17 Things We Learned About Jim Carrey From "Inside the Actor's Studio"
James Lipton wanted Jim Carrey from the very beginning, 17 years ago, extending his first invitation to Carrey. But he only showed up this week for a sit-down on Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio. So. What did we learn about him now that we... [Read More]
Fate of new MySpace Comedy hub uncertain following company
Remember when MySpace introduced that fancy new MySpace Comedy hub all the way back in December? Er. Well. Ugh. Yesterday the company laid off half of its entire workforce, about 500 employees.. [Read More]
The Boston Comedy Q&A: Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly is looking forward to a busy 2011. He’s touring and working on material for a new one-hour special. He’s amazed to have a book deal with Joe DeRosa and fellow former Boston comic Bill Burr that sprang from a film the trio self-produced called Shooting Angles. They are currently waiting to hear back from several festivals about screenings. Kelly first came to the attention of national audiences when his buddy, Arlington native Dane Cook, put him on the HBO stand-up series Tourgasm. H... [Read More]
Things you might not see on HBO in March: Notes from Pee-wee Herman's gran Broadway finale
At least one review of Pee-wee Herman's Broadway run this winter complained that his show was, in essence, preaching to a choir of lifelong fans. If you loved Pee-wee then, you'd love him now. [Read More]
First look: Season two of Funny or Die Presents on HBO presents more funny than die, redux
However you may have felt about the first season of Funny or Die Presents on HBO, well, get ready to remember and relive those feelings later this month, because the second season is a lot more of the same. And then some. [Read More]
Coming soon to Comedy Central: Season Two of John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show
John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show returns for a second season on March 24, 2011, but Oliver and his friends will tape their episodes over three nights this month -- Jan. 14-16 -- at NYU's Skirball Center. [Read More]
Reimagine Bill Murray from Caddyshack, topless Aziz Ansari and more at new Gallery1988 exhibit in L.A.
Gallery1988 in Los Angeles, with help from Funny or Die and 100 artists, will kick off 2011 with a massive display of love for comedy and comedians in the exhibition, "Is This Thing On?" It opens with a nighttime reception on Jan. 7, 2011, ... [Read More]
Media compares Jon Stewart to Edward R. Murrow: Aren
When Congress finally, belatedly passed legislation to help fund health care for the 9/11 responders, the New York Times -- with thanks to the media's favorite pop-culture professor quote machine for more than a decade.. [Read More]
CNN asks "Where Are They Now?" of Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle hasn't made another TV series since leaving Comedy Central behind five years ago, nor has he starred in a big-screen movie recently. So he must have disappeared, according to CNN, which devoted a "Where Are They Now?" segment to Chappelle this week. [Read More]
Kevin Avery talks about Kickstarter-ing his short film, "Thugs, The Musical"
Kevin Avery talks about joining the Kickstarter site looking to raise $10,000 to turn part of his stand-up comedy routine into a short film called Thugs, The Musical. Avery is more than 80% of the way there with 10 days remaining in his fund-raising window. [Read More]