Saturday Night’s Children: David Spade (in the cast 1990-1996)
While the strength of some SNL cast members lies in their versatility and range, others are more well known for a core attitude or sensibility, and David Spade is one specific, sarcastic smartass whose characters and catchphrases were some of the most successfully annoying in SNL's history. With roles like the obnoxious steward on Total Bastard Airlines or grating receptionist at Dick Clark Productions, Spade proved that a sketch doesn’t need to recur a dozen times to ingrain lines like “And you... [Read More]
Donald Glover's New Album: Camp
Community's Donald Glover announced the name and released the cover art for his new album today: Camp. That up there is the cover. Set to be released under his Childish Gambino moniker in September, presumably self-released like all his other musical output, it'll be his second full-length effort. He also released a teaser video with a snippet of a song and some footage from his "I Am Donald" tour, which you can check out.. [Read More]
Jon Hamm Joins David Cross's The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret
David Cross's The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret is returning to IFC for a second season in January, and Jon Hamm is coming along for the ride. He'll be appearing in five of the new season's six episodes, playing a to-be-announced new character. Also returning will be Will Arnett.. [Read More]
The Full-Length Trailer for the Non-Existant "Flaming C" TV Show
Last Friday evening at ComicCon, Conan unveiled the latest entry in the Flaming C canon: this full-length animated trailer for a Flaming C TV show that almost definitely will never exist. But really, how much longer can they keep making these short clips without just breaking down and making a full series? [Read More]
Seinfeld: The Most Kafkaesque Show on Television
there's one comparison to Seinfeld that, to my recollection at least, has surprisingly never been made. I would argue that Seinfeld may have been the most Kafkaesque show on television, or at least the most Kafkaesque sitcom, sharing a lot of the same themes and obsessions as the famous writer from Prague. For people with only a passing knowledge of Kafka, linking the reclusive writer to comedy may seem less than obvious. But there is a lot of humor in Kafka's work, most of it darkly funny or ab... [Read More]
COCO MoCA (Museum of Conan Art) Unveiled At Comic-Con
If you've ever dropped a note in the MoMA's suggestion box demanding "more Conan O'Brien, you philistines" then the newly-opened Museum of Conan Art (Coco MoCA) is the place to satiate your craving for fine pompadoured art. Open as of last night, MoCA showcases fan-art of Coco, in particular images ... [Read More]
A Good Old Fashioned Orgy Trailer Keeps It Real About Orgies
In addition to looking like a super-sloppy good time, the A Good Old Fashioned Orgy trailer effectively conveys the film's appropriate level of realness about group sex, focusing largely on the crucial planning elements behind any superior orgy situation: hours logged at the gym in a last-ditch ef... [Read More]
The Lost Roles of Anchorman
In the first draft of the Anchorman screenplay, Ferrell and McKay included suggestions as to which actors could play which character. None of the desired actors ended up playing the specified roles, but some of them portrayed different characters in the movie. Read on to find out who was on Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s initial wishlist for Anchorman parts, what Paul Thomas Anderson’s role in getting the movie made was, and which famous comedic actors were left on the cutting room floor. [Read More]
Here's the Cover of the Marcel the Shell with Shoes On Book
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, the delightful character created by Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp, is getting his own book, and here's the cover. It comes out on November 1st, and you can pre-order it now if you so desire.. [Read More]
Earwolf Challenge Update: The First Elimination
After the introduction of the 10 contending podcasts last week, the Earwolf Challenge kicked off its actual competition on Monday, with the podcasters being given their first specific challenge. The stakes were certainly raised by yesterday's news of the Earwolf network’s partnership with Funny or Die. That one year Earwolf contract — the competition’s grand prize — is looking more and more valuable by the day. [Read More]