Auditions to be held in Coconut Grove for South Beach Comedy Festival
The South Beach Comedy Festival will hold tryouts in Coconut Grove, FL with the winner getting a chance to perform during the late-January event. [Read More]
Todd Barry Orders Wine at Dive Bars - New York Magazine Interview
Todd Barry talks to New York Magazine about his favorite New Yorker, the best meal he's eaten in NY, Broadway, panhandlers, booze, haircuts, bedtime and his mortal enemy. [Read More]
Dane Cook's business-manager brother accused of stealing
Comedian Dane Cook's business-manager brother has been arrested and charged with embezzling millions of dollars from the Arlington-raised entertainer. Darryl J. McCauley, 43, of Wilmington, will be arraigned at Woburn District Court this morning. There, he'll answer to charges that he forged his younger brother's signature on a $3 million check and then deposited it into his personal account. [Read More]
album review - Andy Daly's "Nine Sweaters": BEST COMEDY ALBUM OF 2008
Recorded over a ten-week residency at the UCB-L.A. show COMEDY DEATH RAY earlier this year, Nine Sweaters finds Daly exploring these different characters. The characters are unique in that instead of just explaining themselves, something usually happens to them and we learn who they really are, like what would happen in a sketch. Most of the time it is revealed that while the character seemed like a likable person at first, they aren't quite that clean. [Read More]
For Carlos Mencia, it's mind over matter
Comedian Carlos Mencia is fueled by frustration. (..and other people's jokes!?) [Read More]
Don Rickles interview: Hey, hockey puck, it's just a role he plays.
An Emmy-winning veteran of stage and screen for more than 45 years, Rickles now finds himself entertaining through the written word. After the success of 2007's "Rickles' Book," the comedian has released "Rickles' Letters" (written with David Ritz, Simon & Schuster, $25), a collection of unsent letters that take issue with living, dead and fictitious characters such Jimmy Carter, Benjamin Franklin, Santa Claus and Mr. Potato Head (for whom he did the voice in the "Toy Story" films). Here he dis... [Read More]
Lily Tomlin still holding a laugh-in at 69: Interview
Lily Tomlin has been one of the top comedic voices for 40 years, and has won almost every award in show business, from Emmys to Tonys to Grammys and more. (The only one missing is an Oscar, but she has a nomination for a supporting role in 1975's Nashville.) Given all that, you might expect the 69-year-old to have little patience for the endless phone interviews she must do to promote her diverse work. The truth is, Tomlin is a giving and engaging subject who admits, "I digress very easily." So... [Read More]
Penn State's Rich Ohrnberger does stand-up
If Penn State offensive guard Rich Ohrnberger doesn't make the NFL, he might have a future in standup comedy. Even Budd Friedman thinks so. ''Yeah, I'd book him,'' the owner of The Improv said via telephone. ''Absolutely.'' Penn State had a team-only function Sunday night at The Improv in Hollywood, where comedians Joe Rogan and Pablo Francisco entertained the team. As did Ohrnberger, the Lions' in-house comic. [Read More]
Judy Gold's gay twist on Jewish mother jokes
Maybe it's a sign of progress in society that Jewish mother jokes just sound like Jewish mother jokes, even when they're told by a 6-foot-tall, very-much-out lesbian comedian. Friday night at the Calderwood Pavilion, "Judy Gold Is Mommy Queerest" sometimes seemed like two shows. One was a my-mother-drives-me-crazy standup routine that you might have heard on Johnny Carson 30 years ago, except for the F words. And the other was an edgier one-woman show about Gold's life as a lesbian and a mom he... [Read More]
Down The Foxhole: F**K THE PUPPETS
I think it's important that the first thing I say is this is not about Jeff Dunham. I have nothing against Jeff. I'm actually a fan of Jeff as a man. A hu-man. Jeff knows not what he does at this point. My mission is to simply stop the puppets that seem to be controlling him. We have all done things in life that we are not proud of. I too have fallen victim to that voice in my head that says, "just do it." What can it hurt in the long run? But when that voice is being given to puppets, and we ca... [Read More]