The Lost Roles of John Candy
Casting is one of the most important processes in movie making. Placing the right actors in the right roles can determine whether or not an entire film rings true. Lost Roles is a weekly series that examines the missed opportunities — the roles that could have been — and explores how some casting ch... [Read More]
Mike Myers and Fred Armisen Are 'The Modern Weepers' (audio)
Last Friday night, a band no one had heard of, The Modern Weepers, played a sold-out set at NYC's Mercury Lounge. Why did it sell out, when it was some no-name band's first show? Because it was actually comprised of Mike Myers and Fred Armisen, and word had gotten out about who exactly was doing the... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Answers the FEC's Follow-Up Questions About His Super PAC (video)
The saga of Stephen Colbert's quest to start his own Super PAC continued last night, as he brought back his lawyer (and former FEC chief) Trevor Potter to help him answer some of the followup questions the FEC sent over. Once he sends his answers in, the FEC should get down to giving him an answer about his media exemption by the end of this month or beginning of July. [Read More]
Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain Are Writing a Book Together
The pair will be touring the country this summer, talking to everyday Americans about politics, to find out why, as the publisher put it, the system is "so f-ed up." McCain is the single, conservative, blogger daughter of former Republican presidential nominee John McCain, and Black is a 40-year-old, left-wing, married, liberal, standup comic who's known for such cult TV comedy shows as The State and Stella. Each of the pair has written bestselling books, and Da Capo described the concept as "Ch... [Read More]
"Until then, die in a fiery accident": The Apatow-Brazill Emails
Guys, this email exchange between Judd Apatow and Mark Brazill, creator of That '70s Show, might have happened in 2001, but we like to revisit them to remind ourself that while Cable Guy might have faded into our collective memory, death-threats are timeless. After Apatow sets off a firestorm by inq... [Read More]
What’s Next for Judd Apatow
he's a busy guy, with loads of projects that he's producing, writing or directing in the pipeline, so it's never too far between the releases of movies he's been involved with. Now that Bridesmaids is a certified hit, both with critics and the general public, let's take a look at what Judd Apatow and his production company have coming down the pipeline next. [Read More]
Checking In With the Cast of the British Office
The original version of The Office, which ran on the BBC for 12 episodes over two series from 2001-2002, is one of the most influential comedies ever, spawning a number of remakes around the world and making series creator Ricky Gervais a very rich man. But what of the rest of that original cast? What have they been up to since leaving Wernham Hogg? Have they been able to match the success they had with that show? Let's catch up with the original office drones and see where they've been. [Read More]
A New Trailer for The Muppets Mocks The Hangover
Here's another teaser trailer for The Muppets masquerading as another movie. This time it's Fuzzy Pack, which is clearly modeled after The Hangover movies. A real-deal trailer should be coming at some point soon, but these are pretty great in the meantime. [Read More]
The Comedy Sequels That Never Happened
Sequels, by their very nature, are usually just shameless rehashes of their predecessors that grow increasingly worse as the franchise continues. While there are exceptions, most good sequels are outside of the comedy realm. But that hasn't stopped filmmakers, actors, and execs from going for it anyway. While some, like The Hangover Part II, make it to theaters, Hollywood has its fair share of sequels that never get through the development phase. Let’s take a look at some planned sequels that ne... [Read More]
Wyatt Cenac, Reality Television Connoisseur
SplitSider recently interviewed Wyatt Cenac, and during our chat, we dove pretty deep into reality TV. Cenac is a true student of the medium, and he had some pretty great thoughts on everything from Monster Quest to Rock of Love to Carmelo Anthony and La La Vasquez's reality show. Also, his idea for his own reality show might not be entertaining, but it'd at least be honest to the name of the genre. [Read More]