Seriously, Who Is W. Kamau Bell?
I imagine the marketing meeting for W. Kamau Bell's new FX series, Totally Biased, went exactly like this: Marketing Executive 1: "We need to create an ad campaign for W. Kamau Bell's new show." Marketing Executive 2: "Who is W. Kamau Bell?" Marketing Executive 1: "Perfect. Call Chris rock." Ho... [Read More]
Seth Meyers Thoroughly Shoots Down Regis Replacement Rumors
Last week, it was big news that Seth Meyers was the frontrunner to step in as the co-host of Live with Kelly. I guess no one told Seth. When asked about the job, he responded:  "No, no, no, no, no... I know [Regis’ replacement] is a very important thing down there. But, right now, what I would say ... [Read More]
Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Industries Bought by Major Production Company
Legendary Pictures, the production company behind this current Batman trilogy, The Hangover movies, Inception, and like a zillion other films has purchased Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Industries. Nerdist, over the last few years, has grown into a multi-faceted, multi-media nerd empire, including a podc... [Read More]
Is Jason Sudeikis Winking at His Soon to Be Announced 'SNL' Departure?
The Daily News is reporting that in the latest issue of Men's Journal Jason Sudeikis has some interesting remarks about SNL: “I’ve left places before. This is very, very different.” He adds, "Goodbyes are tough." That seems to suggest that he is at least thinking seriously about leaving. However, if... [Read More]
Why Academics Love Stephen Colbert too?
The Washington Post to a look into academia's obsession with Stephen Colbert. The article is framed negatively, so ignore that and just check out all the sweet college courses, dissertations and thesises (or is it thesi? theses?) about the actor and character Stephen Colbert.---See more posts by Jes... [Read More]
Who's on First? Jerry Seinfeld?
Jerry Seinfeld loves baseball and comedy and baseball comedy, which is why this Thursday he'll be appearing in Costas & Seinfeld: Who's on First? on the MLB network (the home of classic comedy). He told the New York Times that Abbott & Costello was a big influence on Seinfeld. Seinfeld poin... [Read More]
Pee-Wee Herman Movie to Shoot in the Fall
Paul Reubens was on Kimmel to promote the new Tron animated series, so parents can recommend it to their kids, I guess. But in the clip above, Kimmel does cut to the chase and gets an update on the long-rumored Apatow produced Pee-Wee movie. As he says, the script is done and they're looking to sh... [Read More]
Comedian Myq Kaplan Starts a Kickstarter to Figure Out What Kickstarter Considers Art
Here are things Kickstarter implicitly considers art: Hawaiian bitters, a solar powered sound installation, a mix-tape of whale songs, a pre-Burning Man roller disco, and a weapon to shoot toothpicks. Myq's project has already been funded but the more money the more art he can make. It's at least a... [Read More]
Talking with Eric Andre, Kitao Sakurai, and Andrew Barchilon about 'The Eric Andre Show', 311, Kombucha, and More!
Every episode of The Eric Andre Show, which airs on Adult Swim on Sunday nights at 12:30, begins with Eric Andre frantically destroying his set and it doesn't really ever let up. The show is simply completely nuts: Bruce Vilanch plays Arnold Schwarzenegger, a roast duck fills in for Joe Biden, Eric ... [Read More]
All Improv, No Sleep: Inside the 14th Annual Del Close Marathon
When you’re surrounded by several hundred sweat-drenched people on a New York City sidewalk for hours at a time, you don’t expect to see so many smiles. Unless, apparently, the crowd’s waiting to catch a taping of celebrity quiz show Match Game ‘76, or an X-rated pantomime performed by chanting robo... [Read More]