'SNL's' Cue Card Guy Explains How He Cues Cards
"If the actors in a sketch are looking directly into the camera – say, for a press conference with Kofi Annan and President Obama – I’ll stand in place. For other sketches, I’m constantly adjusting my height so the actors can always see the cards. It’s like a choreographed dance." - Wally Feresten, ... [Read More]
'Mr. Warmth' and the Enduring, Endearing Career of Don Rickles
It’s no secret that sometimes comedy is taken a bit too seriously. Comedy obsessives love not just the jokes, but the mechanics and emotions of the comedy world. There are a raft of comedy documentaries exploring comedy and comedians, but do they really have anything significant to add to the discus... [Read More]
Bob Odenkirk Is on Twitter Now! @mrbobodenkirk
"Is Charlie Sheen gone? Good. Let's begin." With that Bob Odenkirk joined Twitter, which is great. You can and should find him @MrBobOdenkirk.---See more posts by Jesse David Fox0 comments... [Read More]
Talking to Simon Amstell About Coming to America, Introspective Comedy and Not Liking Twitter
British comedian Simon Amstell’s career is deeply rooted in his own anxiety and awkwarndess. His pensive, neurotic nature was explored in his 2010 stand-up special Do Nothing, where he opened with the line, “I’m quite lonely, let’s start with that.” He recently finished starring in the second season... [Read More]
Chelsea Handler, David Letterman, Jon Stewart Among TV's Most Overpaid, Kind Of
The LA Times looked at the salaries of 24 people on television and compared it to how popular their shows were. The result was a list of who was overpaid and underpaid. Here are the comedians on the list (and Snooki): #1 Chelsea Hander: Salary: $12 million | Ratings: 0.718 million | Pay per viewer:... [Read More]
For Obama, Sarah Silverman Will Scissor Billionaires
First: WOW. Second: What if he says yes? The guy looks like a creep and works in the casino industry, so all bets are off. (Get it? Bets? Casinos? Gambling? Come on!) I guess we won't know unless you sign this petition at ScissorSheldon.com. The Jewish Council for Education & Research funded th... [Read More]
What Tosh-Gate Says about the State of Comedy Appreciation and Criticism (Some of It Is Good!)
When the Daniel Tosh firestorm started my initial reaction was to shrug and say "who cares?" It was a comedian making an off-hand offensive joke not on television, not on a CD, but to a live audience. The jokes weren't great and they weren't in any way PC, but I felt like they were a non-issue; I ha... [Read More]
Listen to Matt Besser Explain How People Constantly Misunderstand "Yes, and"
"'Yes, and' is about agreement. Agreement doesn't necessarily mean you literally say the word yes all the time... In fact you more often probably do say no. Agreement means I'm agreeing with the improviser, not that I'm agreeing with the character... Agreement is I'm agreeing to your premise." - Matt Besser on the latest episode of improv4humans explaining the common misconception over what "yes, and" means. It's part of a well-articulated rant on the subject that shows why he is an improv lege... [Read More]
Daniel Tosh's 'Brickleberry': "Most of the pilot is about rape."
Jesus Christ. Daniel Tosh has a new animated series coming to Comedy Central this fall called Brickleberry, and the plan was to screen the pilot tonight at Comic-Con. The problem? Well, Tosh has been the subject of some recent controversy surrounding rape jokes he made, and there are apparently a wh... [Read More]
A Video Guide to Fred Armisen’s Pre-'SNL' Years
Throughout Saturday Night Live's history, the  show’s cast has been largely imported from comedy training grounds like the Second City in Chicago or The Groundlings in LA, but Fred Armisen’s path to the show was a little different than most of his peers’. Armisen spent the better part of the 90s as ... [Read More]