Childish Gambino Signs With Glassnote
In the latest phase of his quest to be more legitimate than everyone else in the world, Donald Glover has signed Childish Gambino with indie label Glassnote. The release date for Glover's upcoming album Camp has been pushed back to November 1, most likely because it may or may not (but probably may)... [Read More]
Parks and Rec Season 3 Gag Reel Asks: What Became Of Li'l Sebastian's Meat?
Enjoy this freshly-uploaded Parks and Rec Season 3 gag reel, which prominently features Ron ripping out his entire top row of teeth with needle-nose pliers, Jerry working his creepily dexterous toes and Andy pondering what they did with all that hot, delicious horse flesh following Lil' Sebastian's... [Read More]
Marc Maron Deals With 9/11 In Marc Maron: The Voice of Something
Screening this month in NYC and LA, director Jodi Lennon's documentary Marc Maron: The Voice of Something follows the WTF host as he ambles around New York on September 19, 2001, during which he visits memorials, performs at the Comedy Cellar and basically tries to grapple with the aftermath as a c... [Read More]
Checking In...with the Cast of The Weird Al Show
Oh, this is a story 'bout a guy named Al, and he lived in a sewer with his hamster pal. But the sanitation workers really didn't approve, so he packed up his accordion and had to move to a city in Ohio where he lived in a tree, and he worked in a nasal decongestant factory, and he played on the comp... [Read More]
The Lost Roles of Richard Pryor
One of the most acclaimed and respected stand-up comedians of all time, Richard Pryor shot to fame in the 1970's and proved to be a charismatic presence in movies and TV. Although he starred in dozens of films throughout his career (his Gene Wilder buddy pictures Silver Streak and Stir Crazy being t... [Read More]
8 Memorable Political Campaigns by Comedians
A comedian running for political office – a scenario once more suited for a mediocre Robin Williams vehicle than real life – has become a growing trend in recent years. Roseanne Barr, who announced she was running for president on The Tonight Show earlier this month, is the latest comedian to throw her hat into the ring, but this is far from an isolated incident. Although comedians have been running for office with both serious and mock campaigns since the 1960s, the intensified intersection of ... [Read More]
Anthony King: Some Things I Learned As the Artistic Director of the UCB Theatre
No one really knows what they’re talking about. No one really knows what they want. Make what you think is funny, do everything you can to find an audience that also thinks it’s funny, and never stop. The rest will take care of itself. [Read More]
Saturday Night's Children: Jim Breuer (in the cast 1995-1998)
For as talented and successful as the part rocker, part comedian, part perpetual stoner-faced Jim Breuer has become over the years, his three-year stint as a Saturday Night Live cast member from 1995-1998 was spent mostly under the radar. Known best for his “Joe Pesci Show” sketches and Goat Boy, the man/goat hybrid MTV talk show host, Breuer brought to SNL the over-the-top energy, impressive range of Long Islander townie accents, and drunk/stoner mannerisms that defined his stand-up both before... [Read More]
Assssscat Monologist's Identity Revealed, Forwarded to the Authorities
The guy who told the story of when he had sex with a woman against her wishes as part of the Asssscat show at the Del Close Marathon's identity has been outed and confirmed by Jezebel; they also got in touch with his prior employers at Second City as well as his new theater Improv Vegas. Second City... [Read More]
The Arc of a Standup Career: George Carlin
George Carlin recorded his first solo album in late 1966. On it, he does a bit about a folk protest song that airs on a fictional radio station called Wonderful WINO. Carlin sings the song — by a group he calls Danny and the Demonstrators, no less — in a goofy, drugged-out voice. The son... [Read More]