Doug Stanhope will be a guest on the Dr. Drew Show… WHAT?!
This is an interesting turn of events as Doug Stanhope and Dr. Drew Pinsky are going to have a sit down to discuss their issues. Dr. Drew was the subject of some ire from the comedian on his previous album, claiming, “Dr. Drew is to medicine as David Blaine is to science.” Adding into th... [Read More]
Owen Benjamin will ‘High Five You Til It Hurts’ on July 2nd
Comedian Owen Benjamin will be releasing his first one-hour comedy special Owen Benjamin: High Five Til It Hurts, which will premier at midnight on Friday, June 28 on Comedy Central. Benjamin acquired much worldly insight in his record-breaking accomplishment in which he set out to travel to th... [Read More]
It wasn’t the end for ‘This is the End’ at the weekend box office
Apocalypse themed movies have never been funnier! With the end of world being the new thing, Seth Rogen took advantage and landed a spot in second place in the box office this weekend, only behind Man of Steel. Superman was expected to top the box office, and the 125.1 million dollars that it raised... [Read More]
Just For Laughs Chicago 2013: Day 6 with Bill Maher bringing it all home
Bill Maher at the Chicago Theatre Just for Laughs didn’t end with a bang, but with a fiery Town Hall Meeting. The Chicago Theatre hosted what was essentially a two-hour long episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, only there were no guests, nor any panel, and not a new rule in sight. It was [...... [Read More]
Just For Laughs Chicago 2013: Day 5 with You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, Sam Simmons, and Kumial Nanjiani
Day 5 and the comedy keeps on coming during Just For Laughs Chicago 2013. The comedy was all over the city last night so day 5 kicked off with a taping of the wonderfully terrific Pete Holmes and his podcast, You Made it Weird. You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes – Stage 773 – [...]Just F... [Read More]
Just For Laughs Chicago 2013: Day 4 with The Laugh Butt, The Lonely Island, Al Madrigal, Hannibal Buress, and Seth Meyers
Holy smokes! We were psyched to get day 4 of Just For Laughs Chicago up and running! Why? Because we were going to get some face time with some of our favorite comedians! Each and every time we turned around another stellar comedian was coming by our room to shoot some video for us. There [...]Just ... [Read More]
Adam Sandler sees dead people in new comedy
That’s right, THR reports Adam Sandler is set for a remake of Hello Ghost, a Korean comedy. Sandler is set to come out with Grown Ups 2 later this summer will also be filming Blended later this summer and is rumored to be in Three Mississippi, another upcoming comedy. This will give him a... [Read More]
‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ returning next month
As it was previously reported, the new Whose Line is it Anyway? will be returning to TV on Tuesday, July 16 on The CW. But is it really all that new? The cast remains the same, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, and even Laura Hall and Linda Taylor will all be back with their [...]‘Whose... [Read More]
Russell Brand’s Bringing His Messiah Complex On Tour
Russell Brand will be traveling the world at the end of the summer while he goes on his “Messiah Complex” world tour that will span everywhere from the United States to Canada to Israel and even Iceland. In keeping with his “all over the world” approach, Brand says he plans t... [Read More]