Comic Cabana: Comedy Central's 1997 launching pad for the Upright Citizens Brigade?
Comedy Central has gone through so many phases for how it goes about showcasing young comedic talent, that every so often, an idea becomes reality and years later, you wonder how, exactly. Such was Comic Cabana, the 1997 summer series... [Read More]
Never Not Funny: Jimmy Pardo gets in front of the Team Coco cameras; brings the Pardcast to NYC
Jimmy Pardo is bringing his Pardcast crew, aka Never Not Funny, to New York City for a live taping Saturday at the Gramercy Theatre with special guests. But before that, Pardo took some time to talk to The Comic's Comic... [Read More]
Yoplait pulls TV ad over eating disorder concerns, but comedian Emily Tarver gets last laugh out of rejection
Yoplait has pulled one of its TV spots after hearing complaints from the National Eating Disorders Association. Yoplait has successfully employed comedians on their ad campaigns, and this particular ad was no different, featuring comedic actress Emily Tarver, who had this to quip upon learning of the decision: "So they pulled my yogurt ad because it "promotes eating disorders". Ironically, now I will not be able to afford to eat." [Read More]
Trey Parker & Matt Stone's triumphant appearance on The Daily Show, plus 2011 Tony Awards highlights
Great week for Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the South Park creators who almost ran the tables at the 2011 Tony Awards for their hit musical, The Book of Mormon. On Wednesday night, the duo appeared triumphantly on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to rejoice in stories about the Tonys, as well as some comments about their most recent episode of South Park, in which they addressed their cynicism. [Read More]
Shaq may be retired from the NBA, but Shaq's All-Star Comedy Jam lives on, now as a nationwide tour
Shaquille O'Neal may have finished out his All-Star NBA career by retiring following this season with the Boston Celtics, but the comedy doesn't stop with his Twitter feed and antics on shows such as Shaq Vs. or Jimmy Kimmel Live.... [Read More]
Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, season two, is in production for Comedy Central
In case you still were wondering, Nick Swardson's Pretend Time will return for a second season on Comedy Central. Production is ongoing already. Shooting for a fall 2011 broadcast, but no times and dates have been announced officially. [Read More]
Why Steve Coogan hates Twitter, even as he and Rob Brydon promote "The Trip" (video)
Ben Kronberg recently sat down with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon to talk to them about their new movie, The Trip. But shortly after Brydon showcased his Bruce Springsteen impersonation, things took a turn, as one cheeky bastard called out another cheeky bastard. [Read More]
Bill Burr leads a nostalgic walking tour of NYC
Bill Burr, tour guide? In March, Burr led a driving tour around Los Angeles, where he has been living for the past couple of years when he's not on the road as a touring headliner comedian. In May, while back... [Read More]
JFL Montreal's Zoofest 2011 slate includes PFT, Bamford, Hannibal, Mulaney, Mirman, much more!
Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival has announced its 2011 slate of programming for the concurrent Zoofest, which provides more fan-friendly pricing (a pass to all of the shows costs $39.99 CDN) and books more "alternative" acts and black-b... [Read More]
NBC will debut game show, "It's Worth What?" with host Cedric the Entertainer, on July 12, 2011
Cedric the Entertainer hosts new NBC game show, It's Worth What?, which will debut at 8 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific) on July 12, 2011. A description from NBC: "Through set imagery and a never-ending flow of collectibles, antiques and near-priceless tr... [Read More]