Watching TV with Comics: a night at the Oscars
Watching the Oscars last night was thrilling, entertaining, and hilarious - thanks entirely to the 30+ comic Twitter ensemble, Watch TV With Comics. From what I can gather, WTWC is designed to help people like me cope with the most mundane viewing experiences television has to offer. Thankfully, watching the Academy Awards ceremony was accompanied with an all-star comedy line-up of commentators shooting me topical humor instantaneously. [Read More]
Inside With: Ophira Eisenberg, Storyteller
Give her a minute and Ophira Eisenberg will win you over to her side, even if she's discussing all the terrible things she has done to people, both real and imaginary. Ophira's discourse will take you on a wild journey, combining seemingly unrelated topics such as e-vites and funerals. She has toured the world, has been featured on a variety of TV shows and indie flicks and even hosts some shows throughout New York City. The Apiary recently sat down with her to discuss the history of storytellin... [Read More]
Comedy Documentary: Gaylord Dingler
Each year thousands of people from all around the world arrive in Los Angeles driven by dreams of fame and fortune. One such man was aspiring comic, Gaylord Dingler. [Read More]
Comic TV Appearances: Mon, 2/23 - Fri, 2/27
Comic television appearances this week include Nick DiPaolo, Don Rickles, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Maher, Ricky Gervais, George Wallace and Chris Porter. [Read More]
'Last Comic Standing's Jeff Dye comes to Poly - You'll "Dye" laughing
"I think a lot of comics just joke about sex a lot. I watch TV or I read the paper. I see homeless people. My jokes are pretty much from everything in life that's not dirty. I feel like I have a whole plethora of things to joke about," Dye said. [Read More]
Meta comedy: a new wave of humor today
The student newspaper of the University of Wisconsin explains 'meta' comedy: "His stand-ups include fairly plain jokes, but the real humor is in the explanation that he offers for the mechanics of the joke and why it's supposedly funny or not. Oftentimes, he digresses further, explaining his own reaction to the crowd response, and then referencing the meta-ness itself. Whoa! Meta-meta!" [Read More]
Louis C.K. - The Telegraph Herald Interview
"Everything else I've ever done has been related to stand-up. When I got into movies, it was because of stand-up. When I got into writing, it was because of stand-up. If I hadn't ever done stand-up, I guess I'd be homeless." [Read More]
UConn Rooftop Comedy Competition Wrap-up
Last night, the Student Union Theater held comedians and fans alike for the Rooftop Comedy competition held by SUBOG. Eleven UConn students vied for one of the eight spots on UConn's comedy team, which will be competing against 31 other college teams. [Read More]
dvd review - Christopher Titus - Love Is Evol
Christopher Titus is one of the lesser known, yet still absolutely commanding, comedians in the business right now. His last two comedy specials were greatly successful and so now he's back with an all-new look at love. Since his last special, he got divorced and found a new women and his former wife has put him through hell. Somehow, he manages to turn a lot of those experiences into hilarious looks at life. Whether it's riffing off the inner retard inside of all of us who wants nothing mor... [Read More]
Lisa Lampanelli: "women comics suck" - St. Louis Post-Dispatch Interview
The "Queen of Mean" is an equal opportunity offender, and those she takes on the most — gays, women and various ethnic groups, including her beloved black men — beg for more. She talked with The St. Louis Post-Dispatch about her HBO special, other female comics and her upcoming book. [Read More]