Chris Rock - G4tv Interview
It's not often that we speak with a bona fide comic legend, but Chris Rock fits those shoes. You've seen Rock's starring roles in movies like New Jack City and Madagasca; his TV show, Everybody Hates Chris; or hosting the Academy Awards. But Rock is best known as one of the greatest stand up comics who has ever graced the Laugh Factory. Rock's latest DVD, Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger is out now and proves that comedy is universal. The DVD was cut together from shows shot in three cities, Lond... [Read More]
Pot-puffin', pop-cult pundit Doug Benson is a stand-up guy - Tallahassee Democrat Interview
Comedian Doug Benson is an expert on pop culture — and pot culture. The easy-going, stand-up comic is a regular commentator on the VH1 guilty pleasure "Best Week Ever," where he cheerfully throws snarky darts at bad movies and misbehaving celebrities. He's also the same guy who helped make "The Marijuana-Logues" a hit off-Broadway and starred in the stoner documentary "Super High Me," which spoofed the McDonald's-scarfing documentary "Super Size Me" by having Benson toke medical marijuana for... [Read More]
Politics don't add up for stand-up guy Lewis Black - MiamiHerald Interview
Lewis Black, the Grammy-award winning stand-up comedian who calls himself ''America's foremost commentator on everything,'' performs Saturday as a headliner for the South Beach Comedy Festival. Black, also an author, actor and playwright, is known for comedic, long-winded rants that sound like a man on the edge of sanity -- a style well known to fans of his ''Back in Black'' commentary on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Before heading to Miami, Black took some time to answer q... [Read More]
Comedian Jim Norton Elicits Laughs At First Night Of South Beach Comedy Festival
Comedian and satellite personality Jim Norton performed on a bitter cold Wednesday night as part of the Fourth Annual South Beach Comedy Festival to half an audience..., "The other half probably was on a US Airways flight that got diverted to the Potomac," opened Norton, and that was just the beginning. Norton's brand of humor is laugh out loud, but embarrassingly laughing with your hand over your face. [Read More]
Lisa Lampanelli takes pride in being an insult comedian
With Lampanelli, insults are what you get. She is proud to claim the title of insult comic "That, to me, is a badge of honor." [Read More]
Bill Cosby - The Daily Collegian Interview
Bill Cosby wants to change the subject. It's not that the veteran entertainer and social activist is bored of talking about his lucrative career -- which would include wildly popular TV shows and specials and Grammy-award winning albums -- but it becomes quite clear he wants to talk football during this interview. [Read More]
Stand-up comedy in Pakistan: One comic's story
Sami Shah was born, raised and now performs stand-up comedy in Pakistan. We asked Sami to compose a multi-part essay, wherein he would relay what it's like to be a DIY comedian in one of the last countries most Americans would connect to the comedy industry. We think what Sami has to say serves not only helps bridge the gap between two seemingly different cultures as a whole but also speaks to a lot of the universal struggles burgeoning comedians face. This is part one of Sami's story. [Read More]
Interview - Comedians become patients at monthly stand-up show
Is performing stand-up comedy a substitute for therapy? Probably not, as most comics are still in therapy. In a study we completely made up, more than 85 percent of working stand-up comedians have therapists. The likes of Todd Barry, Mike Birbiglia, Jonathan Katz and Robert Kelly mention their therapy sessions in their act. But therapy or not, it's clear that comedians have issues. [Read More]
The joke's on us: Where are all the gay comics in Chicago?
I recently attended a stand-up comedy night, a so-called diversity show featuring multiracial joke slingers. In one bit, a straight comic talked about the intimidation he felt around a big, burly guy at his gym—that is, until he found out the guy is gay. Get it? Gay men aren't masculine enough to be intimidating. When the audience roared, the quip raised an ongoing question of mine: Is such homophobia the reason Chicago lacks a thriving LGBT stand-up culture? [Read More]
review - Russell Brand's Scandalous tour
In his first tour since leaving the BBC, Russell Brand examines how some of his actions can land him in hot water and considers the media's response to his behaviour. Looking back at the media fallout following his resignation from his radio show, Brand pokes fun at his own narcissism and revels in the fact that he dominated the news agenda for weeks. [Read More]