Remember when The Drew Carey Show was live and also improvised
Oh, to be live and on television. Memories. Remember all the way back to last night, when NBC did not one, but two live half-hour editions of 30 Rock to entertain three of America's time zones in real time? Wait. Hold that thought. Remember way ... [Read More]
Nick Kroll taping an hourlong Comedy Central special with all of his characters
If you looked at this weekend's list of comedians taping half-hour Comedy Central Presents and wondered, hey, where's Nick Kroll on that list? Well, not to worry. Kroll is getting a full hour to showcase not only his stand-up, but also his ... [Read More]
45 Bleecker, home to off-Broadway comedies, shutters in landlord-tenant dispute
A landlord-tenant dispute has shuttered 45 Bleecker, the off-Broadway theater that has played host to several successful comedy runs, including Colin Quinn's "Long Story Short," which just left the space to head uptown to Broadway this... [Read More]
Paul Scheer will talk to you on Yowie, but you no longer have to ask him when Human Giant is reuniting
Paul Scheer is the latest to take the Yowie plunge, plugging in his headphones this evening to chat with you and answer your questions online and on camera. Go to Paul Scheer's Yowie page to sign in at the appropriate time and date. One thing yo... [Read More]
Babelgum commissions the UCB for exclusive new online videos
Speaking of the Upright Citizens Brigade... Looks like the UCB just made a deal with Babelgum to produce original comedy videos! In fact, that did done gone and happened. Starting Oct. 18, viewers can begin watching content on Babelgum ... [Read More]
Brett Gelman is pee-your-pants funny; Gollum takes Comic-Con: The UCB's "This Show Will Get You High"
And now, a brief message from comedian Matt Besser: My name is Matt Besser, one of the founders of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and one of the creators of This Show Will Get You High. A year ago I approached the leaders of Comedy Central wit... [Read More]
Tyler Perry cancels "Madea's Big Happy Family" stage tour, citing exhaustion, but NYC shows will still go on
Madea's Big Happy Family has taken its toll on its writer and star, Tyler Perry, who told fans in a message on his site yesterday that he would have to cancel some of the dates on his current stage tour after Oct. 19, 2010. The show's prom... [Read More]
Tim & Eric prepare for fall tour by talking Chrimbus, posing uncomfortably on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Tim and Eric are about to hit the road in November for a national tour leading up to their Dec. 5 "Chrimbus Special" on Adult Swim. Last night, the fellas went on Jimmy Kimmel Live in their Chrimbus get-ups and tried to make Kimmel and the audience uncomfortable, first by acting as if they were not ready to be on TV, then by posing together on the floor. Cut to the old lady who's supposed to shocked and horrified. "It gets better"? [Read More]
Judah Friedlander at New York Comic-Con talks about his new book, "How to Beat Up Anybody"
Judah Friedlander is more than just the World Champion and a writer as seen on NBC's 30 Rock. He's also an accomplished author. Friedlander was at New York Comic-Con last weekend to promote his new book, "How to Beat Up Anybody." [Read More]
Scott Moran tracks down every existing video footage of the late Andy Kaufman
If you've been meaning to look at all of the existing video footage that exists online for the late Andy Kaufman, but didn't know where to look, well, not to worry. Someone already has worried more about this than you, and tried to fix it by collecting it all on one site. It's called Watch Andy Kaufman Be Alive, and it's the creation of comedian Scott Moran. [Read More]