Comic TV Appearances: Mon, 3/30 - Sun, 4/5
Comic television appearances include Denis Leary, Jim Gaffigan, Judah Friedlander, Craig Shoemaker, Lisa Lampanelli, Henry Cho and Nick Thune. [Read More]
Black Comedians: Where's the Love?
"It has become increasingly clear to me that there are very few up and coming black comedians performing regularly in the L.A. comedy scene. I'm not saying there aren't any…Daryl Wright, Steve Flye, Shang, and a few others perform…but something seems off to me." [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan's "King Baby" - The Comic's Comic Review
A night enjoying Gaffigan is akin to a night spent with yummy comfort foods, and as a bonus, you'll also get to hear Gaffigan make joke after joke about your favorite guilty pleasure comfort foods. It's comfort comedy, is what it is. [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan - The TV Squad interview
Jim Gaffigan provided us with a hilarious discussion about acting in television and stand-up comedy, or at least as funny as a man can be at 8 a.m. with two kids still sleeping in the adjacent room. [Read More]
Hell gig story: Joe Zimmerman pays his dues on the court
Not that we wish hell gigs on any up and coming comedians, but really, hearing about them is quite entertaining. We came across comedian Joe Zimmerman's MySpace blog entry - we've featured as a stand-up video of the day - about a show he did last week at American University in Washington DC. [Read More]
Dealing with Family Matters through Comedy in Nigeria
Stand-Up Comedy is a fast rising form of entertainment in Nigeria. At one time or another many have worked hard dealing with family or personal crises. Chinyere Okoye spoke with Jude Ogomegbunam Chukwuka on this issue. [Read More]
A Conversation with Everyman Comedian Jim Gaffigan - BlogCritics Interview
BlogCritics Magazine spoke with Jim Gaffigan, the oft-described everyman comedian, over the phone about how he's really not as lazy as he seems, why he doesn't like telling dirty jokes on stage anymore, and why he'd never do an ad for Hot Pockets. [Read More]
DVD Review: Jim Gaffigan - King Baby
Filmed during a stint in Austin, Texas, King Baby is perhaps best used as a pedagogical tool. In it we learn the wonders of meat, the absurdities of camping, and the sheer genius of the escalator and snooze bar. Of course, this is not all as there are many other topics discussed to both gladden the heart and inform the mind. [Read More]
Mike Birbiglia makes a dramatic entrance at UCB
Birbiglia was booked to headline Totally J/K last night but hadn't shown up yet. As [host] Joe Mande was announcing that he had "bad news" to the audience, Mike storms through the door, announces he's here, walks straight onto the stage with his laptop over his shoulder, apologizes for being late, takes his jacket off and begins talking to the crowd as Joe is still holding the mic in shock and sort of mumbling.. [Read More]
Papa CJ heads vodka-fueled comedy tour
According to a press release, Finlandia, the distiller that makes the premium vodka, is sponsoring "an initiative to propel stand-up comedy in India," headlined by Last Comic Standing's Papa CJ. [Read More]