Watch as Hal Sparks unleashes his "Charmageddon" on Showtime, then DVD
If you look at your TV listings for tonight, then you'll see that Hal Sparks has a new stand-up special debuting at 10 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific) on Showtime called "Charmageddon." But the ... [Read More]
Cedric The Entertainer books Seinfeld for his Urban Circus TBS special; talks Twitter, Kings, TV return?
n Just For Laughs Chicago announced late yesterday that Jerry Seinfeld, Russell Peters, Sommore and JB Smoove had joined the lineup for Cedric The Entertainer's upcoming TBS special, Cedric The... [Read More]
Pee-wee Herman promotes his Broadway run with a balloon trick for Conan at Radio City Music Hall
If you went to the second night of Conan O'Brien's two-night stint at Radio City Music Hall, you may have been wondering if you'd get a repeat of Conan's dance-off (not pants-off) ... [Read More]
Jimmy Tingle obtains master's degree at Harvard, delivers graduate student commencement address
Stand-up comedian and satirist Jimmy Tingle hit primetime back in 1999 when he earned the "Andy Rooney" commentary slot on CBS' former 60 Minutes II. After he closed his own live theate... [Read More]
When David Mamet writes, directs a 1930s-era porn spoof for Funny or Die, then what's next?
People like to argue with me when I say comedy is booming in a way not seen since the much-talked-about comedy boom of the 1980s, and while la plus ca has changed, the plus c'est la meme has chos... [Read More]
Approved by @ConanOBrien, video of his Radio City Music Hall dance-off with Colbert and Stewart
In case you weren't at Radio City Music Hall last night, or are planning on going tonight, here is something that Conan O'Brien clearly didn't do at any previous stop on his Team Coco t... [Read More]
TV Guide Channel gives Curb Your Enthusiasm "The Marriage Ref" treatment
Larry David's seminal post-Seinfeldian semi-improvisational TV comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, begins a new life tonight on the TV Guide Channel (10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, 9 p.m. Central/Mountain).... [Read More]
Brooklyn's comedy scene throws benefit for the Stephen Baldwin who saves the parrots of Brooklyn
File this under strange but stranger but still true. Comedians Patrick Borelli and Jon Benjamin caught wind of a Web campaign at the end of 2009 to "Restore Stephen Baldwin," as in the actor... [Read More]
Just For Laughs announces 2010 Zoofest Montreal lineup of one-man shows
For the second year, Just For Laughs Montreal is putting several of its shows into an offshoot called Zoofest, and this time, they're opening acknowledging it as the "off the wall parallel&q... [Read More]
For your consideration: Donald Glover as the new Spider-Man? Bid launched on Twitter, Facebook
n If timing is everything, then the bid by comedian and Community actor Donald Glover to get an audition for the reboot of Sony's blockbuster Spider-Man franchise shows a keen awareness of how t... [Read More]