Forest Whitaker looks to revive Richard Pryor
Rumors of a Richard Pryor biopic have swirled around for years. At various times, Eddie Murphy, Marlon Wayans, and Adam Sandler were all tied to a film about the legendary comedian. Now it looks like Hollywood superstar Forest Whitaker is the next to try to turn the rumors to reality. Whitaker says ... [Read More]
We catch up with Myq Kaplan as he prepares to tape his new hour stand-up special
Tonight, comedian and friend of TLB, Myq Kaplan will tape next hour long stand-up special. It’s a major moment for any comedian as it represents a milestone in their career, allowing them to document material they’ve spent many hours writing, testing, performing and honing. Consider it a... [Read More]
Amy Schumer’s new TV show is going to be the cat’s pajamas (video)
Comedian Amy Schumer’s new TV show, Inside Amy Schumer is set to premiere at the end of this month, April 30th to be exact. Though we’ve already gotten a glimpse of the show, we’ve yet to actually get a solid look at what the tone of the show is going to be. Well, that’s unti... [Read More]
Enter to win a copy of Bill Burr’s DVD “You People Are All The Same” (contest)
Nothing better to get over those blues than a Bill Burr DVD giveaway. Burr recently released this third stand-up comedy special, You People Are All The Same, for purchase on his website. Filmed at Washington, D.C.’s Lincoln Theater, You People Are All The Same is Bill Burr’s third specia... [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE: Doug Stanhope reveals details of new special, films Thursday at Portland venue Dante’s
Acclaimed Louie guest star Doug Stanhope will film his new special, Beer Hall Putsch, his third in as many years, this Thursday, April 4th at Portland, Oregon venue Dante’s. While his last two efforts, 2011 special Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere and last year’s CD/DVD Before Turning the Gun on ... [Read More]
Rounding up the best April Fools jokes on the web
We love the Internet. But on days like today, April Fools Day it provides it’s own set of rules. Mainly because everyone is out to trick you with a false story, joke, or prank. Here are some of our favorites we’ve encountered today.Rounding up the best April Fools jokes on the web appear... [Read More]
Christopher Titus’ self-released stand-up special “Voice In My Head” is available today
Continuing on the trend of comedians bypassing “The Man” and self-releasing their comedy specials, Christopher Titus offers his stand up Voice In My Head available today for $9 on his website. His fifth 90-minute special special features Titus addressing the idiot in all of us and especi... [Read More]
Kristen Schaal: Live at the Fillmore premieres tonight on Comedy Central (video)
Just a little April Fool’s gift for you tonight (expect this one is totally real). Kristen Schaal will premiere her one hour stand-up special, Live at the Fillmore,  tonight at 12a/11c on Comedy Central. The loveable, eccentric former The Daily Show correspondent and Flight of The Concords sta... [Read More]
Mike Myers, Dana Carvey and Wayne’s World director reuniting for panel
We’ll have to wait a little while longer for another Wayne’s World film. However, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Mike Myers and Dana Carvey will reunite for a panel and screening of the film based on their famous Saturday Night Live sketch in Beverly Hills on April 23. Hosted by the Academy of ... [Read More]
David Cross announces the full Bonnaroo comedy lineup (video)
Standing in front of the Brooklyn Bridge on a serene spring day, David Cross announced the entire Bonnaroo Comedy lineup via the festival’s YouTube Channel today. The guys over at Bonnaroo previously used Weird Al and a host of other comedians to announce this year’s music lineup. Gotta ... [Read More]