Amazon Studios announces slate of comedy pilots for 2013
Amazon Studios announced six new orders for comedy pilots to head into production for 2013. began soliciting original pitches for comedy series for the first time earlier this year, and has a comedy development slate of 13 projects. Among ... [Read More]
Nick Turner performs stand-up while his car is running with keys locked inside
Why does Nick Turner look anguished during this stand-up performance? Because on this night in question -- Nov. 5, 2012 -- Turner had locked his keys in the car, with the engine still running, just before entering the Brooklyn club for his set at Wya... [Read More]
Review: Maria Bamford: “the special special special!”
Performing stand-up comedy in front of an audience of two exclusively made up of your parents while cookies bake and pugs run loose sounds like the fever dream of a an eccentric homeless man coming down with influenza. I don’t think I've ever reviewe... [Read More]
A Charlie Brown Christmas, all grown up in a “Louie” episode, from FOX ADHD
A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired 47 Decembers ago in 1965, and continued its traditional primetime run in network telecasts Tuesday night on ABC. The kids at FOX ADHD, however, have served up an alternate universe for the Peanuts gang -- one in ... [Read More]
Eric Andre, T.J. Miller nude it up on “Attack of the Show” finale month
On Thursday night's episode of Attack of the Show on G4, guest Scott Aukerman interrupted his interview a few minutes into it with Michael Kosta to wonder: "By the way, what is happening with this show? I was told before I came out not to show my bal... [Read More]
Bing Bong! Todd Glass and 10 years of Comedy Bang Bang and Comedy Death Ray!!
Live comedy shows come and go, and this Tuesday night, Comedy Bang! Bang! came and went -- as we know it, as a live show, at least -- out with its annual Nativity Pageant spectacular. Scott Aukerman still has his Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast and who kn... [Read More]
Comedians nominated for the 55th annual Grammy Awards
Nominations came out last night for the 55th annual Grammy Awards, to be handed out Feb. 10, 2013, on CBS. In the Best Comedy Album category, we have: Blow Your Pants Off, Jimmy Fallon [Warner Bros. Records/LoudMouth Entertainment] Cho Dependent (L... [Read More]
Deon Cole defends Katt Williams, right of black comedians to “go crazy”
As the resident black comedian on Conan's writing staff, Deon Cole took it upon himself to defend Katt Williams on last night's show. Although by defend, Cole meant to prove that even he has a right to become more famous by taking his "crazy" public.... [Read More]