Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles Team Up Again For The Dictator
by Adam Frucci Sacha Baron Cohen is prepping his third movie with director Larry Charles, who helmed both Borat and Bruno. It'll be called The Dictator, and in it Cohen will reportedly play both a goat herder and a deposed foreign dictator who gets lost in the United States. It's written b... [Read More]
Joshua Malina, Michael Ian Black, and Michael Panes Hit The Road in Backwash
by Adam Frucci Backwash is a new web series written and produced by Joshua Malina, of Sports Night and The West Wing fame, and directed by Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle’s Danny Leiner. It stars a who's-who from the comedy world: Michael Ian Black, Jon Hamm, Sarah Silverman, Hank Azar... [Read More]
A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts: The Bugle
by Joe Berkowitz It was clear in reading through the comments section of the first Guide to Comedy Podcasts that I had inadvertently ignored a lot of tenderly beloved examples of the format. In an effort to rectify the oversight, I’m now taking a weekly look at which of these are worth your valuable... [Read More]
Here's Tina Fey Telling Some Jokes and Accepting a Humor Prize
by Adam Frucci Tina Fey accepted the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor last week, but the ceremony just aired on PBS last night. Here's a selection of her jokes from her acceptance speech, with some great digs at Lorne Michaels, Alec Baldwin and Mark Twain himself. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Is Outsourced Any More Racist Than Modern Family?
by Erik Voss One of the most-repeated criticisms of NBC’s freshman comedy Outsourced is that it features a narrow-minded portrayal of Indian culture. Nearly every episode features Todd Dempsy, the likable, naïve American who runs a call center located in Mumbai, complaining about how bad the fo... [Read More]
Inside the Decrepit Muppet Studios of the New Muppet Movie
by Adam Frucci Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood has been transformed into a run-down Muppet Studios for the filming of the upcoming Muppet movie, and Slashfilm has some really fun and detailed pics of the transformations they've made. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Big Billy Clinton Brings His Acting Chops to The Hangover 2
by Adam Frucci It looks like The Hangover 2 will have yet another high profile cameo: former president Bill Clinton. Man, Mel Gibson has got to be feeling so left out. @ 9:26 am 0 Comments... [Read More]
NBC Could Be Expanding Its Thursday Night Comedy Block to Three Hours
by Adam Frucci It's been an open question since NBC picked up Outsourced for a full season: where the hell were they going to put Parks and Recreation? Would they stick it in a new night, paired with untested new shows and away from the traditional Thursday night block? Maybe not, it turns out.... [Read More]
Paul Giamatti Is Joining the Cast of The Hangover 2
by Adam Frucci It looks like Paul Giamatti is going to be joining the cast of The Hangover 2 in a to-be-announced role. Sure, he isn't a crazy racist or a rapist as far as we know. I'm not saying he is, I'm just saying maybe Todd Phillips knows something we don't. @ 4:44 pm 0 Com... [Read More]
Quiz: Who Said It, George Bush or Will Ferrell's George Bush?
by Stephen Hoban George W. Bush is back! Just in time to miss the November midterms, the ex-president is back in the news and in late-night comedy routines. Did you miss him? It seems like not so long ago that we thought a golden era of political comedy would end with his departure. It turns out we&... [Read More]