Go! See! This! "Punching the Clown" with Henry Phillips opens its theatrical run in NYC
Punching the Clown is neither a documentary nor a concert film, although it does star musical comedian Henry Phillips as Henry Phillips, a satirical folksinger, and it does incorporate much of his live act into a 91-minute narrative that manages to b... [Read More]
Behind the scenes with the comedians from Last Comic Standing 7 on their tour stop in NYC
The Last Comic Standing 7 tour rolled through a rainy New York City last week, and the fellas were kind enough to invite me over to hang out with them backstage at the Best Buy Theater (formerly Nokia) in Times Square. [Read More]
Bobby Lee will host Jokes.com Live online and at Carolines for 2010 New York Comedy Festival
The New York Comedy Festival is growing outside of New York City a little more this year with the addition of live online shows, through the partnership between Carolines on Broadway and Comedy Central's Jokes.com. [Read More]
Village Voice honors Kristen Schaal, Murderfist in its 2010 Best of NYC issue
As you may have gathered from the headline, Village Voice's 2010 "Best of NYC" issue is out this week, and managed to have room for two comedy categories this year. Is that good news? It is if you're Kristen Schaal, whom the VV na... [Read More]
Things you may or may not see on Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars" benefit show tonight
I don't know if you can ever have too many stars on a benefit show, but Comedy Central certainly tries every two years on behalf of autism research with its Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education, which airs again to... [Read More]
Conan's first guest on TBS is up for your vote, second through twelfth guests announced
What? More Conan O'Brien news? You'd think the guy was relaunching his late-night TV brand or something. TBS and Conaco announced the first week's guest list for Conan. Please get ready to welcome to the little big show... Monday, Nov... [Read More]
Scenes from a stairwell: Zombies, tacos and comedy in Conan O'Brien's Live Coco Cam 24-hour event
Conan O'Brien and Team Coco briefly took over the front page of YouTube with a 24-hour event that has streamed live over the Internet. In the latest promotional stunt to remind and alert viewers of Conan's return to late-night TV with Conan... [Read More]
Five years and counting: The Upright Citizens Brigade holds down its Hollywood fortress of funny
The Upright Citizens Brigade recently celebrated its fifth anniversary of going Hollywood with a big night of comedy at its Los Angeles theater in September. Three of the UCB founders have moved from NYC to LA, and over the years, many popular Harold... [Read More]
Ben Stiller's Zoolander will get a sequel, but there's a catch or three: It'll be animated, online, shorts
Ben Stiller and Paramount announced a deal today that'll bring back Stiller's Zoolander character, last seen on the big screen in 2001. A Zoolander sequel has been in the works and/or rumored for the past few years, but this isn't goin... [Read More]
Review: A few words about "Words, Words, Words," on CD or DVD from Bo Burnham
If you want to know what bowled over the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August, then you can see and/or listen for yourself as Bo Burnham's Words, Words, Words is out now in separate CD and DVD formats. I was at Burnham's CD recording in Ju... [Read More]