Ricky Gervais swears he reveals his favorite profanities to GQ
Ricky Gervais is featured in this month's "Comedy Issue" of GQ magazine. No, Gervais isn't on the cover. He's not some big-time comedian like JAMES FRANCO is -- that screams comedy, doesn't it? Anywho. This anywho named Gervais does an interview with... [Read More]
“How Do I Land?” Kurt Brauohler’s Cloud Project is a humor lesson in skywriting, gift of absurdity
On March 23, 2013, a funny thing happened in the sky above Los Angeles. A skywriting plane wrote letters in cloud form amid the blue sky. An "H," followed by an "O," then a "W," eventually spelling out: "HOW DO I LAND?" The joke culminated the effor... [Read More]
First look: “Whose Line Is It Anyway” 2013 celebrates CW’s 90210
For a special preview for its summer reboot on The CW, Whose Line Is It Anyway celebrates one of its new sister shows, the rebooted Beverly Hills, 90210. Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie are back to come up with song titles for Wayne Brady to make up ly... [Read More]
Stefon is gone? Bill Hader to exit SNL after eight seasons
A year ago, Saturday Night Live prepared a finale tribute for Kristen Wiig. What will the show do for Bill Hader this week? Hader has announced he is leaving SNL when his eighth season wraps up this coming Saturday night. “It was a hard decision, but... [Read More]
Upfront about Upfronts: The state of the sitcom at NBC, May 2013
Welcome to Upfronts! The annual TV pageant in which each network puts its new shows and returning hit series on display for potential advertisers. This differs from the summer and winter press tours only insomuch as these parades of stars aren't expl... [Read More]
Arnold Schwarzenegger joins YouTubers to promote YouTube’s first-ever “Comedy Week”
When you think of YouTube and comedy, you're not usually looking for an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation, but maybe you're looking for a supercut of Ahnold being Ahnold. How about a promotional video by him for YouTube Comedy Week? That's served u... [Read More]
An Open Letter From a Decent, White Male Comic, by Jim Tews
This essay is republished with permission from the author. Jim Tews wrote "An Open Letter From a Decent, White Male Comic" in response to several recent blog posts, Twitter fights and Facebook comment threads about comedy, gender and the appropriaten... [Read More]
Meet Me In New York: Michelle Buteau
What do they say about New York City: There are eight million stories, and sometimes it seems as though eight million of the people telling them think they're comedians? No, that's not it. It is a fact, though, that America's biggest city is also its... [Read More]
First look: Kirk Fox as host of “The Test”
"If I'm doing my job correctly, it's going to be a beginning to a new chapter in their life." That's stand-up comedian Kirk Fox. But he's not talking comedy. He's talking the talk as the host of new daytime syndicated program, The Test. As he noted o... [Read More]
The Erik Griffin interview: On his “The Half Hour” for Comedy Central, “Workaholics” and stand-up comedy
Hey, comedy fans! Here's a new thing. Actually, a few new things. The Comic's Comic sat down with Erik Griffin this spring before he recorded his first half-hour stand-up comedy special for Comedy Central's The Half Hour -- that debuts tonight at 12:... [Read More]