Old Mencia/Rogan fight inspires law professors' study
Remember that video from a few years back where Joe Rogan confronts Carlos Mencia about stealing material from other comedians? Well, the much publicized confrontation raised questions about intellectual property laws in the relatively unprotected realm of stand up comedy. Chris Sprigman and Dotan Oliar, two UVA law professors, were so intrigued by the issue that they decided to explore the matter further and publish their findings in a soon-to-be-released law review article, “Thereâ€â... [Read More]
Preview: Louis C.K.'s "Chewed Up"
Any comic could mine a topic like “boxers versus briefs” for some easy, observational material. For Louis C.K., “boxers versus briefs” is a confession. It’s a chance for him to merrily reveal how his crotch “looks like a pig’s ass when I’m naked.” Which is not the worst of C.K.’s confessions from his brutally funny new special, Chewed Up, which is out on DVD and CD tomorrow. [Read More]
Steven Wright Named First Inductee of Boston Comedy Hall of Fame
Comedian Steven Wright will be honored as the first inductee into The Boston Comedy Hall of Fame on Monday, December 15th at Showcase Live at Patriot Place in Foxborough, MA . Wright will receive the Boston Comedy Hall of Fame’s Thomas Wignell Award. The ceremony will be hosted by Tony V with performances by fellow Boston comedians Lenny Clarke, Don Gavin, Steve Sweeney, Barry Crimmins, Mike McDonald, Kenny Rogerson and Fran Solomita. All proceeds from the event will benefit The Boston C... [Read More]
Comedy Central Relaunches Jokes.com
COMEDY CENTRAL has announced the expansion and relaunch of Jokes.com. The new site launches with the largest stand-up video library on the Web of 5,000+ high-quality video clips, including a full archive of COMEDY CENTRAL’s extensive vault of original stand-up programming. [Read More]
Louis C.K. in Toronto: a non-review from the Back of the Room
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Louis C.K. became big in this country. My first time seeing him live was in Montreal at the 2007 edition of Just For Laughs, and I remember being startled by the audience’s (very vocal) devotion to the man during his set. I spoke to a few people at the show in Toronto who were also pleasantly stunned by the demand for tickets and the excitement among the crowd as showtime approached. Louis CK fans up here don’t realize how many of us there ... [Read More]
Russell Brand wins British Comedy Award
Russell Brand's controversial exit from the BBC seems to have done the comedian no lasting harm -- the showman was voted best live standup act at the British Comedy Awards Friday night. Brand, who quit his BBC radio show after he and TV anchor Jonathan Ross broadcast lewd phone messages to "Fawlty Towers" actor Andrew Sachs, dedicated his award to Ross, whom he described as "the king-maker." Brand, who is filming in LA, sent a video message of himself accepting the award from Adam Sandler. Ot... [Read More]
"Last Comic" vet Rob Cantrell's offbeat humor in tune with rock venue - BostonHerald.com
"I didn't have a good, clean pair of pants," he said. "I was wearing jeans every day, and they were ratty. I need something fit for national television. It was a huge transition going from local clubs to prime-time television. I did get very hot very fast, and I was approached by a lot of different people. But it wasn't the route I wanted. I wanted to put more emphasis on the writing and become a higher-level comic." Cantrell passed on offers - including one from Dane Cook's manager - to inst... [Read More]
Maria Bamford, John Mulaney, more added to Comedy Central Records roster
As 2008 winds down and Comedy Central Records enjoys the success of another strong year of record sales, we hear that 2009 is going to find the comedy giants releasing another crop of huge names and rising stars. We can report that Comedy Central’s tentative list of albums for next year includes CDs by John Mulaney, Bo Burnham as well as a digital album by Greg Warren. Christopher Titus and Jim Gaffigan will release new albums in February and March respectively and will be followed in Apr... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld Los Angeles Times Interview: "Takes One to Know One"
Comedian David Steinberg continues in his role as “ear”â€"that is, a sounding boardâ€"to some of the funniest people working today. David Steinberg: Thank you for doing this. Jerry Seinfeld: This is one of my favorite things. The greatest thing about being a comedian is knowing other comedians. And you get to talk to them. It’s the most fun. DS: I was watching Comedian, your documentary about going on the road. Did you enjoy doing that? JS: When you’re in comedy,... [Read More]
Review: David Crowe: Crooked Finger (Showtime)
David Crowe's new 75-minute stand-up special, Crooked Finger, debuted late last night on Showtime. If you missed it, don't fret, as the pay channel rebroadcasts Crowe's special again tonight and throughout the month on TV and On Demand. Except the special isn't exactly new?! No, really. Crowe's own site reveals he recorded his set at Seattle's Triple Door Theater way back in 2005, but if takes three years to get it sold to Showtime, at least it got sold, right? And Amazon.com says you cannot ge... [Read More]