Harris Wittels Signs Overall Deal with Universal TV
It seems like Harris's Foam Corner is going to get a lot foamier. (In that sentence foam represented success, I guess?) Harris just signed a two-year overall deal with Universal TV, which will keep him working on Parks & Recreation, where he has been since nearly the beginning. This comes after ... [Read More]
Complaining About Any and All Critics of Comedy in 'Heckler'
Heckler had the makings of a brilliant film. Though it’s never fun to be at a show where someone heckles, stories about awful hecklers are always funny, and every comic has at least one good tale about a vicious audience member. Though there are many types of hecklers, Joe Rogan gets the very first line in Heckler by pointing out that “the number one thing about hecklers is 100% of them are douchebags.” [Read More]
Check Out Some of Louis CK's Director's Commentary from 'Louie' Season 2
Here's a little taste of Louis CK's director's commentary from the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray sets of Louie season 2. This is him talking about the scene in which he explains why fairness doesn't exist to his young daughter. He talks about her as an actor, improv vs. writing, and using his own parenting ... [Read More]
You Can Be One of the 'Girls' With This Map
Did you ever want to get a drink or some candy before an abortion just like the Girls girls? Now you can! This map reveals that they don't spend much time above Chelsea, which is really accurate. However, knowing that Adam lives all the way in Prospect Heights makes Hannah and his relationship even... [Read More]
Finishing 'And Here's the Kicker'
We finished the book! How do you feel? Well-read? Inspired? Gassy? But (haha, "gassy but") seriously, I really enjoyed the thing. Some thoughts: - The book definitely was much more of a writer's guide than a storytelling party, which was fine by me since I am an aspiring writer. Did any of you non-... [Read More]
Aubrey Plaza Gets a Promotion
There’s a reason Aubrey Plaza keeps getting cast as interns — as eyerolling Pawnee Parks Department lackey April Ludgate on NBC’s Parks and Recreation and as the defeatist, toilet-scrubbing Seattle Magazine intern in the upcoming Safety Not Guaranteed, and in real life as well, in NBC’s famed ... [Read More]
T.J. Miller Is Now One of the Leads on Fox's 'Goodwin Games'
[Cue Pete Holmes yelling, "DENVER! YOGI BEAR! YEAH! 3-Deeeeeeeeee!"] This is some damn good(win) news. Well, good(win) for T.J. Miller and comedy fans and less good(win) for Jake Lacy. T.J. Miller will be playing the character of Jimmy on Fox's Goodwin Games, replacing Jake Lacy who played the role ... [Read More]
Kurt Braunohler Tells a Tale on 'Risk!', Adam McKay and Chris Gethard on 'improv4humans', and More
Advertising. What do we think? It's nothing new for podcasts of course. We all listened to our free Audible audiobook and bought a plethora of discounted vibrators from Adam & Eve. And obviously we more than welcome the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show promos. BUT what about the Pepsi Next ads that po... [Read More]
'The Hangover' to Make A Triumphant Return to Las Vegas
The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that some scenes from The Hangover 3 will be shot in Las Vegas in the next month. It had previously been reported that the movie would be set in Tijuana and LA and focus on the crew trying to bust Alan out of a mental hospital. The return to Vegas, will be a coming hom... [Read More]
Why Victoria Wood Is The Funniest British Comedian You've Never Heard Of
Here’s the problem: this side of the Atlantic is unaware of Victoria Wood. Queen of observational stand-up, master of the cheerful monologue ridden with a thousand little dreads, goddess of the sketch surreal and regular, authoress of so much women-centered content that she out-Bechdels the Bechdel ... [Read More]