Prepare Yourself To Receive The Holy Book Of Mormon, Says Nearly Every Reviewer In New York
by Halle Kiefer It's not much of an exaggeration to say that I believe more in a musical by the South Park guys than I do in any actual religion. Oh no, actually it's not any kind of exaggeration at all. For the most part, reviews for Book of Mormon haven't just been great, they'... [Read More]
The Next Best Thing to a Movie: 15 Arrested Development Mini-Reunions
by Bradford Evans Next week marks the fifth anniversary of Fox’s official cancellation of Arrested Development, and so far, we have yet to see any actual plans to make that movie. But fear not, Arrested Development aficionados! The nine top-notch comic performers who make up the show’s central cast ... [Read More]
Jon Lovitz Comes to Twitter, Can't Get Himself Verified
by Brian Abrams I"m at 79 followers… going for a billion… that's right!!! A billion!!! Anyone with connections to China????less than a minute ago via webJon Lovitzrealjonlovitz Pre-Internet icons made incredible breakthroughs on Twitter in the last month, most notably Cha... [Read More]
Ode To Funny Ladies Of L.A.
by Halle Kiefer Because they're all friends in real life and experiencing real career success and make your friends look like drifters you picked up in the line for the White Castle bathroom, Paper Mag profiled these comedic actresses living in L.A. The talented ladies include Lucy Punch, Maria... [Read More]
Looking Back at The Upright Citizens Brigade
by Carleton Atwater The Upright Citizens Brigade began around 1990 as a live sketch group at the ImprovOlympic (now iO) Theater in Chicago. The iO was founded by improv legend Del Close, who mentored the group and provided the voiceover narration on their Comedy Central show's title sequence. A... [Read More]
Will Arnett Not Joining The Office Because He's Attached to Christina Applegate's Pilot?
by Adam Frucci Will Arnett is appearing in the season finale of The Office. This, along with the fact that Ricky Gervais said that he suggested Arnett as a replacement for the departing Steve Carell, has lead to rampant speculation/hopes that Arnett will be leading the Scranton branch of Dunder-Miff... [Read More]
The Lost Roles of Tropic Thunder
by Bradford Evans Casting is one of the most important processes in moviemaking. Placing the right actors in the right roles can determine whether or not an entire film rings true. Thus, casting directors and filmmakers consider a variety of possibilities before production begins. Lost Roles is a we... [Read More]
The Dulcet Tones Of Teenage Trey Parker's '80s Love Ballads
by Halle Kiefer After making a career out of the inherent comedy of shame, it's fascinating to see the one thing that makes Trey Parker want to crawl into a ravine and die of embarrassment. When the South Park creators stop by to promote the Book of Mormon musical last night, Fallon played a t... [Read More]
The Case For The Tonight Show with Ellen DeGeneres
by Leila Cohan-Miccio Jimmy Fallon visited The Ellen DeGeneres show on Monday and, while he was there, the two hosts had an awfully interesting conversation. DeGeneres asked Fallon if he ever thinks about what he’d do “if The Tonight Show got offered to you? Would you take the time slot?” Fallon res... [Read More]
Whoopi Goldberg Super Blazed During 1991 Oscar Acceptance Speech
by Halle Kiefer I'm not saying getting high will help you win the EGOT. I am just saying you're going to win it anyway, so why not be extremely baked in the process? Apparently Whoopi Goldberg was high during her Oscar Acceptance Speech for Ghost in 1991. While recording a voice-over for ... [Read More]