Tina Fey's Bossypants: How To Succeed in Show Business By Really Trying (review)
In Bossypants, Fey packs a lot of history and information into less than three hundred pages of quick, clean prose scattered with a healthy amount of poop jokes. It’s got something for everyone It’s an autobiography as well as a humor book. It’s an inside look at the cutthroat politics of television as well as an examination of the social politics of motherhood. It’s funny, insightful, and inspiring. But above all, it’s instructive. Aspiring comics would be well advised to whip out a pen and hig... [Read More]
The Trailer For the Beastie Boys Short Film Features All of Your Favorite People in the World
By Adam Frucci How many comedy crushes can you fit into 22 minutes? The Beastie Boys set out to discover just that, putting pretty much every awesome person ever into their new short film, the trailer for which is above. Just who, you ask? Um, well, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Rainn Wil... [Read More]
Looking Back at Saturday Night Live, 2000-2005
By Carleton Atwater - One of the most notable aspects of the early 2000's in Saturday Night Live's history is Tina Fey's position has head writer. Fey has become one of the most popular and lauded comedians of our time, but she started out as a regular SNL scribe like many others. In my mind,... [Read More]
The Lost Roles of Eddie Murphy
By Bradford Evans0 commentsCasting is one of the most important processes in movie making. Placing the right actors in the right roles can determine whether or not an entire film rings true. Thus, casting directors and filmmakers consider a variety of possibilities before going into production. Lost... [Read More]
Amy Poehler Will Give Harvard Graduation Address
Amy Poehler has been tapped to give Harvard's class day speech this year, which is technically not the same as the commencement address, but is part of a perhaps more noble comedic tradition: Seth MacFarlane (2006), Sacha Baron Cohen (in character as Ali G in 2004), Al Franken (2002), and Conan O'Brien (2000) have all delivered the same address. [Read More]
Talking Weed and 'Weeds' with Writer/Producers Stephen Falk and Victoria Morrow
in 2005, Showtime premiered a show entirely about weed: dealing, growing, baking, consuming, everything. And the biggest shocker is that the main characters were not your typical gangbangers or drug dealers. Instead, the dealer in question is a suburban mother and widow, trying to keep her family afloat. Weeds remains one of the most honest and funny shows about pot. In honor of stoner comedy week, SplitSider sat with Stephen Falk and Victoria Morrow, writers and Supervising Producers of the sho... [Read More]
A Definitive Guide to Stoner Comedies
By Bradford Evans Ever since Cheech & Chong first took to the screen in the late ‘70s, the stoner comedy has been a popular subgenre in American cinema. Cheech & Chong set up the basic format that most stoner movies have followed ever since: two weed-loving slackers set out on a specific go... [Read More]
Two More Quick Trailers from with Seinfeld, Gervais, Rock and Louis
Here are two more short teasers for HBO's upcoming special, Talking Funny. If you recall, it sticks Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock and Louis CK in a room and has them talk about comedy for an hour. It looks downright delightful, right? The first teaser is above, and the sec... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien On WTF With Marc Maron: Taking Risks, Don Knotts And The "Irish-Catholic Addams Family"
By Halle KieferOn today’s excellent WTF with Marc Maron, Conan O’Brien discusses his “grim” childhood, the long saga of late night and the deep-down Catholic self-hatred that made him the man he is today. “Too skinny, too tall, my dick's too big,” O’Brien complains, later explaining, “If I think a c... [Read More]
The Comedy Stylings of Rep. Anthony Weiner
Queens Congressman Anthony Weiner spoke at the Congressional Correspondents Dinner this week, and it was well liked. These dinners are events where politicians stand up in front of journalists and attempt to tell jokes. Except for the one that had Stephen Colbert, these political cor... [Read More]