Seth McFarlane: "We're not the best fricking show on TV" | Chortle
"American Dad emerged from our anger towards the Bush administration during the previous election. Family Guy was dead at the time, so I got together with the other writers and we were all so pissed off that it looked like he was going to win again, so we thought, ‘Let's channel all this rage into something creative', and American Dad came out of that. Stan very much epitomises that extreme post 9/11 conservative Republicanism, who just sees enemies wherever he looks." [Read More]
Ron White inks deal with Comedy Central for "The Ron White Show"
On the heels of his latest highly rated stand-up special on Comedy Central, Ron White has signed a deal with the network for his own show. "The Ron White Show," which Comedy Central will present as a pilot, is a half-hour program designed to showcase the blue-collar comedian's opinionated persona. White, a member of the Blue Collar Comedy quartet, will look at stories nationwide, focusing on the heartland. [Read More]
Peek inside Comedy Central's Emmy campaign package | Los Angeles Times
Emmy season is no joke to Comedy Central. This year, they shipped their Emmy campaign package to all 13,000 members of the TV academy a few weeks earlier than last year. It just arrived in the mailboxes of voters early this week. It's more modest than last year's campaign box, but it contains these goodies.. [Read More]
Review: David Alan Grier's "Chocolate News"
It doesn't entirely fill the void of Chappelle' Show for Comedy Central, but it's a welcome voice for the channel. [Read More]