Louis CK opens up about the process in wide range of interviews, revelations
So rarely do you find out as much about a comedian's process as we are this week with the release of Louis CK's new stand-up special. Certainly, Louis CK is doing a lot of press to help promote it to the widest possible audience. But he's also openin... [Read More]
FX orders late-night unscripted series for Russell Brand
Well, blimey mate! Check out this cheeky monkey who earned himself a six-episode order for a late-night series of specials. On cable. It's Russell Brand, who received the series order from FX on Thursday. Details: Brand will star in six half-hour epi... [Read More]
The SAG and Golden Globes nominees for comedy: Who got it righter?
Oh, the Golden Globes. The Pia Zadora of awards shows. How you make up such silly ideas in your heads about who delivered award-worthy work in TV and film, always determined most importantly by whom the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would like ... [Read More]
On Conan, Nick Vatterott gets physical with the alphabet
Fresh off his victory in this year's Andy Kaufman Awards, stand-up Nick Vatterott took his act out West for an appearance on Conan. I shan't reveal too much of his set, because part of what makes Vatterott a Kaufman Award winner is in the reveals. Bu... [Read More]
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On hits primetime
When a web video makes it to primetime network television, kudos for everyone. Of course, Brian Williams more than plays along with Marcel the Shell with shoes on, and "his" parents Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp. Don't ever accuse this network ... [Read More]
Pablo Francisco puts it all out there in “They Put it Out There”
Pablo Francisco is a whirling dervish of voices, noises, sound effects and impersonations. And on Francisco's new CD/DVD, "They Put It Out There," he puts it all out there. Before you can ask -- Who is they, what did they put and where did they put i... [Read More]
SNL’s Abby Elliott in Maxim
On the one hand, Saturday Night Live's Abby Elliott is young and attractive. Those are nice traits, we all agree. But on the other hand, pretty women in comedy focusing on the pretty part...well. Here we go again. Abby Elliott, daughter of Chris Elli... [Read More]
Josh Gondelman, “Everything’s The Best!”
Josh Gondelman sincerely is one of the nicest people I know. Normally, in comedy circles, saying someone is nice is the "nice" way to say that person isn't funny. Thankfully, though, Gondelman proves on his debut CD, "Everything's The Best," that he ... [Read More]
Louis Katz, “If These Balls Could Talk”
Before you begin listening to Louis Katz's CD, "If These Balls Could Talk," it's important that you know a couple of things. Dave Attell is a fan of his (often bringing Katz on the road with him as his feature act, and employing him on his Showtime s... [Read More]
Wyatt Cenac, “Comedy Person”
The CD, Wyatt Cenac: Comedy Person, begins with a bit of a bait-and-switch, as it's not Cenac, but rather Daily Show colleague John Hodgman who is talking to the audience throughout the first introductory track. When Cenac does arrive onstage, he hel... [Read More]