review - Robert Schimmel: Life Since Then
When the moment is right (as they say on those way more creepy than sexy Cialis commercials), most people shut the boudoir door and bolt it behind them. Not comedian Robert Schimmel. During his hour-long sex act, he flings open the door and virtually invites spectators into his bedroom. You get the feeling he may even have stadium seats in there. [Read More]
Kristen Schaal: Indie comedy goddess
New York-based comedian Kristen Schaal has quickly moved from bar room comedy gigs, to the national comedic elite. Starring on Flight of the Conchords and the Daily Show will do that. [Read More]
review - Nick Di Paolo: Funny How?
A lot of comics who claim to fight against political correctness tend to fall short in doing so. Rule of thumb is this: If they protest too much, there's a reason. That reason? They're not all that cutting edge. That's not to say veteran comic Nick Di Paolo is cutting edge; in fact, he's a throwback to the time stand-up comedy was politically incorrect in a much more organic way. On Funny How? - recorded at the Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis — the former Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn mainstay... [Read More]
Making science funny: Brian Malow
For two seasons, the CBS hit sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" has demonstrated that science - in a geeky sort of way - can be funny. But this is hardly a revelation to Brian Malow. For more than a decade, the Bay Area comedian has been showcasing his science-centric stand-up humor in comedy clubs, at conventions and for corporate clients across the country. [Read More]
Comedy wannabes soar -- or go down in flames
For would-be performers, last week's open mic competition was a chance to show their comedic skills. [Read More]
Connecticut Comedy Clubs Are Popular Again. Wonder Why?
In its original incarnation, during the comedy boom of the 1980s, the Joker's Wild had been an important stop on the comedy circuit: Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence all performed there. The re-opening on Wooster Street is one more sign of the healthy state of stand-up in Connecticut. [Read More]
Showtime back slinging standup?
Showtime Network about to tape a whole bunch of standup specials. [Read More]
Nick DiPaolo, Gary Gulman headline Comics for a Cure benefit
Occasionally, you come across the kind of warmth and sincerity in the comedy community that can touch the heart (or place the heart should be) of even the most hardened cynic. Tracy Harding has no real links to the world of comedy or activism, but last year, after learning about the genocide in Darfur, she was inspired to put together a comedy benefit for no other reason than she wanted to do something about it. [Read More]
Comedian Aziz Ansari - Village Voice Interview
Comedian Aziz Ansari studied marketing at NYU and came up through the city's underground comedy scene before earning his break as co-creator and co-star of MTV sketch show Human Giant. He's now departed for L.A., and is starring alongside Amy Poehler in an upcoming NBC sit-com from The Office executive producer Greg Daniels. Ansari is featured in the upcoming Judd Apatow flick Funny People, the new season of Scrubs, and about a million other projects. He spoke with Sound of the City through his ... [Read More]