Todd Glass talks comedy condos, coming out on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon had Todd Glass on as a guest this week, and seemed really intrigued by Glass's decision recently to come out of the closet on Marc Maron's podcast. Glass also joked about life on the road as a stand-up comedian and having to stay in come... [Read More]
Comedy Central pays tribute to Bernie Mac with “I Ain’t Scared of You”
"Let me explain something to you about the Mac man. I love who I am. I love what I have become. And most of all, I have nothing but respect for those who have followed me. I don't do things for dollars and cents. I owe my craft to my fans and those w... [Read More]
See who’s taping The Half Hour stand-up specials for Comedy Central in 2012
Comedy Central Presents is dead. Long live the new half-hour comedy special for the cable network, named, well, The Half Hour! And Comedy Central is heading up to Boston at the end of this month to tape them. But who will be featured in the inaugural... [Read More]
Secret Policeman’s Ball recruits all-star comedy lineup for first U.S. benefit
For its first-ever venture into the United States, Amnesty International's Secret Policeman's Ball certainly seems intent on making a big and funny splash across the pond when it takes place March 4, 2012, at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. Th... [Read More]
TBS orders 10 episodes of Steve Byrne sitcom, “Sullivan and Son”
It may be pilot season in Hollywood for the networks, but cable operates on its own schedule, and TBS announced on Friday that it had ordered a 10-episode first season for Steve Byrne's sitcom, Sullivan and Son, to premiere this summer. Byrne told hi... [Read More]
Nick Swardson announces the end of his “Pretend Time” sketch show on Comedy Central
Nick Swardson announced the end of his Comedy Central sketch comedy show, Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, after its second season. Swardson told his Facebook friends on Tuesday night: "I regret to inform everyone Pretend Time is over. The ratings were ... [Read More]
On Conan, John Roy talks video games, New Mexico and white people songs
John Roy made his debut on Conan last night, and joked about how his video game avatar never looks like him, how we took over "old" Mexico, how white people like to sing and more. Roll the clip! [Read More]
Will Ferrell’s two new beer commercials, one of which is real (for part of Nebraska)
Will Ferrell has put out two new beer commercials, but only one of them is real, and that one only played during the Super Bowl in the second-smallest TV market in America. Go figure. The real commercial for Old Milwaukee played on Super Bowl Sunday ... [Read More]
Nick Cobb joins E*Trade baby Pete Holmes in new Super Bowl ad
Pete Holmes debuted as the talking E*Trade baby in a Super Bowl ad a couple of years ago, and his spokesbaby campaign is still going strong, and during Super Bowl XLVI, he returned with comedian Nick Cobb standing by the baby in a hospital maternity ... [Read More]
Dan St. Germain welcomes Howard Stern to America’s Got Talent in Super Bowl ad!
Your eyes are not deceiving you. That's stand-up comedian Dan St. Germain welcoming Howard Stern to NBC's America's Got Talent in this promo spot which debuted during the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVI. Roll the clip! ... [Read More]