“The Subculture of Improv,” a short documentary on the UCB
Thrash Lab has released a new 11-minute documentary on improvisation in comedy -- specifically set in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood, and speaking with Matt Walsh, Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer, Ellie Kemper, Kay Cannon and others ... [Read More]
What’s old is new again: Lost classic Johnny Carson reel is found; movie in works; TCM to air clips
On Oct. 1, 2012 -- the 50th anniversary of Johnny Carson's debut on The Tonight Show on NBC -- a military base in California turned up footage long thought lost of the legendary late late-night TV host. The find is just one of the more remarkable eve... [Read More]
Review: Stephen Lynch, “Lion”
Stephen Lynch is a gifted musician. On top of having a great singing voice and being an excellent guitarist, Lynch has also consistently shown that he can adapt to a variety of music genres and styles. In the past, Lynch has used such musical talent ... [Read More]
Anthony Anderson and Royale Watkins reflect on almost four years of their “Mixtape Comedy Show”
I went to a comedy show and a freestyle rap battle broke out. But not before the audience also bore witness to a live DJ breaking down beats, singing and/or rapping from a classic name in old-school hip-hop, a funny Internet video you'd like to email... [Read More]
Review: Paul F. Tompkins, “Laboring Under Delusions: Live in Brooklyn”
Paul F. Tompkins is the gentleman’s comedian. He speaks with a kind of eloquence that lends itself to a degree of class not present in most of stand-up comedy, almost as though every joke is offered up with Tompkins sporting a top hat, cane, and mono... [Read More]
Stephen Falk on the rise and premature fall of NBC’s “Next Caller”
Stephen Falk created and executive produced an NBC sitcom that you may never see on TV, Next Caller, starring Dane Cook and co-starring Collette Wolfe and Jeffrey Tambor. The show was more than halfway through production, scheduled to debut in early ... [Read More]
SNL’s “Oh S*it!” Thanksgiving sketch, cut after dress rehearsal
Saturday Night Live has posted more and more of its sketches that didn't make it past the live dress rehearsal. Last night's episode -- hosted by Jeremy Renner -- contained a whopper of a Thanksgiving sketch that included a loud, audible "Oh shit!" m... [Read More]
Chris Tucker on his comedy roots and his “comeback” stand-up comedy tour, film
Chris Tucker joked this past week that his new stand-up comedy tour is called his "IRS Tour," a reference to his owing the Internal Revenue Service more than $11 million. Tucker told Jimmy Fallon that he had taped a new stand-up comedy film last week... [Read More]
NYC comedy benefit shows for Cyclone/Hurricane Sandy
Several comedy benefit shows are happening in and around NYC to raise money for victims of the storm known as Sandy. Here are the ones we know about. If you know of others, please alert us to add them to the list. Thanks! Saturday, Nov. 17 Louis CK ... [Read More]