Exit Interview: Last Comic Standing 7 finalist Roy Wood Jr.
He may have finished third on your programs for NBC's Last Comic Standing, season seven, but Roy Wood Jr. remains number one in the hearts and minds of his hometown in Birmingham, Ala., and perhaps in yours as well. [Read More]
Exit Interview: Last Comic Standing 7 finalist Mike DeStefano
Mike DeStefano finished fourth in the seventh season of NBC's Last Comic Standing. In his final words on camera, DeStefano cursed out anyone who had failed to vote for him or support him. [Read More]
Exit Interview: Last Comic Standing 7 finalist Myq Kaplan
The record will show that Myq Kaplan finished fifth on the seventh season of NBC's Last Comic Standing, although as judge Natasha Leggero said, if it were Last Comic Writer Standing, he would've won. [Read More]
Video: Watch Pee-wee Herman at the 70th anniversary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Pee-wee Herman attended the 70th anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. Yes, he filed a video short for Jay Leno. But the details are unimportant. You can check out Pee-wee's own photos from the event via his Twitter/yfrog ... [Read More]
Interview: Chris Hardwick reveals his magic bag of quarters as we get more than a little comedy nerdy
Chris Hardwick is a self-described nerd, so much so that his site and his Twitter handle are both called Nerdist, and he's building a whole wide web of nerds, literally, on his Nerdist site. [Read More]
Ladybits picks up the torch for "Chicks and Giggles" everywhere, but especially NYC
Conventional wisdom says it's tougher out there for a woman in stand-up comedy, and Abbi Crutchfield and Jen Dziura want to make it less tough -- or at least as tough for a woman as it is for a man. [Read More]
Today Show visits Mottley's Comedy Club in Boston, almost gets facts right while reporter gets stage time
Mottley's Comedy Club in Boston got some TV show love from the Today show, albeit at a cost. First, reporter Mike Taibbi identifies stand-up Ira Proctor as Sean Sullivan (Sullivan does appear in a brief shot at the end of the report). Then, Taibbi includes a clip of himself getting onstage and telling a corny joke about a snail. [Read More]
Last Comic Standing 7: And the Winner is...(SPOILER)
Here were are, ladies and germs. The finals of the seventh season of Last Comic Standing. All five finalists are lowered on uncomfortable swings, and all five men -- Mike DeStefano, Felipe Esparza, My... [Read More]
Blink 182 times, and you'll see Amy Schumer weekly on Fuse's "A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus"
Starting Sept. 16, 2010, your Thursday evenings will see Amy Schumer on your cable TV as she was named co-host of the upcoming Fuse series, A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus. Hoppus, the Blink-182 ... [Read More]
Baron Vaughn on why he tends to develop crushes on female TV news anchors
Baron Vaughn and I share many common traits. OK, so maybe the hair isn't one of those commonalities. But we do both have a fascination with, and sometimes crush upon, the women who anchor the TV ... [Read More]