A Visual History of Pun Movie Titles
by Joshua Kurp In, um, honor of Gnomeo and Juliet, with one note: porns are excluded because Pocahotass would obviously win. Ranked from clever to terrible. Josh Kurp can soon be seen in Do the Write Thing. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Why Adam Scott Was Left Off Entertainment Weekly's Parks and Rec Cover
by Adam Frucci Yesterday I wondered about the odd exclusion of Adam Scott from the photo on the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly. Here's the man himself with an explanation: Being a lifelong New Yorker (I grew up in Northern California and live in Los Angeles), when Entertainment Weekly... [Read More]
Horrible Entertainment Tonight Goes On-Set with The Hangover Part II
by Adam Frucci God, Entertainment Tonight. Watching even 90 seconds of this show makes me hate movies and the entire entertainment industry and feel like I need to go take a shower. It's like being forced to watch a bedazzled used car salesman read Perez Hilton out loud to you. But if you'... [Read More]
Rob Delaney Gives Vice His Dos and Don'ts
by Adam Frucci King of Twitter Rob Delaney helped out the gang at Vice with the latest round of their "DOs & DON'Ts" series, passing judgement on a bunch of photos of people out on the town. Warning: there is more than one example of bare man ass in here. @ 5:00 pm 0 Comments... [Read More]
The Inside Story of Conan and the Internet's Love Affair
by Adam Frucci Fortune has a long, detailed story that investigates how Conan went from an old media guy on NBC who didn't understand Twitter or the internet to an expert on using social networking and streaming media in a digital age. It's fascinating! Around seven o'clock in the mor... [Read More]
Looking Back at The Ben Stiller Show
by Carleton Atwater The Ben Stiller Show was a brief but important show in the history of sketch comedy. The show ran on FOX from September 1992 through January 93, lasting just 13 episodes. It’s probably best remembered today for the people involved with the show who would go on to later fame, suc... [Read More]
Here's the First Trailer For Russell Brand's Arthur Remake
by Adam Frucci Here's the first trailer for impending SNL host Russell Brand's remake of the Dudley Moore classic Arthur. The most notable change from the original appears to be the gender-swapping of his valet into his nanny, played by Helen Mirren. It looks like it could be good? I don&... [Read More]
The Second Complete Oral History of Party Down
by Adam Frucci People loved the short-lived comedy Party Down so much that it warranted not one, but two oral histories. The first came out in December from Brand X, and now Details has jumped on board with one that's much more in depth, with even more insider info on how the show came into be... [Read More]
How Chris Elliott Blew His Chances to Make a Comedy with James Cameron
by Adam Frucci Vulture has a long, excellent interview with the wonderful Chris Elliott today, in which he talks about everything from Eagleheart to his time on Letterman to Cabin Boy to SNL (both his time on the show and his daughter Abby's) and how he totally blew it with James Cameron. Here&... [Read More]
Entertainment Weekly Dubs Parks and Rec "TV's Smartest Comedy"
by Adam Frucci This week's issue of Entertainment Weekly features the gang from Parks and Rec (save a conspicuously absent Adam Scott) on the cover and the headline "TV's Smartest Comedy." Not bad! The article inside features "101 Reasons We Love It," including tidbits ... [Read More]