EXCLUSIVE FULL ALBUM PREMIERE: Scout Durwood – ‘Take One Thing Off’
“I came up as a performer in queer nightlife, so a lot of what other pop songs were about didn’t resonate with me,” comedian, actress and singer Scout Durwood says about “Go Go,” one of the 19 tracks that make up her debut musical comedy album Take One Thing Off. After ... [Read More]
Cops and Robbersons - Comedy 20 Movie Collection
I forgot how much fun Cops and Robbersons is. This comedy stars Jack Palance as a detective and Chevy Chase as a family man whose house and family is taken over for a stake out. Palance is fresh from his  City Slickers Academy Award; Chase plays a variation of Clark ... [Read More]
Drunk History Season 4
Drunk History is a TV show where a drunk neverheardof'em celebrity tells the story of an important historical moment or  person. This reality show is, believe it or not, quite educational and a lot of fun. Fun because the presentation of each historical moment is on the goofy side but ...... [Read More]
Once Is Enough
If like me you are a fan of long-form humorous storytelling you are going to appreciate Once Is Enough by Jeffrey James Binney.  If Binney appeared on Oprah is story would be labelled as inspirational and other sentimental pap. Here, MP3 albums and CDs are judged on the material and ... [Read More]
And I Am Not Lying
And I Am Not Lying is the perfect title for Jeff Simmermon's comedy album. The tales are so tall you really do wonder. The stories Simmermon tells here are also funny, weird, and original. Although it is not quite stand-up comedy, more on that later, this album is a keeper.Simmermon's ...... [Read More]
45 Jokes About My Dead Dad
If you subscribe to Seeso, a must see is Laurie Kilmartin 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad. This semi documentary stand-up comedy special will make you appreciate how important humor is in helping us cope with difficult moments in life. If you are presently going through some difficult times, the ...... [Read More]
Brain Bank
Lisa Best is one hell of a good comic. It is unfortunate then that the sound quality on her first comedy CD or MP3 album Brain Bank sounds like it was recorded on the cheap with a mic at the back of the room. I am very if not maniacally ... [Read More]
You Let Me Down
Joe DeRosa takes aim at just about every social irritant and hits each one dead center on his new stand-up comedy MP3 album You Let Me Down.  It is hard to disagree with him and his take on illogical or annoying society is makes for a very funny performance. Many ... [Read More]
I Am Not The Hero Of This Story
Jackie Kashian is a stand-up comic with PTSD – President Trump Stress Disorder. What makes her anti-trump material far superior to all the other stuff that has come out so far is how clever the attacks are. It alone makes I Am Not The Hero Of This Story worth buying. ... [Read More]
The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human - Comedy 20 Movie Collection
The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human is a paint-by-numbers by-the-book romcom created solely for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy style commentary track by David Hyde Pierce of Frasier fame. Pierce is the voice of an alien anthropologist who hasn't really done his research so gets many of h... [Read More]