raised in Chicago, makes his comedy base in Los Angeles. Th... [Read More]
Brad Williams, Tanyalee Davis tell Dr. Drew about turning their own dwarfism into comedy careers
Last night, the TV doctor's TV talk show invited stand-up comedians Brad Williams and Tanyalee Davis onto his program to talk about their lives and journeys into comedy. You think you've heard a lot of dwarf jokes. Not nearly as many as they have, because they've been dwarfs their whole lives. [Read More]
Arrested Development offers “walk-on” roles for fans in contest for new Netflix season
As Arrested Development's reunion becomes realer than real with production on a new season for Netflix, the cult favorite sitcom has announced a contest offering six "walk-on" roles for their fans. Would you like to walk on camera during one of the n... [Read More]
20th anniversary reunion of “The Ben Stiller Show” coming to 2012 New York Comedy Festival
The New York Comedy Festival announced a 20th anniversary all-star reunion of the cast of The Ben Stiller Show, with Ben Stiller, Judd Apatow, Bob Odenkirk, Janeane Garofalo, Andy Dick, Jeff Kahn and Rob Cohen convening at The Paley Center for Media ... [Read More]
Apologizing for a joke: Gilbert Gottfried repents for his Japan tsunami Tweet
Gilbert Gottfried has enjoyed a long career in comedy by telling dirty jokes and offending people. Last year, however, Gottfried apologized for a joke he wrote on Twitter that made light of the tsunami that devastated Japan. It was his first apology ... [Read More]
Tig Notaro’s very special interview with Conan; “Live” Largo CD available online
Pneumonia. C. diff. Death. Break-ups. Breast cancer. Let's joke about it. How about not? Let's type about it, and step aside so Tig Notaro herself can joke about the paths her life has taken over the past several months, as she sat down to recount he... [Read More]
Andy Borowitz to host two “News Quiz USA” episodes for BBC Radio 4 in October 2012
After running a trial episode in March of its American adaptation of "News Quiz," BBC Radio 4 is moving forward with at least two more episodes in October to bring American comedic sensibilities to the upcoming U.S. elections across the pond for Brit... [Read More]
“We Made This Movie” provides late-night TV crossover for Arthur Meyer on David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon
New York City comedy fans -- particularly those who make their second homes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres -- might have gone bonkers last night seeing that Arthur Meyer was a guest on Late Show with David Letterman. Arthur Meyer was part o... [Read More]