An unaired SNL sketch with Alec Baldwin, Cup Boy (Horatio Sanz) and Plate Boy (Jimmy Fallon)
On Saturday Night Live, oftentimes something will strike the cast and writers as super-funny around the office (particularly late at night Tuesday and into Wednesday morning of an SNL week), but not quite translate onscreen before the live audience. ... [Read More]
Comics Unleashed renewed for two “seasons” despite no new episodes since 2007?
Earlier this week, Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios, Inc., announced that its late-night talker Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen had earned a two-season renewal for fall 2011 and fall 2012 (seasons six and seven) in the largest CBS markets of New... [Read More]
Dane Cook confronts Louis CK in an honest way about joke theft. Read the transcript, watch the video!
After four years, Louis CK and Dane Cook finally got to sit down and hash out the debate among comedy fans -- and themselves -- about whether or not Cook had lifted three of CK's jokes. [Read More]
Ron Funches makes his TV debut on Conan
Ron Funches wins this year's prize for first Montreal New Face to make the leap to late-night TV post-JFL*, as he performed his set last night on Conan. Hear about why Funches left Chicago for Portland, Ore., and the differences he has experienced in... [Read More]
LIFE celebrates Lucille Ball at 100 with gallery of unpublished photos
Lucille Ball would have turned 100 on Saturday, Aug. 6. To celebrate her legacy, LIFE magazine at has posted a gallery of never-before-published photographs of the comedienne. In this 1958 photo by Leonard McCombe for TIME & LIFE Picture... [Read More]
Two Kids One Hall: Scott Thompson & Kevin McDonald pair up to launch nationwide tour
It's not going to be quite as salacious as the video, "Two Girls One Cup," nor is it going to be as plentiful as The Kids in the Hall, but it will be Two Kids One Hall as KITH's Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald embark on a nationwide tour of comedy clubs and theaters together. The tour kicks off tonight at Largo in Los Angeles with a special appearance by fellow Kids in the Hall trouper Dave Foley. Expect silliness to ensue as Thompson and McDonald each do their own version of stand-up -- one-m... [Read More]
Jonathan May-Bowles sentenced for throwing pie at Rupert Murdoch
Here's the follow-up today from that incident last month in which activist/comedian Jonathan May-Bowles interrupted the Parliamentary investigation of Rupert Murdoch by tossing a whipped cream pie in his face. The AP report: PREVIOUSLY: Analysis of ... [Read More]
Michael Ian Black talks up Snark Week, road-tripping with Meghan McCain & being “Very Famous”
Michael Ian Black jokes early in his new Comedy Central special, "Very Famous," (premiering this Saturday) that he specializes in getting cancelled from TV shows. But you sure do get to see quite a bit of MIB on your TV, don't you? So The Comic's Com... [Read More]
IFC’s ONN writing staff unionizes, joins WGA-East
After The Comic's Comic reported exclusively that The Onion News Network series on IFC was facing a work stoppage due to a lack of union protections for its writing staff, comes word that the seven writers on the cable TV series have earned the right... [Read More]
BET halts production on “The Mo’Nique Show”; indefinite hiatus
In a statement this afternoon, BET announced the "indefinite hiatus" and end to its late-night talk show, The Mo'Nique Show.  The next "new" episode airs on Tuesday at 11 p.m. with two weeks remaining on the schedule. But that's that. "Mo'Nique Hicks... [Read More]