Sneak peak: Watch Andy Richter with The Ghost of Tom Carvel and A Real Topless Woman
Here's something you don't see every day...Andy Richter as a talk-show guest, where the host is the ghost of Tom Carvel (yes, the Carvel of Fudgie the Whale and Cookie Puss), and the sidekick is a topless woman. It's about to debut on ... [Read More]
Watch Kristen Schaal open the 2011 WGA Awards, and congrats to this year's comedy-writing winners
The Writers Guild of America handed out its annual awards last night in simultaneous ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York. Modern Family co-stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet hosted the West Coast show, while Kristen Schaal hosted from... [Read More]
North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival celebrates 10 years of celebrating comedy down South
The south's largest comedy festival has risen again this week in North Carolina. I haven't been yet, but performers who have done so, returned saying only nice things about the NC Comedy Arts Festival outside of Chapel Hill. Plus, Emo Phili... [Read More]
Kurt Braunohler on launching his new project tonight: "Night of the Living" late-night talk show
You may be used to seeing Kurt Braunohler onstage or on TV with his comedy partner, Kristen Schaal. You may have even seen Braunohler onstage solo doing stand-up, or with improv groups at The PIT in NYC. Get ready to see him in a brand-new, old-schoo... [Read More]
Time capsule: Before "Late Night," see David Letterman in the morning with Steve Martin in 1980
Last night's Late Show with David Letterman included some remarkable TV, and not just because it felt like it could have been 1994 again -- what with Howard Stern bashing Jay Leno over three segments, and a musical medley from Naughty By Nature ... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert auctions off "Portraits 5, Stephen (s)" for charity, public viewing planned in NYC
Stephen Colbert has gotten portraits of himself into galleries, restaurants and museums. How about in your home? Portrait 5, Stephen (s), the fifth in the series, could be yours for a price. Colbert and Comedy Central announced today that it'd ... [Read More]
Tell Your Friends! about this movie trailer, and also a ticket giveaway to an early screening
Tell Your Friends! may be just a weekly show that attracts popular comedians and musicians in the basement of a bar in New York City's Lower East Side, but as a film, it's more of a living document about the city's independent (you say... [Read More]
Rare footage: Dan Whitney talks about the origins of Larry the Cable Guy and "Git-R-Done"
Larry the Cable Guy has done a lot of press recently to promote his upcoming History Channel series, Only in America, and I'll get to that soon enough. The series debuts next week. But here's something you don't see every day, much les... [Read More]
Interview with Craig Rowin, the comedian who asked for $1 million on YouTube, and gotcha
Craig Rowin went on YouTube a couple of months ago and asked for someone to give him $1 million. Rowin then boasted that someone had stepped forward to present him with the money, and put on a live show last night at the UCB Theatre in New York City,... [Read More]
Interview: Pittsburgh's Billy Gardell on making it big with "Mike & Molly" and his "Halftime" special/DVD
Billy Gardell's new Comedy Central special and upcoming DVD, "Halftime," opens with a shot of the comedian driving across one of Pittsburgh's many Three Rivers bridges as a morning radio program begins. As Gardell told The Comic&#... [Read More]