Meet a New Face of Comedy: Calise Hawkins
Calise Hawkins was selected as one of the New Faces of comedy at Just For Laughs Montreal 2012. We had the chance to chat with Calise for a few minutes about JFL. Truth be told, we videotaped the interview and had all intentions on running said video of the interview. But the camera guy musta [...] ... [Read More]
Fundraising efforts are underway to raise money to construct a Bill Hicks monument
They say sometimes the best thing someone can do for their career is die. Bill Hicks might hold the title of being the top comedians whose legend has only grown since his death. Underrated nearly his his entire career here in the US, it’s looking like some of his fellow Texans are looking to c... [Read More]
25 Funniest lines from the Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne
Last night the Roast of Rosanne aired. It was a wild night of great jokes and barbs being tossed around at each other. The dais was primed with the current crop of comedians including roast vets Anthony Jeselnik, Amy Schumer, Gilbert Gotfried, and Jeff Ross who definitely had some of the most memora... [Read More]
The Todd Glass Show Live: You Had to Be There
It happens to every good podcast eventually. Unfortunately for the Todd Glass Show, “eventually” was Saturday night at Comedy Bar. The live recording didn’t record. A technical glitch meant that only the first 20 minutes of the over two-hour show could be salv... [Read More]
Gallery: Todd Glass is more than half full
You have to give it to Todd Glass: the guy sure owns a room, in more ways than one. A year after his last appearance at Toronto’s Comedy Bar, Glass came with a mission to turn the venue into his personal basement fort: a red velvet curtain taking the pla... [Read More]
David Rakoff, 1964-2012
Humor writer/essayist David Rakoff has died from cancer, confirmed by his brother, comedian Simon Rakoff, via Facebook. He was 47. In addition to his three books – Fraud, Don’t Get Too Comfortable, and Half Empty – Rakoff was a regular contri... [Read More]
Kevin Hart tapped to host MTV’s Video Music Awards
It’s looking like the VMAs are continuing the tradition of tapping comedians to host the Video Music Awards for they announced that Kevin Hart will serve as master of ceremonies this year. MTV’s announcement this morning followed with a promo video clip featuring Hart, Kim Kardashian, and Kany... [Read More]
Chris Rock doesn’t like it when audiences record comics in clubs
Chris Rock was the guest on The Daily Show last night. Jon Stewart had him on to talk about his new movie, 2 Days in New York. When Stewart asked about the status of a stand-up special, calling Rock to relay how difficult it was to hone new material in comedy clubs these days due [...] ... [Read More]
Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass are crashing “Sleepwalk With Me” movie screenings
At the end of the month, Mike Birbiglia’s movie Sleepwalk With Me is opening in select cities. Birbigs and producer/writer Ira Glass (This American Life) are taking the proactive approach to promote the movie. Basically, they are going to be at every screening for a Q&A and to, ya know ha... [Read More]
Video: Steve Harvey’s teary goodbye as he retires from stand-up comedy
Just the other day Steve Harvey took to the stage for his final night of stand-up comedy, the man is retiring and moving on to other things after 27 years of stand-up comedy. Harvey has been the host of the Family Feud for the last few years and this fall he kicks off an afternoon [...] ... [Read More]