Approved by @ConanOBrien, video of his Radio City Music Hall dance-off with Colbert and Stewart
In case you weren't at Radio City Music Hall last night, or are planning on going tonight, here is something that Conan O'Brien clearly didn't do at any previous stop on his Team Coco t... [Read More]
TV Guide Channel gives Curb Your Enthusiasm "The Marriage Ref" treatment
Larry David's seminal post-Seinfeldian semi-improvisational TV comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, begins a new life tonight on the TV Guide Channel (10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, 9 p.m. Central/Mountain).... [Read More]
Brooklyn's comedy scene throws benefit for the Stephen Baldwin who saves the parrots of Brooklyn
File this under strange but stranger but still true. Comedians Patrick Borelli and Jon Benjamin caught wind of a Web campaign at the end of 2009 to "Restore Stephen Baldwin," as in the actor... [Read More]
Just For Laughs announces 2010 Zoofest Montreal lineup of one-man shows
For the second year, Just For Laughs Montreal is putting several of its shows into an offshoot called Zoofest, and this time, they're opening acknowledging it as the "off the wall parallel&q... [Read More]
For your consideration: Donald Glover as the new Spider-Man? Bid launched on Twitter, Facebook
n If timing is everything, then the bid by comedian and Community actor Donald Glover to get an audition for the reboot of Sony's blockbuster Spider-Man franchise shows a keen awareness of how t... [Read More]
New online previews for NBC's Last Comic Standing; season seven begins June 7
We're one week away from the reboot of NBC's Last Comic Standing for season seven, with new host Craig Robinson, new judges Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero and Greg Giraldo, and new contestant... [Read More]
One day remaining to bid on comedy items for Causecast, Stillerstrong to build schools in Haiti
If you're a comedy fan with money to spend and compassion for the people of Haiti, then Ben Stiller's Stillerstrong and the Causecast Foundation have an auction for you, with several items u... [Read More]
This Dan Cummins interview is called "Crazy with a Capital F," and so is his new CD and DVD
Dan Cummins isn't really "Crazy with a Capital F," because that's not even gramatically correct. But he does have a new stand-up comedy CD with that title in stores now, with the C... [Read More]
"War Pigs" movie leads these Wild Hogs and Old Dogs to their inevitably ridiculous conclusion
I know that War Pigs was the talk of the Internet yesterday, but sometimes it takes me more than a millisecond to process reality. Or even fake realities masquerading as flash-sideways. You know what ... [Read More]
Dane Cook tells me about his Idol finale gig; full studio version of "Simon Said" available on iTunes
After the unexpected ending of his musical performance on last night's finale of American Idol, Dane Cook told me this morning via email a little bit more about the "before" part of the... [Read More]