Lauren Hearts NYC: Making Funny With Eugene Mirman
Pop-Rock Candy Mountain's Lauren Mooney asks Eugene Mirman a few questions about "alternative comedy," his MySpace friending policies, music, and the possibility of having sex on a desert island with Marc Maron. [Read More] Like Hype Machine for Stand Up Comedy aggregates stand up comedy MP3s and videos from around the web. You can listen to "editor selected" favorites, to a random selection or to the most popular short comedy files as voted by users of the site. [Read More]
Doug Stanhope is in Trouble for Calling a Retarded Kid Retarded
Apparently, in England you can't call someone out for literally being a retard.. but the big complaint here seems to be that nobody made "a clear apology at the first available opportunity." HA! [Read More]
Upcoming Book: "And Here's the Kicker"
I want to give a little heads-up on an upcoming book by my good friend Mike Sacks. Sacks has interviewed over twenty comedy writers and humorists for the upcoming book And Here’s the Kicker, which promises to be a definitive work on comedy writing. The great thing about the book is that Sacks is not wedded to one comedy tradition - talking to folks as diverse as Al Jaffee (Mad Magazine) to David Sedaris to Bob Odenkirk. And Sacks, as he’s a funny guy in his own right, gets it. So ... [Read More]
Punchline Magazine presents the 10 best comedy albums of 2008
Punchline Magazine's list of top 10 stand-up comedy albums as well as the one, most exciting up and coming stand-up comedian we think you should pay attention to in 2009. This list has nothing to do with record sales. This list simply represents the collective opinions of Punchline Magazine's editors. Enjoy. [Read More]
Old Mencia/Rogan fight inspires law professors' study
Remember that video from a few years back where Joe Rogan confronts Carlos Mencia about stealing material from other comedians? Well, the much publicized confrontation raised questions about intellectual property laws in the relatively unprotected realm of stand up comedy. Chris Sprigman and Dotan Oliar, two UVA law professors, were so intrigued by the issue that they decided to explore the matter further and publish their findings in a soon-to-be-released law review article, “Thereâ€â... [Read More]
Preview: Louis C.K.'s "Chewed Up"
Any comic could mine a topic like “boxers versus briefs” for some easy, observational material. For Louis C.K., “boxers versus briefs” is a confession. It’s a chance for him to merrily reveal how his crotch “looks like a pig’s ass when I’m naked.” Which is not the worst of C.K.’s confessions from his brutally funny new special, Chewed Up, which is out on DVD and CD tomorrow. [Read More]
Steven Wright Named First Inductee of Boston Comedy Hall of Fame
Comedian Steven Wright will be honored as the first inductee into The Boston Comedy Hall of Fame on Monday, December 15th at Showcase Live at Patriot Place in Foxborough, MA . Wright will receive the Boston Comedy Hall of Fame’s Thomas Wignell Award. The ceremony will be hosted by Tony V with performances by fellow Boston comedians Lenny Clarke, Don Gavin, Steve Sweeney, Barry Crimmins, Mike McDonald, Kenny Rogerson and Fran Solomita. All proceeds from the event will benefit The Boston C... [Read More]
Comedy Central Relaunches
COMEDY CENTRAL has announced the expansion and relaunch of The new site launches with the largest stand-up video library on the Web of 5,000+ high-quality video clips, including a full archive of COMEDY CENTRAL’s extensive vault of original stand-up programming. [Read More]