Video: Steve Harvey’s teary goodbye as he retires from stand-up comedy
Just the other day Steve Harvey took to the stage for his final night of stand-up comedy, the man is retiring and moving on to other things after 27 years of stand-up comedy. Harvey has been the host of the Family Feud for the last few years and this fall he kicks off an afternoon [...] ... [Read More]
Doug Benson: “Everyone thinks I’m funnier when I’m high, so why fight it?”
Doug Benson just released his 5th stand-up comedy album Smug Life [TLB Review] and he shows no signs of stopping. His constant recording and releasing of new albums, a hefty touring schedule, a podcast Doug Loves Movies that’s consistently one of the funniest and most popular out there, is enough to make anyone second guess the laziness of stoners. We got the chance to pick Doug’s brain to find out where his drive to podcast comes from, how he dives into social media and why he decided to record... [Read More]
Kevin Hart, Ricky Gervais, Jim Gaffigan and Aziz Ansari to headline New York Comedy Festival
The New York Comedy Festival is easily one of the most exciting comedy fests in the nation. It draws A-list talent and what better place to see a show than in the big city, Amiright? This year’s lineup is stacked with great comedians (more than 150) including Aziz Ansari, Ricky Gervais, Jim Ga... [Read More]
Ladies and gentlemen, the pitbull of comedy himself… Bobby Slayton
The pitbull of comedy himself, Bobby Slayton is a character. He’s also never at a loss for words as evident by this clip. We sat down with him for a 5 minute interview at Just For Laughs 2012. At the beginning of the interview Bobby asked, “any other questions?” Not realizing at the time we didn’t even ask one yet and he was just riffing for the first part of the sit down. You could say it got away from us a bit. But one can also make the argument that if someone whose done comedy for over 30... [Read More]
That time Hannibal Buress took ecstasy and peed himself at a Saturday Night Live wrap party
Pitchfork recently packed up their gear and headed across the bridge to NYC’s Knitting Factory and ran a feature on Hannibal Buress and his weekly Sunday night comedy show he hosts/curates at the venue. In the clip, Eric Andre shared stage time with Buress and the two got on the topic of Bures... [Read More]
Meet a New Face of Comedy: Jermaine Fowler
Jermaine Fowler was selected as a New Face for Just For Laughs 2012. Jermaine dished that liking what you do is the key to his ability to be a busy guy. He also shed some insight on working on some new TV projects as well as talking about his web series Homo Thugs which we... [Read More]
Tig Notaro reveals she has cancer
Friday night comedian Tig Notaro took the stage for her show “Tig And Friends” at the Largo in Los Angeles. It’s one of the final shows Notaro is putting on in LA before moving to NYC to work on Amy Schumer’s new TV show. Ed Helms brought Tig onto the stage as she opened the night up with “Thank you, thank you, I have cancer, thank you, I have cancer, really, thank you.” She learned earlier in the week that she had breast cancer in both breasts adding onto a string of bad events that plagued ... [Read More]
Jeff Ross has lots of roasting in his future with new special, Barr roast, and TV show
Jeff Ross is going to have a busy month. Earlier this year Ross took to the road on a tour where he pretty much burned the places down (metaphorically speaking of course) having locals from each show get on stage for “speed roasts.” The special was documented and will premiere as the doc... [Read More]
Meet a New Face of comedy: James Davis
Ladies and gentlemen, meet one of Just For Laugh’s New Faces 2012, James Davis. We had the chance to talk to Davis about his first time in Montreal, foray into entertainment, and his viral video sensation Baraka Flacka Flames. James is also part of the new In Living Color re-boot and was able ... [Read More]
Talking comedy with Paul F. Tompkins (video)
Paul F. Tompkins is a sharp dressed man, and we didn’t waste time letting him know this when we sat down with him at Just For Laughs. While he shed some insight on his festival experience, the comedian really opened up when the topic turned to comedy podcasting, offering his take on the medium’s future and offering advice for others. [Read More]