Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy to Create the Opposite of Tron
by Adam Frucci Pixels, above, is a really cool web short by Patrick Jean from last year in which pixelated characters from old school video games appeared in the real world. It's like the inverse of Tron! And now it looks like that premise is going to get stretch out to movie-length form, as A... [Read More]
Harold Ramis Talks Ghostbusters 3 (video)
Here's a section of an interview Making Of did with Harold Ramis last year but just released now for some reason. In it, he discusses their approach to Ghostbusters 3, where the project was at the time, an earlier script that Dan Aykroyd wrote that sent the Ghostbusters to hell, and the special effects in the original movies. [Read More]
Conan Was Not a Fan of Guitar-Playing Talk Show Hosts in 2002
Here's an interesting quote from Conan from 2002 during an appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly on the idea of a late night host playing guitar on his show.. [Read More]
Tim Allen Plans His Triumphant, Manly, Very Manly Return to Prime Time
Get ready for Tim Allen's big comeback: his new sitcom Man Up just got picked up by ABC. It's going to be "a multi-camera family comedy about a guy whose manhood is under siege in a world of women." [Read More]
Why Comedy Movies Aren't Very Funny | SplitSider
It's Robert Downey Jr's opening monologue of Due Date. I know the actor, but I don't know his character. And as he rants on about a baby names and a strange dream, I know that I'm supposed to be laughing. This is a comedy, after all.. [Read More]
Don't Expect Any Leftover Tonight Show Bits on Conan
by Adam Frucci Andy Richter on whether or not they have some more racy material saved up from The Tonight Show that they couldn't use on NBC that they're bringing to TBS with tonight's premiere of Conan: You have to understand that when you are doing a show like this, you don’t come u... [Read More]
Proving Scientifically That 30 Rock Is Better Than $#*! My Dad Says
by Erik Voss After noticing CBS’ S#*! My Dad Says has been destroying NBC’s 30 Rock in the ratings from week to week, I decided to take a closer look at each of the shows. While I agree with most critics that 30 Rock is far superior (despite the lower ratings), I have to admit that such comparisons ... [Read More]
Jeffrey Tambor Is Playing Will Arnett's Dad Again | SplitSider
Just like in Arrested Development, Jeffrey Tambor is going to be playing Will Arnett's dad in a Mitch Hurwitz sitcom. This time, however, it's in Running Wilde, according to a tweet by costar Peter Serafiniwicz. How many more episodes the show has left is unclear.. [Read More]
Conan's First Guest: Jack Nicholson
by Adam Frucci Despite not having appeared on a talk show in a few decades, it looks like Conan's first guest is gonna be Jack Nicholson. He was leading in the online poll, and this video cuts the options down to three, with Jack being the only real choice. It should be fun, but I can't he... [Read More]
Pretty Much Everyone Agrees: Louis CK Is the Best
by Adam Frucci Gabe over at Videogum reviewed Louis C.K.'s recent standup show at Carnegie Hall. It's worth reading in full: "What is interesting about Louis C.K.’s stand up, at least right now, is that he has basically picked his themes, and each year he writes the aforementioned hou... [Read More]