Larry vs. Louis: Why You Don’t Need "Jokes" to Be Funny
by Erik Voss When I analyzed episodes of 30 Rock and S#*! My Dad Says for their relative joke tallies, many readers pointed out it’s unfair to compare two different comedy formats –- 30 Rock is a single camera, ensemble comedy, whereas S#*! My Dad Says is a more traditional, multi-camera, laugh-trac... [Read More]
A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts: The Joe Rogan Experience
by Joe Berkowitz It was clear in reading through the comments section of the first Guide to Comedy Podcasts that I had inadvertently ignored a lot of tenderly beloved podcasts. In an effort to rectify the oversight, I’ll now be taking a weekly look at which of these are worth your valuable time and ... [Read More]
More SNL Seasons Added to Netflix Streaming
by Adam Frucci Over a month ago, Netflix promised that they were about to add every past season of Saturday Night Live to its Watch Instantly service, which sounds amazing. Unfortunately, they've been dragging their heels, as the only seasons available since then have been seasons 1-5 and 30-36... [Read More]
Diddy Seems Confused About How SNL Works
by Adam Frucci I'm still on this twitter campaign!! Everybody tweet @nbcsnl + @lornemichaels that you wanna see ME+Deniro perform a skit on SNL Dec4th! GO!less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitteriamdiddyiamdiddy Diddy, who is performing with Dirty Money on SNL on December 4th, would like to... [Read More]
Your First Peek at Community's Claymation Christmas Special
by Adam Frucci Here's your first look at the upcoming claymation Community Christmas special. Here's the official synopsis: When Abed (Danny Pudi) wakes up in stop-motion animation, he takes it as a sign that he and the group must re-discover the meaning of Christmas. Meanwhile, Jeff (Joel... [Read More]
30 Rock's Is Now Real
by Adam Frucci NBC went ahead and created, the text-to-speech website that co-opted Jack's voice in last night's best-of-the-season episode of 30 Rock. Sadly, the functionality of making Alec Bladwin speak for you isn't there, but it's full of fun jokes and Easter... [Read More]
Looking Back at The Carol Burnett Show
by Carleton Atwater For almost as long as television has been around, people have been performing sketch comedy on it. Today, thanks to the internet, the format has gotten a new lease on life in the form of thousands of thousands of web comedy videos. To examine the path sketch comedy has taken to g... [Read More]
Community's Arrested Development Moment
by Adam Frucci Last night's Community continued the show's hot streak of killer episodes. And Time TV critic James Poniewozik noticed some similarities between the climax of the episode and another beloved show that had a tendency towards the meta: Arrested Development. The storyline gave... [Read More]
A First Look at the Onion News Network's TV Show
by Adam Frucci The Onion News Network is a goldmine, consistently pumping out amazing videos week after week. So it's exciting to see them moving to TV with a 30-minute show on IFC debuting this January 21st. The first trailer for the show, called "FactZone," is above. Here's ho... [Read More]
Elizabeth Banks on 30 Rock: "I like to play Avery as though she is Jack Donaghy with boobs."
by Adam Frucci The AV Club has an interview with Elizabeth Banks today in which she discusses her character on 30 Rock: "The writers wanted a sort of money-honey. It’s a combination of a lot of those types of characters, and also sort of an indictment of Fox News, right? [Laughs.] In that, of c... [Read More]