Patton Oswalt's new babies: CD, Comedy Central special, and actual baby
"I'm expecting a daughter at the end of April...(applause break)...I just hope she gets my looks and personality!" -- Patton Oswalt, last weekend at Carolines in New York City, during a set full of material about how he'll have to change his lifestyle once he becomes a father. [Read More]
Joe Rogan at Comedy Works South, Denver - review
Near the end of his hour-long set at Comedy Works South last night, Joe Rogan's previously polished routine devolved into a call-and-response act, with audience members yelling out keywords off of which Rogan could riff. They yelled DPT, he did five minutes on Dipropyltryptamine, a gnarly psychedelic and dear friend of his. They shouted Fear Factor, he did three minutes on the life-sucking qualities of reality TV. They yelled Carlos Mencia, and there went Joe, on another rant about his joke-stea... [Read More]
Comedy showcase reveals Nashville's funny side
Nashville may be better known for tender melodic musings, but we're doing plenty well in the funny department. And that's made particularly clear by perusing the glut of events and local funnymen and -women who populate online Music City comedy hub [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan vs. Larry Reeb: Joke Stealing and the Nature of Glasses
I'm sure I'm beating a dead horse here about joke stealing, but I just thought this was a pretty amazing parallel with a current respected comic. So here's a video (but really only audio) putting together Jim Gaffigan and Larry Reeb, a Chicago comic who came out of the first comedy boom. [Read More]
Comedy2go: Stand-up where you don't expect it
People think that the funny guy in the office would make a great stand-up comedian, but that humor does not always translate from the workplace to the stage. Ditch Films has produced a series of online shorts that puts a reverse spin on this, taking stand-up comedians and having them do their act in an unnatural setting for stand-up. I'm not sure if it's funnier this way, but it certainly makes for an interesting piece of film. [Read More]
Robin Williams will return for a week on Broadway
Following hot off of the successful Broadway run of Will Ferrell's Bush spoof, Robin Williams announced today that his current stand-up tour, "Weapons of Self-Destruction," will include a weeklong run in New York City at the Neil Simon Theatre. Tickets will go on sale March 1 for shows April 28-May 3. His nationwide tour stops in New Orleans tonight and ends May 24 in Las Vegas. [Read More]
The Daily Show's Larry Wilmore :: The Philadelphia City Paper Interview
"..never underestimate an administration's ability to really fuck up. You can give Democrats a map to heaven they'll end up in hell. And when they get there, they'll meet the Republicans." [Read More]
Lily Tomlin - Dallas Morning News Interview
"I've got the same energy as when I was 39, but with a lot more experience. A lot." [Read More]
Larry Wilmore - The Apiary Interview
Wilmore is back to the standup format, providing commentary and reporting as The Daily Show's "Senior Black Correspondent." The Apiary recently spoke to Wilmore from his L.A. home to discuss the early days, his new book, "I'd Rather We Got Casinos: And Other Black Thoughts," and his affinity for the word "Chocolate." [Read More]