Showtime Renews 'Shameless' and Orders 'Happyish' to Series
by Megh Wright Showtime just announced some comedy news at TCA today. Deadline reports that the network has renewed Shameless for a sixth season and also picked up the new pilot for Happyish, which was reworked following the death of star Philip Seymour Hoffman last year and now stars Steve Coogan. ... [Read More]
Margaret Cho Golden Globes Impression Racist? Korean Comedian Responds To Backlash (VIDEO)
One of the most-talked about moments of the 2015 Golden Globes featured Margaret Cho doing an impression of a Korean journalist named Chu Yung Ja. But not everyone was amused by this bit, which mocked North Korea’s alleged role in the Sony hacking scandal. Now the comedienne has responded to c... [Read More]
Watch the Series Premiere of HBO's Duplass Brothers Comedy 'Togetherness' on YouTube
by Megh Wright HBO's new Duplass brothers comedy Togetherness premiered last night, and the pay network has also made the first episode available in full on YouTube. The show follows "four adults nearing 40, living under the same roof and struggling to keep their relationships and their dreams alive... [Read More]
Aziz Ansari vs. Rupert Murdoch! #RupertsFault Twitter Hashtag Attacks Murdoch For Anti-Muslim Tweets
Aziz Ansari, J.K. Rowling, and thousands of Twitter users made Rupert Murdoch into a bigger laughingstock than he already is. When the conservative mogul opined that all Muslims should take responsibility for the recent ISIS terrorist attacks, Ansari and Rowling fired back at Murdoch and inspi... [Read More]
This Week's 'Charlie Hebdo' Will Feature Prophet Muhammad Cartoons
by Megh Wright In the wake of last week's tragic terrorist attack, the surviving writers and artists of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo are back at work in full force. The New York Times profiled the first day back at the temporary Charlie Hebdo offices, where editor Gérard Biard rev... [Read More]
Take a first look at Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s new movie, “Sisters”
Fresh off a stellar hosting job of the Golden Globes, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler return with their new movie, Sisters. In it, as you might’ve guess, puts the two funniest ladies on the planet, on screen as sisters. It’s the duo’s first movie since 2008’s Baby Mama and hits thea... [Read More]
Saul Goodman Gets to Work in AMC's 'Better Call Saul' Extended Trailer
by Megh Wright After a series of teasers, AMC finally released an extended Better Call Saul trailer over the weekend, featuring Bob Odenkirk reprising his Breaking Bad character in a spin-off he described as "85 percent drama, 15 percent comedy." The series — which already has a second season ... [Read More]
“The Jack And Triumph Show” will premiere on Adult Swim on February 20th
The “odd experiement” TV show between Jack McBrayer and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog has a premiere date. This weekend at TCA, Adult Swim declared that The Jack and Triumph Show will debut on Friday, February 20th at 11:30pm. “We have a big concern that people are going to look at ... [Read More]
'The Jack and Triumph Show' Premieres on Adult Swim February 20th
by Megh Wright Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's new Adult Swim show now has a premiere date. At TCA over the weekend, Adult Swim announced that The Jack and Triumph Show will premiere on Friday, February 20th at 11:30pm. Robert Smigel called the show "an odd experiment" at TCA, notin... [Read More]
Why My Anime Girlfriend is Much Cooler Than My Stepmom Brenda, by Devin Rosni
by Brian Boone Having an anime girlfriend is the coolest thing in the world! My girlfriend Kukuru Megumi is the most awesome character on my favorite anime TV show Wolf Mirage Schoolgirl. Kukuru does not even mind that I am only 11 years old. She is the best girlfriend ever! My stepmo... [Read More]