Is ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ ending after 10 seasons?
The ninth season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia starts on September 4 on FX’s new comedy network. However, it looks like Paddy’s Pub won’t be open for much longer. In an interview with Rolling Stone, co-star/co-creator Glenn Howerton was quoted as saying that the show w... [Read More]
Questlove, Wyatt Cenac and the Kanye West surprise at last night’s ‘The Night Train’ at Littlfields
Every Monday night at Littlefield in Brookyln, comedian Wyatt Cenac holds court with “The Night Train” where he and a slew of other hilarious storytellers lay down a basketful of hilarity (not to mention a wide selection of delicious beers.) Between David Smithyan giving us an in-depth r... [Read More]
IFC orders a second season of ‘Maron’
It’s official, IFC has ordered 13 new half-hour episodes of Marc Maron’s critically acclaimed Maron to air in 2014. That’s up of the number of episodes from the first season, which only had ten episodes. “In many ways, Marc is a perfect representation of IFC and our approach ... [Read More]
Louis C.K. dropped by ‘The Daily Show’ to talk about his new movie and curses Rolling Stone magazine
Last night on The Daily Show Louis C.K. joined John Oliver to talk about his upcoming Woody Allen flick, Blue Jasmine. Louis discusses the seedy character that he portrays in the film. Oliver also asks Louis about Rolling Stone’s recent controversial cover and my goodness does Louis have a qui... [Read More]
Kyle Kinane’s ‘Dancing Around the Sh*t Fire’ now available on
This past June at Just For Laughs Chicago comedian Kyle Kinane hosted a night he called, “Dancing Around The Shit Fire.” Why did he call it that? Well, his logic was that if the show stunk, fans couldn’t complain because they willingly purchased tickets to an event called, “D... [Read More]
Will ‘Grown Ups 2′ convert you into an Adam Sandler fan? Probably not
Adam Sandler and his entourage of A-list comedy talent have returned to the big screen. Grown Ups 2 hit theaters fairly recently and has been a success, despite all the critics naysayings. Critics seem to hate the film, ripping it apart on nearly every site, while fans on the other hand, kept flowin... [Read More]
Watch Todd Barry, Robert Kelly, Kyle Kinane and Sam Simmons tell you bedtime stories
Off JFL is a sub-series of the Just For Laughs Montreal Festival, some of you might remember it as Zoofest. Regardless of what you call it, it’s a great way to see some comedians just being funny, learn something and maybe even refine your comedy palette. In a recent series of videos they gath... [Read More]
Bob Odenkirk and David Cross annouce tour dates with Brian Posehn
Mr. Show fans rejoice! It may not be exactly a reunion tour, but the classic sketch comedy show’s creators Bob Odenkirk and David Cross have announced plans for a mini-tour this September (their first national tour together since 2002). And as an added bonus, none other than comedian and fello... [Read More]
Meet the new faces of Just For Laughs Montreal 2013
The folks at Just For Laughs just announced the lineup for it’s New Faces of Comedy series and Homegrown Comic Competition. Every year, the comedy industry looks forward to seeing the best and brightest new talent the comedy world has to offer. They are broken down into three categories/shows ... [Read More]
Sinbad’s new stand-up special ‘Make Me Wanna Holla’ to play in move theaters across the country for one night only
Back in May, Fathom Events announced a partnership with comedy content masters, New Wave Entertainment to bring more great and original content and comedy into movie theaters across the country. The two companies are kicking off the partnership by teaming up with one of stand-up comedy’s bigge... [Read More]